Peaceful In Hard Difficulty

Did you ever played Minecraft in peaceful before ? If yes, you should know that getting some material is very hard like getting strings or getting gunpowder.

Well this add-on makes it so you can play like peaceful but with all the hostile mobs included. But non of them will attack you.

No mobs will attack you. And you should play in hard difficulty. But some mobs like creeper and skeleton will attack you when you aggro them but, creeper will explode when you punch them.

If you find any bugs DM me in Twitter @RedIvationCraft and feel free to follow me.

This is the showcase video of the Add-on and this in more detail.

Changelog View more

Fixed some small bugs and issue 

Changed the cover. 

Changed the name from Peacecore to Peaceful in Hard Difficulty


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. McHaunty says:

    Yo there’s a bug where piglins are invisible. Please fix this, also piglins still attack you

  2. TheZenmatho'sTeams says:

    Hey Bro,can you make it “Easy In Hard Difficult”, because I really want better loot during Hard Difficult but I’m too Noob to try it, so I just always play Minecraft Easy Difficult with loot that isn’t good for me, please make it, okay? ask for the amount

  3. MMalkeK says:

    bro thats awesome

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