Peepss Furniture Addon V2.8

An add-on that adds new furniture, with great variations and possibilities! With tables that you can mold to your taste, and more! In addition to furniture that has interactions! Enjoy!


In total we have 44 pieces of furniture, 28 of which are texture and model variants. The furniture and its variants are:


Chairs: Gray, light gray, black, white, yellow, red, blue, light blue, green, light green, orange, cyan, magenta, pink, purple and brown. (Sittable)


  •  Computer cases: Blue, red, orange, yellow, green and purple.
  •  Refrigerator (Has Interaction)
  •  Stove
  •  Kitchen Countertops
  •  Kitchen Cabinets: Bottom and top. (Has Interaction)
  •  PC table: Left and right cabinets (There is Interaction), corner, middle and closing (All these blocks for you to make the table the size and shape you want).
  •  TV table: Left and right (Interaction) and half cupboards (All these blocks for you to make the table the size and shape you want).
  •  Large and Small Tables
  •  PC (Has Interaction)
  •  Monitor (Now Has Interaction)
  •  Toilet (Sittable
  •  Ceiling lamp
  • Plate
  • Blender
  • Wall of Leaves (with corner)
  • Violet (Flower)
  • Mini Trophy (3 Youtubers)
  • Mail Box (Has Interaction)
  • Stone Path
  • Gaming Chair (Entity, you can sit) (Until now just have 1 color)
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Armchairs (16 colors and SITTABLE)
  • Couchs (16 colors and SITTABLE) (Has 4 blocks, corner, left, right and middle, to make your custom couch!)

The add-on also adds 2 new ores, they are STEEL and BLACK STEEL and with that it also adds 2 new armor with 2 new swords and picks!


Here are some images of the furniture and the new ores and their tools and armor:

Here are the crafting of the armors and the tools:

  • Black Steel Armor and Tools:

  • Steel Armor and Tools:


The Function Commands:

/function chairs

/function furniture

/function pccabinet

/function steel

/function dark_steel

Credits to LoledBr to give me emotional support and code support 🙂


If you want to make a video about this add-on, you must leave my Twitter and my YouTube channel.


 My Twitter:

 My YouTube Channel:


Changelog View more

-Added Armchairs and Couchs

-Added Sittable blocks support!!! (Chairs, couchs, toilet and armchairs)

-Chinese Tradution by Gouzei, all the credits to him! Good Game.

-Added Stone Path, Wall of Leaves, Violet Flower, Bathroom Sink and Mini Trophies!

-Retexture and Remodel: PC and Monitor.

-Support to Spanish and Russian!

-Added: Blender, PC and TV Table (with different blocks to you customizate)

-Removed: TV Living Room Table and Table of Crafts

-Remodeling and retexturization of: ALL BLOCKS!

-Bugs and Glitches fix

  • Added: Blender and TV and PC Table.
  • Removed: TV Living Room Table and Table of Crafts.
  • Remodels and retexture of all blocks.
  • Correction of bugs and glitches.
  • Mesa de Artesanato, Mesa de TV para sala removidos
  • Adicionado Liquidificador e Mesa de PC e TV
  • Remodelação e retexturização de todos os blocos!

-Added the function commands! Now you can get the blocks with the commands without problems

-LinkVertise without notications! Now you can acess without any problem with linkvertise!


  • Click the download link for the resource pack and behavior pack.
  • Wait 5 seconds and then click on  ""Free Acess with ADs "".
  • After that click on "" Discover Articles "".
  • After clicking it will open a mini tab on the site, wait 10 seconds and then close it.After that just click on continue and download the add-on!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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  1. itismemayro says:

    Can you add regular office chairs and wooden chairs with tables

  2. EL SES says:

    Dude, searching by 3 days and didn’t find it, make a direct link

  3. Antonio.T says:

    It’s working on original version?(not beta)

  4. Gouzei says:

    Hello, I think your work is very good, there are very few such excellent behavior packages in China, so I want to translate it into Chinese to facilitate Chinese players to play, so that you can also get higher downloads.If you agree, please add my Discord tag:Gouzei#0132

  5. Derks says:

    Hey Creator! Are they blocks or entities?

  6. Kiranaked says:

    Can you make the furniture craftable on crafting table?

  7. Gargar says:

    Plss make it like mrcrayfish mod all furniture bed update chair double,fence grass table wooden blender laundry stove sliding door and more

  8. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    podrias hacer q las lamparas tengan luz propia como otros addons te apoyare con likenverse para q ganes algo bro

  9. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    podras hacerlos q se consiguan en suvirval porfavor en la siguiente actualizacion

  10. Philpgames says:

    Make the blender work
    and create a new item cup

  11. Bibulus24 says:

    Es cierto que robaste los modelos?

  12. Imagine not reading the supported versions.

    It says 1.16 (Beta)

  13. meh, separate behavior pack and resource pack links and if that wasnt enough, linkvertise

  14. fishywong1011 says:

    Can you make the addon working at version1.16.50 too?

  15. A Doggo says:

    Is this entities?

  16. springbonnie87DFF says:

    is it okay if I use this on my horror map that I’m creating?

  17. fishywong1011 says:

    I can’t get the furniture even I used the /function furniture command

  18. peachykiwi123 says:

    i need a mediafire link plz

  19. itismemayro says:

    Can you add normal wooden chairs and table, with variants?

  20. Satria Rex says:

    Pls… If You Update this pls link are MediaFire i love you add-on but i have about you give link so pls media fire 🙁

  21. DDPeepss says:

    I forgot to put the commands in the description, i will update it

  22. Ace Gaming says:

    How to get the block. Do I have to use command?

  23. Bezja120 says:

    como los conseguimos en survival?

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