Penguins Add-On

I see, that you enjoy my Moles Add-On, so I made another add-on, that brings one of my favourite birds in Minecraft – Penguin!🐧

Time to play with penguins in your world.

Penguin near me.

Penguins will usually spawns in cold biomes, but most if them you can found in frozen oceans.

Penguin’s generals:


  • Has got 10-15 health points
  • Has got 6 damage points
  • Neutral
  • Tameable , with using salmon
  • Attacks fish, most cod and salmon
  • Custom entities


  • Has got 20-30 health points
  • Has got 12 damage points
  • Attacks foxes, expect babies , but I soon I try to make them attacks baby foxes too

You can also find cute baby penguins

Baby penguin

Penguins hunts salmon

Pet penguin attacks baby fox (I hit baby fox)


For the moment add-on adds 3 new items , that will drops from penguins. Penguin’s meat (cooked and raw) and penguins feathers.


Downloading Add-On:

  1. Download Add-On
  2. Active it in game
  3. Enjoy it


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

11 Responses

  1. Guest-8539423482 says:

    Do i need to use Experimental Gayplay?

  2. Guest-3341063334 says:

    They look way too thicc can u make them less thicc plz

  3. Guest-9492139900 says:

    It’s so cute and fat and adorable I LOVE IT!

  4. OrcaWorld says:

    Hi, for the moment I creating Gogoriki add-on. Maybe after them I’ll make alligator add-on

  5. Guest-4930425095 says:

    Make alligators next

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