Perfect Textures Resource Pack

Are you bored of the textures of Minecraft Vanilla?? Well, in this texture pack we change some Minecraft Vanilla textures to make them look more like textures that are very beautiful

In this texture pack we change some Minecraft Vanilla textures to make them look more like textures that are very beautiful.


Perfect Textures Resource Pack


Perfect Textures Resource Pack

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Updated some errors that make horrible textures & json errors

  • Changed the Pack Name
  • Updated the Json archive
  • Changed new textures: Birch log, Jungle log & Turtle Helmet
  • Added new photos to de description to make it easier to visualize the changes
  • Birch wood texture removed due to poor acceptance. Please give all feedback you can!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13



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31 Responses

3.08 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. superbibblebro says:

    gosh, i understand this might not be the best texture pack, but isn’t this a little harsh?

  2. KevThePurpleFox says:

    I really like this! The turtle shell looks more in-place, ect. Nice work! I think I might use this in global resources!

  3. The Markinator says:

    Definitely one of the laziest texture packs I’ve ever seen, it doesnt have much going for it and the changes are all so trivial, this would’ve been fine if you retitled the pack and focus on making it a tweak pack but you have the audacity to name it *PERFECT TEXTURES RESOURCE PACK* without even attempting to live up to that promise. This doesnt deserve any good comments at all

  4. JencebJanx says:

    you just make the birch wood worst I dont lke it 3 stars

  5. Nobo459 says:

    All it does is make the textures unrealistic and ugly.

  6. Angel says:

    Hi texture creator I want to create a texture pack but I don’t know how to make the mcpack texture file because in zip the texture does not help me if some texture creator or someone who knows about it can help me by sending me a message following angeled mail @

    • disomocan7 says:

      Hello Friend. I have seen your comment on mcpedl and I know how to help you.
      First make a copy of the zip file of your texture pack.
      Then you edit the name by removing the parenthesis and adding the ending .mcpack [for example: texturepack (1) .zip -> texturepack.mcpack]
      And this is it, I hope it helps you.


  7. JonnyNof says:

    I don’t get it, what’s different?

  8. Alfonso says:

    i cant see the diference

  9. answer back says:

    I don’t understand what changes in the texture pack

  10. HiBoiiis says:

    Who else thinks it looks the same

  11. Anonymous says:

    Who else thinks it looks exactly the same

  12. RustonDX says:

    WHOOMY! Its kewl°~°

  13. kenlofi7 says:

    i don’t get,why don’t I? because you didn’t really show much of your textures, you just flew over the world, do you think we all have 20/20 vision? well we don’t please for the love of god make a video or just better pictures Showing off your new textures. it’s not hard, you just got lazy.
    Oh, And…. “Are you sick of the default textures? well here you go basically the same thing! Oh? you don’t like it? well f#$k you!” that’s what I feel with that quote
    2 stars for just lazy publishing work.

  14. Carlos Salazar says:

    I don’t see a difference besides the Grass

  15. Mattsy says:

    The worse texture pack I’ve ever seen, the grass looks worse and the birch log looks awful because it doesn’t look like itself in real life. And others too.

  16. JencebJanx says:

    much more worse

  17. DoDoge says:

    That’s Great!1!

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