24517192: Perfect Survival Island

In this seed you will spawn on the most perfect survival island I’ve ever come across in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The thing which makes it perfect (in my mind) is the shape and the natural resources available on the island. In the center of the island there’s like an overhanging hill with lots of trees. Here you can also find cows, pigs and other animals which spawn on grass.

Found by: Sninlak

Another cool thing is that it got a natural waterfall. Water isn’t really much of an importance on an island but it’s just a cool looking feature.


Here’s an image of the mountain/hill overhang.


Here’s an entrance leading down to a tunnel.


The tunnel leads to a dead end. And for some reason the water doesn’t flood the tunnel.

perfect-survival-island-1 perfect-survival-island-2

Seed: 24517192

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25 Responses

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  1. Guest-2548735103 says:

    Where can I find spawners on/nearby the island?

  2. Guest-8683592384 says:

    Wheres the outpost in this seed

  3. cookiemansboy_YT says:

    bruh, this is the Survival Island seed in the seed picker

  4. Ryce says:

    Yes it is. I’m really disappointed

  5. Pepoz says:

    In XBox there are endless mining tunnels around the island… and a nearby Ocean Monument.

  6. Eric J. Robertson says:

    Has anyone found any Mob spawners close to the spawn island? Skeleton?

  7. Wayne Lewis says:

    100th best seed.
    Not best

  8. Keenan says:

    Yes thanks so much first one that worked ??

  9. Anonymous says:

    No waterfall…?

  10. foxygamer0707 says:

    Yay it works most servers don’t work on my stuff but this one does YAY

  11. Boi says:

    Thx a lot the first seed that worked for me

    • Guest-6206840433 says:

      Wow this is the perfect world for me I’m building a survival island that you have to example so it’s like perfect only problem is that there’s no water fall!

  12. JammieSpammie says:

    Good Map!! Thx

  13. Anonymous says:

    This seed is so gorgeous.
    It gave me so much inspiration for this game.
    I cant thank you enough

  14. BackMineXD says:

    It’s good but it’s just with cave it leads to a dead end

  15. CaptainOzmo says:

    Isn’t this one of the seeds in the 0.17 seed picker?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cool seed.for survival and I like to world edit the water for land!

  17. Anonymous says:

    this is an awesome survival island YES finally someone can see just how better some cool location can make to anything

  18. Blaze It says:

    This really is the best survival island in mcpe, thx so much for showing this.

  19. MiniMoon says:

    That water in the 4th pic doesn’t flood the tunnel because there is a hanging sand above it. If u place a block in that hole and then destroy it or place a block on the sand, the sand will fall and close the hole (it also happens with another falling blocks like gravel, water don’t flow under a hanging gravel, sand, etc.).

    Anyway this is a very cool seed. I might wanna play survival with this seed 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Ok, I admit. I added some water just to get it to flow.. ;D

      Edit: Wooops, misunderstood you at first. Thanks for the thorough explanation. I had no idea about that!

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