Permian Expansion PE

Now to us come the beasts of the Permian, great and powerful life forms that ruled the earth long before the dinosaurs,discover the wonders of these mythical creatures and experience the majesty of the Permian face to face

Well we found another problem, reconnaissance drones cataloged the presence of one of our most difficult exhibits that we have created, the creatures of the Permian, there are not many since they existed long before the dinosaurs,finding DNA so old was a challenge for us

However, like many creatures, our desert base would have given way to the creatures of this ancient world.

among the loose species are 


the Arctops a very rare species of gorgonopsido, you can meet this carnivore in the deserts.

when they are babies you can tame them with meat and also mount the


The huge primitive lizards moschops capable of withstanding untold amounts of damage

They could domesticate them when they are babies with wheat or apples, find its two variants

  • emerald version
  • quimverlita version


One of the oldest crocodiles in the history of the planet the austrolerpeton, you will find this creature wandering in the deserts 

You can domesticate them with fish when they are babies, they can also be ridden and although they are not fast on land, the slightest touch of water will activate the power the strenght of this creature


a maybe not a beautiful species of reptile but if a colossal brute force machine the cotylorhynchus

you can tame to this beast when they are young with algae otherwise they will not accept any type of food …….. they are somewhat selective sincerely


the first living tank in history the scutosaurus, you will find this armored creatures in groups of up to three individuals

you can tame them as babies with wheat or apples, and as a tip keep them protected from predators


The smallest and most adorable creatures of the permian,the  platyhystrix a permian running machine

you can tame these little runners when they are babies with apples, you can also find their two versions

  • version topaze
  • version émeraude


the most formidable beast of the permian the colossal estemmenosuchus

You can tame them when they are babies with meat or wheat


the most popular gorgonopsid, the inostrancevia can be seen in deserts attacking large creatures

Tame them when they are you drink with meat and when riding it it will take you very quickly and furious


small marine reptiles of the permian, the mesosaurus you can find it in rivers and take them in buckets

could be transported and domesticated with algae, find its two variants

  • diamond version
  • vixita version


This is not an actual permian creature species, however it is a hybrid of Arctops and Acrocanthosaurus 

you can tame this ferocious reptile with meat and ride a hybrid killing machine 

all creatures will appear in deserts, all are tameable and all can be freely mounted and handled

new creatures are being discovered proliferating throughout the world so keep an eye out for the new challenges you may have to face

The end of one era that brought the empire of another

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  • download the plugin
  • Export it and activate the experimental mode
  • survive the dangers of the perm


  • download the plugin
  • Export it and activate the experimental mode
  • survive the dangers of the perm


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100 1.6 1.7

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  1. CazterSantos_0618 says:

    I loved this addon so much, but at least you can update this addon by adding more and more dinosaurs that were in the permain period like the diictodon.

  2. Perzival says:

    Esta buenísimo el complemento me gusto mucho pero podrías pornerlo en el 1.16.200 se lo pido xf

  3. Qai2448 says:

    Can you correct the name of austrolerpeton to australerpeton?

  4. Enderlord2002 says:

    Um where is the resorse pack

  5. ThunderHawk says:

    can you please add dimetrodon i know that it one that everyone wants but i can’t it anywhere else:(

  6. ScareEE55 says:

    I see you included a Jurassic World Alive hybrid, nice!

  7. XenoVolgun5023 says:

    What if you added aquatic dinosaurs

  8. I wonder what’s next perhaps do a Carboniferous or Polar Expansion with Dinosaurs in snowy areas

  9. brilliant, love the content, keep up the good work!

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