Pesky Chicken Boss Addon

Are you done fighting the bosses in Minecraft and want to give some use to your left over Enchanted Golden Apples? The Pesky Chicken Boss is here to solve that problem! If you think it is easy, think again. This is an extremely difficult boss to fight as it has the ability to summon The Pests and Wither Skeletons to fight for it.

Creator: GamerJon 41
Updated: 24 July, 2018 (read changelog)

How to summon the boss?

To summon the Pesky Chicken, just get a Name Tag and put “Loser” on it. You can also have a rare chance of finding it spawn naturally.

  • Archer Pest: This guy is just like the others, but has a bow instead. However, don’t be fooled by it as it only shoots a volley of 50 snowballs every 5 seconds of reload time. It’s main goal is to just keep you far away from it while it destroys any armor you have equipped.
  • Flaming Pest: Not literally on fire or looks too hot, this Pest holds a blaze rod and shoots fire at it’s enemies. Moves slightly slower than other pests.
  • Gladiator Pests: These Pests decided it will be a better idea to have a sword than a hoe to do damage. Inflicting a 5-second  blindness on it’s enemies, it is a great idea to kill this Pest when you got a chance.

Despite it’s size, the chicken only does 1 attack, but inflicts levitation for 10 seconds. It will occasionally lay a wither skeleton to its aid.

The chicken will summon The Pests, which replace zombies. Pests only have 5 health (1 hit kill by stone sword) and deal only 1 damage, but will always get summoned in huge groups. Sometimes they will spawn as normal size and are passive. They always will hold a iron hoe.

Normal Pests

  • Pest 1 – Holds an iron hoe. It is the most common Pest.
  • Pest 2 – Holds a gold hoe. Leaps at target and inflicts slowness.
  • Gladiator Pest – Holds a wood sword. Inflicts blindness.

Special Pests

  • Archer – Holds a bow. Shoots a 50 snowball volley every 5 seconds.
  • Flaming Pest – Holds a blaze rod. Shoots small fireballs at it’s target. Immune to fire, but hurt when wet.
  • The Armored in Diamond Pest (AnDP) – This one is the only one that has more health (20 health) and damage. However, it is very rare to keep it from always spawning. Inflicts harmless poison.
  • Nauseous Pest – Holds nothing. Inflicts nausea.
  • Desert Pest – Holds a fishing rod. Inflicts hunger as usual. However, it currently does not get summoned by Pesky.


  • Chicken has normal drops (related to its size) and XP bottles.
  • Pests: Rotten Flesh. Have a 5% chance of dropping the following Saddle, Golden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple, Nether Star, Record Cat, Name Tag, Totem, Diamond and Iron Horse Armor, Enchanted Book, Diamond Block, Iron Block, Ender Pearl, Update Dirt, Emerald Block, Portal, Trident, Nautilus Shell and Elytra.

You can sell the items you get by killing Pests to Fred the Dumpster Guy. He does not spawn naturally in the village, but can be spawned with a name tag with “Fred” on it. He takes most items that you obtain from Pests for some emeralds and diamonds. He wears a purple robe similar to a priest.

If you can’t find a village, no problem! If you turn on bonus chest when creating a new world, a map that leads to a village will be inside.

Do not attempt to fight this boss if you are not ready as death will be a high chance.


  • Added Nauseous Pest, Desert Pest and Diamond Pest
  • Added new drop from 1.5: Nautilus Shell (and a stick)
  • Added a map on bonus chest to lead to a village
  • Fixed bug where Pesky summoned with a name tag will randomly stop attacking.
  • Altered spawn rate on Pests once again
  • Changed Pack Icon

Future Plans

  • If Pesky is summoned on a desert, it will only spawn Desert Pests
  • If Pesky is summoned in The Nether, things will be unlucky for you
  • Drowned will be Water Pests
  • Nauseous Pest will have a big head
  • Fix glitches on Zombie Horses


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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  1. Guest-2445658104 says:


  2. Soskwksksk says:

    For some reason it wont work. I named a chicken Loser and nothing happened. I sent for about half a hour and couldnt find one that had spawned

  3. Anonymouse says:

    Can you make the pests their own mob now that that feature is out?

  4. Edgar John ilag says:

    Me: I had idea Name is Pesky! I do it

  5. DolphinChris says:

    it doesnt work

  6. PrivatePeashooter28 says:

    I’m quite inspired by your add-on, so i made my own kind of boss that spawns mobs, the Zombie Commando 😀
    Anyways, once again, great add-on!

  7. Andy Oakley says:

    I want to do it so badly.

  8. Stevo says:

    I name the chicken loser with a name tag and nothing happens. What do I do? Editor please reply with an answer.

  9. GamerJon 41 says:

    Hey Editor, can you replace the world “Loser” to “Pesky” in the how to summon area? I don’t want players trying the addon without the correct summon name.

  10. Goldie says:

    “So it’s chicken, but it’s annoying!”

  11. Donuts says:

    Whoops didn’t read the change log

  12. Donuts says:

    Can you ask The creater of this add on to make the boss aggressive cause only the minions really attack you. Also the villagers don’t attack the boss itself only its minions. Nonetheless a good add on

    • GamerJon 41 says:

      I was going to make the villagers attack the chicken, but they couldn’t seem to hit it’s hitbox, so I decided to make it where they might flee from the boss.

  13. I Hate Adfly says:

    Hey dude, I think your work was robbed. I am not sure, but in I found ur addon. Best part? They get money instead of you! (According to what adfly does) There is more addons there in spanish

  14. Anonymous says:

    it looks great, but can you make it for java edition?

    • GamerJon 41 says:

      That would be great, but I don’t own a PC (Addon was made on iOS) so I really can’t test whether I find it bugged or broken if I create it for Java.

  15. xSK8Z00x says:

    Why are there too many apostrophes and backslashes?

  16. Gamerguy072 says:

    Hey just like to say great 👍 addon , but could you make it medafire friendly so more PE usersers could play it THX ~

  17. GamerJon 41 says:

    Editor, you switched up the zip file link with the mcpack link.

  18. Nicolashitesman says:

    Nice addition to minecraft

  19. Nicolashitesman says:

    Nice addition on:)

  20. Fathur_ID says:

    I like this addon because this addon add a boss to Minecraft Bedrock Edition withot replace a bug.

  21. GamerJon 41 says:

    Thank you Editor for posting my addon!

  22. Babymovie says:


  23. Evan says:

    There is no MCPack link! The MCPack link you provided is a Zip File!

  24. I Hate Adfly says:

    Rip my Diamond Armor and Sword. A nice challenge, but can you lower the number of zombies spawned or at least make the player resistant to their knockback because it is quite annoying, but I guess it makes sense cuz they are PESTS.

    • Donuts says:

      A good tactic for killing all of the pests is to get thorns on your armor and a trident with the channeling enchantment also make sure it’s there is a thunderstorm which is important factor as the channeling enchantment won’t work.

  25. Hey, this is pretty good.

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