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Published on April 02, 2014 (Updated on April 02, 2014)


PetPlus enables the possibility to have pets in MCPE. This is quite similar to what you can find in the PC version of Minecraft where you can tame wolves and keep them as your pets. PetPlus lets you tame pretty much any animal, feed them and become their very best friend. In total you can have 7 pets and each of them got their own personalities. If you set your home in MCPE somewhere you can have your pets go there automatically.

It is at this point a rather simple mod but it adds many fun elements to the game and especially so if you are used to running around alone in the world of Minecraft.

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Its a script. Youll see a "get script" button right below the pictures.
Is this the first thing on mcpedl??? LOL
My question is can you tame foxes??
You kill it.
I am on iPhone and I don’t know how

to get this mod
ImANicePersonUnlikeYou January 07, 2018 at 5:46 pm
It doesn’t work because it’s 2018 and this mod was made in 2014 so guys stop complaining this mod was amazing when it was relevant so don’t be mean!
Working on a remake...
Wow so mine did not work any tips ?
The mod is fake look at the picture steve's arms are bending and a pig in minecraft cant possibly sit like that and why would a chicken and pig eat the cooked beef its a fake mod look even the graphicks have something wrong with it
ahem.... 1. its a picture and they could photoshop 2. mod 3.another mod and 4. shaders
It's actually copied from an animation
This mod is...... AWESOME!!
How do you use the mod on the iPad
Um... How can you exactly use this mod? How to you get an animal? I just don't get it! Sorry if I interrupted an important game or meeting, but please reply! ?
It's an outdated mod.
Is there a pet mod?
There are many such mods. Just search our index ( and I am sure you will find some.