PetRock Addon

PetRock Addon adds two new pets to Minecraft Bedrock if you have wanted a stone as a pet with this addon you can have a stone as a pet,

 Bored of wolves and cats? Try this Addon and have a new pet, this new Mob is totally harmless unless you attack it

Stones appear naturally in almost every biome, so you can find one and tame it and have a new pet.


 Wild Stone

  •  They are Neutral: They do not attack anyone unless they are attacked
  •  They can be found in various biomes
  •  Health: 20
  •  Attack Damage: 3
  •  Can be Tamed with: Stone
  •  Drops: Coal and Stone (only in adult stage)


Domesticated Stone

  •  Health: 50
  •  Attack Damage: 5
  •  They are totally peaceful but if you are attacked the stones will defend you from any Mob or player that attacks you


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