Pewdiepie’s Broland!

Welcome to Broland!

This map is inspired by youtuber called Pewdiepie.

Hope you enjoyed the map 

This map is way more better if you have the Pewdiepack Bedrock

Build and Create other building your own

Explore the whole world! Work and Build!

Broland Whole Map!

Sven’s House!

Ikea Tower

Pewdiepie’s House!

Giant Meatball!

Hello Fellow 9 year olds!

Its your time to explore the Whole World on your Own!

Changelog View more

You can use this map for Survival or Creative to explore the whole map

You can use this for other purposes

and especially Thanks to MCPEDL.COM!

+Double Installation Description has been fixed

+Highlighted Description

+Download Link text has been updated


THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON 1.13 (beta) or higher versions

How to download

1. Go to the link

2.Click/Tap the green button says Download


1.Click/Tap the file And open it with minecraft Enjoy!

1.Click/Tap the file 

2.Extract the file to : games - com.mojang - minecraftWorlds 

3.Then extract open your mcpe Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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14 Responses

4.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Michael says:

    You should make a jacksepticeye one when he played Minecraft

  2. seandaboii says:

    Is this the latest episode?

  3. MrGun790 says:

    Are you stealing Maps

  4. PR0G4M3R 26 says:

    Pewds should name bruh land but bro land is more cooler name

  5. Heay melon says:

    Forgot to rate it lol

  6. Heay melon says:

    Cool Pewdiepies world

  7. AgentH14 says:

    What shaders are those?? and also… can it be used on Windows 10 Edition??

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