PG BlockParty

PG Block Party is a simple and fun minigame that takes place on a platform similar to a dance floor. Each level you will get a random colored block in your inventory, where you will have less than 5 seconds to find a block on the platform with the same color or fall into limbo.

How to play?

When you receive the colored block, find a block on the platform of the same color and stay on it until the track is updated, otherwise you will fall into limbo after 5 to 1 second (s) depending on the level.


Thelanguage of this map was worked only in Portuguese, but in the future we should add support for English.

Changelog View more
  • Push Ad adverts disabled download link.
  • Some commands have been polished for a better experience.
  • Bug fixes.
  • corrected presentation photo.
  • Added notice about map language.
  • Slideshow photo updated again to look like photos from PlayGames maps.


Supported Minecraft versions


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