Phantasy Add-on (1.11.4+ beta)

Adding several mobs and creatures to the game can really spice up your world, be on the guard as some of these entites spawn about your world and ready to make your naext move..

This add-on adds 6 new entities into the game to make your modded survival worlds livelier.


Tide beast

  • can be tamed using prismarine crystals
  • use a saddle to mount
  • attacks guardians
  • neutral to the core, still attacks you even when you tame them
  • may rest from time to time
  • roars occasionally

Frost familiar

  • use blue ice on a wolf to ride them
  • rideable giant wolfs

Nether merchant

  • when a wandering trader steps into the nether, they turn into nether merchants
  • trades nether items

Midnight sailor

  • if a wandering trader goes to a beach in the middle of the night, they turn into midnight sailors
  • trades ocean items (bugged, WIP)

Treasure mimics

  • disguised as a normal chest until interaction with he player
  • can eat items if the player interacts with it on attack mode


  • lying unconcious zombie on the ground
  • damaging this entity can cause its reanimation

False plant

  • explosive flowers
  • can explode when affected by explosions

Mad cow

  • 4 out of 10 cows will be mad if you hit them, giving them the urge to kill the player


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL


Supported Minecraft versions


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35 Responses

4.29 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. User-6269658225 says:

    Codenraigenxx1 maybe a complicated magic addon with rituals and elementals and a lot of spells if you thnx you are amazing

  2. Mysterious Wanderer says:

    Hey so this Mod is pretty fantastic but for some reason the water bugs out, that’s all.

  3. Blocky Gamer says:

    Can you please update this add-on and fix the bugs in this add-on

  4. Minecraft player says:

    Hi, this might be a big ask but could you add a spawn egg for the frost familiar, not get rid of
    The fusion mechanic, but for people who don’t know about listed mechanic it might be
    Easier, and might not attract comments such as who do I get the big wolf (tamed wolf
    Plus blue ice]

    Sincerely – a Minecraft player who likes your addon

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very Hard to control the wolf

  6. Canalha says:

    It’s really good! However, there are some things that have bothered me and that I’m sure you can correct. First of all, you could improve the control we have of the Tide Beast, because it’s really hard to get around with it. Secondly, you could also make the Tide Beast unable to rest while we’re on top of it, because it’s even harder to use it as a mount since it keeps stopping to rest all the time. Anyway, please apply these changes and continue like this, man!

  7. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some bugs I found: mimics do NOT eat items on attack mode. When on multiplayer the corpses crash their game. And the tide beast is extremely hard to control. Some ideas would be skeletal llamas for nether merchant sea llamas for the midnight sailer. The tide beast sleeps too much please change it. Can you add these: shark,octopus, and dragon.

  8. Amir says:

    Frost Familiar=tamed wolf and blue ice
    Tide Beast=prismarine crystals also saddle

  9. Julian says:

    I love this version better than the fantasy game LMAO

  10. A says:

    Fix the riding mechanic for the wolf

  11. GodSea says:

    Ummm…. This is my favorite mod but…. Can you fix Tide Beats mount plz
    It’s so hard to control the monster
    That is a lot but if you fix that I very happy :>

  12. IisSad says:

    As far as I can see they dont spawn naturally in a survival, bummer 🙁

  13. Random One says:

    It is an awesome add-on but i don’t seem to find the frost familiar to be existing … Even using commands … Please help and fix

  14. Dog lover says:

    The frost familiar does not exist!!

  15. Cody says:

    Really nice addon you are definitely the best addon creator I know but I have 3 complaints 1. The tide beast is uncontrollable 2. The tide beasts walk cycle is a little derpy and the mouth clips the face and then it really looks derpy 3. The tide beast should not shake when it walks or can you at least make the shaking calmer and not this rapid swaying. But overall a really great addon

  16. Eleven says:

    Legal , olha eu amo seus addons e Será que você pode criar um addon de Pokémon (contendo um Psyduck) é que não vejo alguém que pode fazer um addon bom igual ao seus PFVVVVV

  17. This looks cool. I’m not on 1.11 so I can’t use it (yet), but this looks pretty awesome. I’ll try it if I remember.

  18. Gregory says:

    The mimic’s very good idea for minecraft,you are genie

  19. John G says:

    Very well made addon, High Quality! However when I interact(Right click) with the Midnight sailor my game crashes. Overall great addon though!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pretty nice mod. I don’t have many complaints, only that if you can maybe you can add more mobs into the addon. Also for some reason I can’t figure out how to spawn the frost familliar if anyone can help me with pls do.

  21. Zero says:

    It’s difficult to control the Tide Beast and the Wolf. The Wolf is to fast. And the Tide Beast is going wherever it wants to go. So you can’t really control it. Please fix this.

  22. Agh24 says:

    I downloaded it using slow wifi a few times

  23. Juden says:

    I gotta say I really enjoy this my favorite mods are the treasure mimic the tide beast and that’s it but… the wolfs and crow thing I don’t see that

  24. Realms says:

    Yo raigen can u make xenomorph(also ik it woukd dumb but i would ask 2 more creators cuz i just want to see the styles and stuff

  25. Anonymous says:

    on windows, the frost wold doesnt work. can you please fix this? thanks,

  26. Anonymous says:

    Really cool addon! But I was just wondering, did you get rid of the giant wolf? I think that would be really cool to have. And since the tide Beast doesn’t follow you, could you add the feature of being able to lead it? Thanks!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love this! But I have a few improvements if that’s alright. The frost familiar is difficult to control so could you please make it more like riding a horse? Also mine fell in the water and drowned immediately so please make them able to swim! This is very cool though thank you!

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