Phantom Elytra

Replace elytra’s wings with some fantastic phantom’s wings. Fly through the skies as a night creature or fight phantoms using its same type of wings. Next update will have sounds and maybe a behavior.

Elytra’s wings now look like phantom’s wings, for now it’s just the texture. In the next update the sounds of elytra will be replaced with the phantom’s sounds and a behavior will also be added to make phantoms leave their wings when they die. Adding the behavior will be optional in case you just want to have the wings without disabling achievements in your worlds.


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To install the mcpack file, just download it, open your file manager and in the Downloads folder find the file, just touch it and select "Open with Minecraft", the plugin will be imported automatically and you can activate it in your worlds.

To install the zip file, you need to download it, then open your file manager and look for the plugin in the Downloads folder, then unzip the file and move the texture folder to the path "games / com.mojang / resource_packs".

You only have to download one file, both work the same but it is up to you how you want to install it.


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11 Responses

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  1. Ha.Look at first image there are skeleton burninghahahahahahahahahhaha

  2. Guest-5550300496 says:

    Hey, this texture is actually awesome. I mean I knew it was good but I wasn’t expecting it to be that great… the work is done very neatly and appreciatable.

    I’m excited for the Behaviour. Not sure if it is possible to implement flying behaviour without Fireworks. Please do that if it’s possible.

  3. Shirocraft says:

    good idea,now i need to make 32x version from faithful/multipixel as base

  4. Guest-4917476823 says:

    I really like it and all your textures, tbh these are the best so far,and the invisible touch controls help to confuse people lmao

  5. Guest-1739294316 says:

    It’s very creative.I like it.

  6. Guest-6915044778 says:


  7. Guest-8372587428 says:

    Why does it say published on 3 July 2020 but it is 2 July 2020. Am I from the past or is this texture pack is from the future!!!!!

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