Phantom+ Addon

Phantom+ is an add-on which aims on expanding and improving the features for the Phantom. For example, Baby Phantoms are implemented and Phantoms turn into bats during the day and reverts back at night. But there are several other changes and improvements, so make sure to check out the full details further down on this page.

Creator: NetherNinjaTwitter AccountYouTube

Phantom+ Additions

  • Added Baby Phantoms!
  • Baby Phantoms do 0.5 hearts of damage.
  • Baby Phantoms are much faster than adults.
  • Phantoms attack sheep and players.
  • During the day, Phantoms turn into bats and revert back at night.
  • Adult Phantoms do 5 hearts of damage.
  • Hiding in water won’t keep you safe… They can’t drown!
  • Baby Phantoms have 10 Health (5 hearts)
  • Adults have 20 health  (10 hearts)

Broken Features planned to be eventually resolved:

  • Adult Phantoms inflict blindness for 10 seconds on the player.
  • Baby Phantoms inflict blindness for 5 seconds on the player.

Special Thanks To..

Keyyard For helping me with the bat to phantom and phantom to bat part of this addon! What took me 5 hours of getting no where took him 5 minutes to add lol, thanks bro! (Check him out!) -Twitter: [@keyyard]

Terms of Use

  • You may:
    • Record this Addon for youtube.
    • Use this for a advanced survival series/world.
    • Use this just for fun lol
  • You may not:
    • Upload this to any other site without my approval.
    • Use the files provided in this addon and combine them with you own pack.
    • Use the files in a modified apk version of “minecraft”.
    • Alter my download links in any way, shape, or form.



  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Apply the pack for a world
  3. Create the world

You can download a .ZIP for this add-on here.

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21 Responses

4.45 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. GalaxyKitten_MLG says:

    Why does everyone make mobs that are coming up in later updates? Shouldn’t you know that they will be added anyway and mods like these will be pointless? Why try to create a mob when you don’t even know what their functionality, (or behavior), or appearance is?

  2. Drumbo says:

    Good job. 🙂

  3. AidenDoesStream says:

    Is this compatible with the Rideable Phantoms addon?

  4. Dank says:

    I feel that 10 seconds of blindness is a little on the long side for an attack.If your in the middle of a fight,it would be too hard as it hits you over 2 times is 10 seconds so you will have blindness for most of the fight.Reduce it to 5 then the babies do 2.5-3

  5. Lol says:

    You should make the baby phantom tameable.

  6. Sh'dynasty says:

    This looks great! Definitely adds some dynamics to phantoms… good job!

  7. LucasLT says:

    This Is Already Added……

  8. Player 82034 says:

    I like the baby phantom

  9. Aiden says:

    I would like to see a texture pack that makes the phantom look like how it use to look in the oldest snapshot,PLZ do it.

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