Phantom Remover Add-on

Have you ever got annoyed by those pesky phantoms? Have you ever just want to get rid of them? We’ll just add this add-on to your survival/realms world and *poof*, no more phantoms and phantoms will never spawn again. Now i know what you’re thinking. “Well, how can I get Phantom membranes to repair my elytra then?”. Well this add-on makes Phantom membranes craftable! 

This add-on removes phantoms from your world. Just add the resource pack and behavior pack and phantoms will never spawn anymore (you can still remove the add-on and phantoms will spawn again) . Don’t worry this add-on makes Phantom membranes craftable so you can still repair your elytras. This add-on can be also added to realms. This add-on is also really useful when you’re creating maps like Skyblock. With this add-on sleep whenever you want without these phantoms attacking you because let’s be honest, phantoms are really annoying.

Now, let me show you how to craft Phantom membrane. You can craft these in your survival world.

Crafting Recipe

And that’s it for this add-on. It’s simple but really useful to those who hate phantoms in Minecraft.


I will allow you to use this add-on in any map you create. Just don’t flag it as yours.

If you will link a download to this add-on, link it in this mcpedl page not the direct mediafire link.

Don’t use this in any other app like add-ons for MCPE and etc.

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please comment down below, I will try to fix them.

Thank you for your cooperation 🙂



Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

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  1. Mario Craft says:

    just sleep!

  2. Guest-5592989202 says:

    This addon is just like

    “what if it was all a dream”

  3. Put this on mcpedl a while ago but deleted it because of what everyone here is saying in your comments. There’s not really a point to this add-on, you can just use gamerule command.

  4. Guest-6359277014 says:

    It looks like a nice addon ima try it

    Nice addon idea btw I hate phantoms too

  5. Guest-7776849880 says:

    Just do /gamerule doinsomnia false

  6. qiyunjian says:

    LOL,I see, you hate phantom……

  7. Guest-8203636629 says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but…

  8. bestGaming132 says:

    There is already a gamerule for that but phantom membranes are not craftable

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