Philippines Local Jeepneys Addon

This Addon adds 16 different colored Philippine Jeepneys to your world and can be ride by up to 8 Players!

Hop on, roam your city builds and join the road trip with your friends with this Colorful Jeepneys along the way!

Basic Informations:

  • Jeepneys, sometimes called simply “jeeps”, are buses and the most popular means of public transportation ubiquitous in the Philippines. They are known for their crowded seating and kitsch decorations, which have become a wide spread symbol of Philippine culture and art.

For more info. You can read more here.

How to Use?

After the successful installation of the addon, You can:

  • Use /summon ph:jeepneys

  • Or you can find the spawn egg in creative inventory

  • You can use all 16 dye colors to the jeepneys to change their colors and design. (More on design in the future updates)


  • Please don’t put the mediafire direct link of this addon to your YouTube video description if you make a review of this.
  • Don’t comment the direct link in  the comment section below
  • You can use neither the Linkvertise link or Adfly link download below since some have troubles with other links
  • You can download this addon ad-free in “Addons for Minecraft” (iOS/Android)

PS. I need design ideas for the Jeepneys, if you feel you can help me, message me directly at my twitter.
Also, feel free to Join our PhantomHiveTeam Community Discord Server 

Changelog View more
  • Updated the Download Link for both the monetized links.


How to download safely and directly at Linkvertise?

  • Answer the captcha .
  • Watch the video and wait to the end .
  • Continue to the Download Page.

How to download at Adfly?

  • Wait for 5 seconds and click skip ads button in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  • Click "Block" in the pop-up ad and wait 5-10 seconds for the next page to appear, if it's unresponsive, try to reload the page.
  • Sometimes there are 4-5 pages until you redirected to Mediafire automaticaly.
  • Continue to the Download Page.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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38 Responses

4.95 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-5808735413 says:

    Galing Talaga (Eng) Its Nice And Really Cool Now The Minecraft is Philipines version now hahahah JK

  2. Guest-2819607586 says:

    Padagdag bangka (eng) add a boat)

  3. Sentinelplayz says:

    I’m from Japan, I really love Philippine Jeepneys!<3
    Can you try making other vehicles, like the bicycle with sidecar, I forgot whag it's called? I really miss those!
    I often ride them when me and my mom visit my aunt's house, and it was so much fun riding it! Pls… make more content like this for me and your fans…\(^_^)/

  4. i dare u to make a modpack full of Filipino vehicles (or you can’t do that)

  5. ChloeVV says:

    Tip: This addon is a perfect partner for PNR Addon

  6. Guest-8557562528 says:

    iba talaga pag Pinoy….MABUHAY TAYONG MGA Pilipino

  7. Pagbilaowins_YT says:

    Wow galing finally i got jeepney transit pa Naia

  8. ChloeVV says:

    Cool, maybe you could make tricycle addon too

  9. Guest-9103430691 says:

    Supporters mo kami

  10. Nice! ang galing! Finally meron na ring jeep

  11. Guest-8856505209 says:

    Add tricycle and pedicab next update

  12. Guest-6147207123 says:

    Hey brad can you add another Philippines vehicles like owner or kahit anong Philippine vehicles like roro Kasi ang ganda ng add-on mo pinagmamalaki mo bansa natin salamat bro.

  13. Guest-9850269717 says:

    lodi para

  14. Guest-5131404881 says:

    How much players can ride it?

  15. Guest-4909405482 says:

    Galing bro ph is life but someone is trying to destroy it reply if you know him

  16. Coptaine says:

    I forgot to rate 😅👍

  17. Guest-8635507727 says:

    Galing mo brad Ito gusto ko sa Pinoy malikhain !!

  18. Great mod at sa wakas nakasakay tuloy ako haha thanks Mr. Creator 🙂

  19. Liam TDP says:

    Can you add Owner Jeep in next update Thats also a Filipino Jeep Also im a Filipino and im happy to see your addon

  20. Liam TDP says:

    Grabe sobrang masaya ko ngayon dahil merong taong gumawa ng addon Para ipagmalaki ang mga produkto ng Pilipinas Maraming salamat Mr Creator Pramis ko ishoshowcase ko tong addon nato Sobrang ganda

  21. Coptaine says:

    Looks good! I have to try this on my creation map. Makakapasada na ko kahit ECQ. 😂

  22. Guest-7328240946 says:

    This is amazing I have been finding this my whole time in mcpedl I’m a filipino and I roleplay with my cousin and I have been finding something like this

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