Pick Block Mod (Android)

I’m a new beginner modder, please don’t be mad at me. But are a phone or tablet user, are you tired of scrolling of searching the blocks, then this might be useful for you, lol probably not.

This Can Be Useful If You’re a Tablet or Phone User!

You find an item that’s called “Pick Block” located in the “Tools” tab. Once you found it, it will look like this.

Hold on the item and tap on any block. When you tapped on the block, that specific block will appear on your inventory, also a message will appear. Here are some screenshots.

Also no crafting recipe.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-5776181647 says:

    Thank you i like mediafire and i thank you right now cause you say thank me later thx for the mod

  2. Guest-1754176733 says:

    Can you update to 1.16

  3. Guest-5359968778 says:

    Pls creator can you pls help me how to download it PLS

  4. Guest-8994372990 says:

    Hello can you please help me how to download it because I really need it pls creator PLS

  5. Guest-9587641540 says:


  6. Guest-3250291346 says:

    How to install?

  7. Guest-5336831992 says:

    Great job! none of the other modders are good like this!

  8. Guest-1329916444 says:

    I would luv to know how to download

  9. Guest-4965522684 says:

    When you use a ps4 controller but sti appreciate other people’s work.

  10. User-2992385219 says:

    Love it! Great job bro! I bet my first mod would never be even 1 quartar as good as this one!

  11. Tiagogarcia o (en juegos)elugador says:

    La verdad vengo jugando a minecraft pe desde la 1.2 y espere un mod así desde ese momento me encantoo👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Joone says:

    I have a question, is it modpkg?. oh i check it is. when i loaded this it just says oh nose everything broke and thats why i hate modpkg. pls fix it. change it to .js pls

  13. TheGreatPanda YT says:

    Why do we need to find that item too? did you think of that “finding the item then now you have pick up” also 1 question is it infinite use or not?

  14. ThisJobYT says:

    Is it possible to make an Addon version of this?

  15. Roulette says:

    Man a Mod… Why mods like this are so interesting!! Bad thing is that Blocklauncher is slow updater

  16. Shrek123Gaming says:

    Awesome dude

  17. Pls help says:

    Can’t download but would be very helpful

  18. Alesscreeper says:

    Isn’t it as simple as pressing the mouse wheel?

  19. PikachuOfPower says:

    Wow pretty cool!

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