PictRoll [16×16]

If you think that Minecraft PE deserves high quality textures but also enjoy a simple approach in terms of designing then PictRoll should be your ultimate choice. It’s a low resolution texture pack at only 16×16 pixels and we can promise you a really nice looking theme in Minecraft PE.
pics2 pict1pict3download

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6 Responses

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  1. FuntimeGamer says:

    oops!! I Wanna Download it!!! Why Not Medifire Instead?
    Why Not?

  2. Aniomonous says:

    The link has been deleted, can you do it to medifire

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it updated to 15.0 yet?

  4. I'm you buddy says:

    Hey buddy update it for Minecraft pe 0.11.1 do that good thing buddy

  5. Hasbie49 says:

    link is broken.please reupload

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