Piggy Add-on

Do you like roblox? do you play piggy? would you like to have all the piggy things in minecraft? Well, this add-on is ideal for you. The substance 128 infection has come to minecraft prepare for it. here you will see the iconic piggy characters like piggy herself, george, robby and many more.

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Page changes

  • Fixed every section of the addon info like npc, monsters, blocks etc.
  • New christmas featured image
  • Fixed some texts in the page (again)
  • Added crafting recipes

Addon changes

  • Added christmas characters like: Primrose, Krampiggy, Mr. Bliss, Reindessa.
  • Added foxy and pandy
  • Added new particles for frostiggy and crawling sentinels.
  • Added new potions effects for some hats.
  • Added piggy morph.
  • Fixed some blocks that doesnt appear.
  • Added 3D weapons.
  • Fixed some items locations for the creative inventory.
  • All the npc are now fixed.
  • Some bug fixes.

  and the list go on.....


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Will the item have a use?
Cool, i guess ill wait until it out
The characters don't look good
I've been having trouble with Roblox crashing. I've played this addon it was a masterpiece!
Are the characters the new ones? Also i didnt download it yet
if u didn't download then why did you rate it 0 stars??
Just a question are you gonna make the piggy maps too?
Really Good, I do recommend this addon, it's very accurate to Piggy. Now, quick question. I'm makkng a Piggy map in Minecraft, and would like to use this addon. (Mainly for the amazing decorations) Is that ok with you? I will make sure to credit you of course. Also, quick word, uh.. Pony can glitch out at times, the textures appear to be corrupted. Not sure if this is a me problem. Anywho, 10/10 addon I do recommend.
you can make a map with my addon.
remember credit me ;)
It's not working for me can you please fix this esteban?
I also forgot to do stars so here’s 5 stars
How 2 do on iPad
Also great addon
my cuz likes this game soo ima download it! :)
Olá amigo :) uma sugestão de atualização adicionasse as skins dos piggys
Mano ser tivesse como domesticar todos os piggy seria muito legal :) eles nos ajudaria nas batalhas no minecraft! Espero que adicione isso junto com as skins 😉
Aminecraftplayer2737 July 12, 2021 at 2:47 pm
Good addon if you hate this dont comment anything and leave
Lol i think the magenta feather is for zizzy's hat
This comment has been removed