Piggy Addon | Quick Update = Balancing Update

Piggy is a Roblox horror, puzzle and escape game created by MiniToon. Piggy is a game inspired by Granny. Piggy is now added in Minecraft. It was created by Lestrey / Rathley (me).

Piggy is An entity that has been infected by a potion. Piggy actual name Is Penny ( Inspired by Peppa ). Piggy was innocent, until her mind is corrupted by the potion.

All Entities Info =

Health = Infinite ( but possible to kill )

Damage = Infinite

Speed = Medium

Target = Players, Iron golem, Villagers

All Piggy =

Piggy [ Penny ]

Little brother [ George ]=

Mother =

Father [ The Glasses Will Be Fixed soon ] =

Grandmother =

Zompiggy =

Memory =

Mousy =

Clowny =

Mr.P =

The Special Update!

The Special update is an update for 3 Content creator that use, review and finding bugs! Support them by



Share and

Put notification on!

Unlike other piggy, Content creator Has their own ability, unique models, YouTube logo egg, and use special:[ Content Creator name]

Note : After this update there’s no longer any special update, only skins. or more stuff, so don’t expect making video about this addon and you will be added

SwenIIX [ The first reviewer ] = 

YouTube Channel = Subscribe To Him!

Chili B0Y [ The guy who trapped Piggy ] =

YouTube channel = Subscribe To Him!

KanekiCraft / KanekiCraftYT [ Most Supportive, Remodeled ] =

YouTube Channel = Subscribe To Him! So He gets to 1K!

Note = I Don’t watch Tokyo Ghoul so i dunno what is the real ability xD, I Might change It later

All Items!

Now you can create your own chapter using this tools! Just type /function Piggy_Items

All items and functionality =

All keys = replace that color concrete into air

Hammer = break fence

Wrench = turn coal block into Redstone Block

Plank = turn wall sign / straight line sign into wood planks

How to use item?

Hold them basicly like eating!


Piggy Addon Is now support other Addon! Remember to put Experimental gameplay on! Piggy Can open door, but still Cannot pass through Them, except 2×2 Door.

My Discord Server Is Now available! You can post suggestion, bug and more. 2x Chance of me seeing ur suggestion and bug!

Make sure to be fast joining, i’ll be picking 5 people to became New admin, and 5 Beta tester!

Direct download In my Discord, now the McpeDL MediaFire link Has ads! Just skip Them or join my discord, you can try testing, direct download, latest Addon and More!

The 5th People Is me and bots, so don’t worry. There’s A chance of you being an admin and Beta tester


Next update will be request update!

So make your request! And stop Askin for cyborg Mr.p, I will add him

And you can request ability, but don’t request any skin with your skin / Minecraft character, but you can create your own model and send me


What will be added in the next update =

More skin

Drinkable potion


Piggy Tokens

Better Ai


Known Bugs =

Piggy Is Bad at Chasing the Target

Clowny Legs looks Wierd


Model Created by Me

Model Created on blockbench

Ai Created on Addon maker for android

Changelog View more

Balancing Update is now available!

  • Special Character Ability Is now unavailable for now, because It cause lag
  • Entity code Is now better!
  • Can be used with any other addon!
  • Rathley McpeDl Discord Server Is now available! The 5 Person Will be New Admin and another 5 Person Will be Beta Tester!

Added Items like =

Color keys



And planks

Added 3 Content Creator skin =


Chili B0Y

And KanekiCraftYt / KanekiCraft

All Piggy =


Little Brother










Don't steal my model and addon.

Don't remake my addon, unless If you have my Permission

Use this Addon In your gameplay / video but fully credit me

Use McpeDL ( cus McpeDL Is awesome duh )

If you are on android use Mcaddon :D


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

131 Responses

3.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-4962761685 says:

    I dont see the mcaddon

  2. Guest-2802684427 says:

    I downloaded this i was so exited to make piggy in minecraft multiplayer BUT everybody else cant see the items or piggy or any other entity please fix this i am on Xbox btw!

  3. Guest-7866457374 says:

    No, just no

  4. Guest-5222369473 says:

    This virus needs to stop.

  5. Joesph858 says:

    alrighty for such a cringy add on how do i report add ons? the bane of roblox is ruined by piggy and im not letting it happen on minecraft either

  6. Guest-9753063361 says:

    The Function To Give All Items Work!
    But The Individual Functions Dont Work(The Ones That Just Give U One Item)

  7. Guest-5090719060 says:

    Hey I’m on iPad and it’s not working to download
    The addon

  8. Guest-5544724276 says:

    It does not work for me

  9. Guest-8245307898 says:

    Hi I need some help. For some reason when someone becomes piggy they cannot hit the other players

  10. Guest-5128396457 says:

    Icant import it it said unknown pack name any pls i will appreciate

  11. Guest-3478748943 says:

    you can add doggy or bunny not as piggy i hop doggy

  12. Guest-4265378582 says:

    Can you add in infected bunny and bunny??btw awesome addon!!

  13. Guest-8995446708 says:

    its good but the piggy texture is broken the color of piggy is purple and black so please fix the texture

  14. Guest-5844421830 says:

    Hey idot I turn on everything but it not work

  15. Guest-9898949338 says:

    i cant see the add on

  16. Wither storm lover says:

    its kinda not working for me

  17. Guest-8734368554 says:

    Question: It worked for loading in the app Addons and I put on experimental gameplay. Since my phone is iOS, why are the spawn eggs are black even for Piggy as well as the mobs themselves not visible to see?

  18. Guest-1400542356 says:

    This doesn’t work. It says unable to find manifest or something. Please fix this.

  19. Guest-4711920082 says:

    I dont see the addon

  20. Guest-1753746234 says:

    Magnificent addon mate, it will be a good mod for my server

  21. Guest-8489151098 says:

    /function piggy_items

  22. Guest-6519910028 says:

    mods it No work

  23. Guest-1869228085 says:

    The link doesn’t work

  24. Guest-4654647250 says:

    Nice addon but can u add actual traps more keys and translater dart gun please.
    Nice addon keep it up 😀

  25. Guest-9683273213 says:

    I downloaded from latest link for the first time.
    When importing to Windows 10 version, I get “Failed to import Unknown Pack Name”. In the log it says “Unable to find manifest in pack”.
    I dont have old addon, because I am installing for the first time.
    Please help, because this addon looks great.

  26. Before Commenting, The Addon Doesn’t work. Or you Cannot load Addon. Put Experimental gameplay on, only load this addon cus bug problem, before loading new update pack, delete the old ones

  27. Guest-7535310579 says:

    Addon Broken, Is this only for Mobile?

  28. Guest-4021733249 says:


    “Unable to find manifest in pack”

  29. Guest-4264706626 says:

    Make bosses and then make the abilities

  30. Guest-5502157099 says:

    Please fix the download I can’t download it

  31. Guest-4520975089 says:

    Make Mrs P and George *uninfected aka GORG PAG*

  32. Guest-8581346124 says:

    It says it doesn’t reconnice the pack please make a mobile and PC download I am PC btw pls fix I made a house out of hype.

  33. RandomRows says:

    I can spawn characters in, but the textures don’t load and I can’t get any of the special items using the /function command.
    This mod has a lot of potential, though, and when these are fixed I will review it for my Youtube channel!

  34. Guest-2253001036 says:

    i download it but my game not have it fix his plz i like piggy

  35. Guest-5651006075 says:

    Make Piggy chapters pls

  36. Guest-4314946718 says:


  37. Guest-2464397215 says:

    Me: *sees piggy*
    Piggy: Hello
    Me: oh you want fight granny
    Piggy: wat?
    Me: *spawns granny*
    Piggy: so you chosen fight?
    Granny: he
    Piggy and Granny: *fighting each other*
    Me: *gets popcorn while watching*
    Me: *eats popcorn*

    Btw. It looks cool. Ima test it. If it works ima use it as granny. (Ye
    I already build grannies house. Its lot better than playing with my sister as granny.)
    Ima reply if it work or not

    • Guest-6354582851 says:

      Dude it worked on infinite world ( not flat ) thanks I will dates 25/25. Now I will use in grannies house that I build

  38. Guest-5965007573 says:

    man your addon doe’snt work i add the ressource pack and the behavior but Nothing is add in my game ! in the inventory,and the summon command…..can you help me ?

  39. Dudu_Gaming says:

    Hey creator, can i use this on my YouTube channel video, i Will sure to add your link to this download, thank you

  40. Guest-2219945291 says:

    how do you get them to spawn? i dont know how to get the spawn eggs or spawn them. please help

  41. Guest-3325890090 says:

    I want the map but I can’t find it ;-; nice add-on btw

  42. Guest-9017572585 says:

    In the next update I could add this, the colored keys and its doors weapons of the characters, infected and uninfected bunny, pistol, to see, cyborg mr. P, infected and uninfected doggy and torcher and military

  43. 8TITTUS10 says:

    C an You Add Bakon And CYBORG Potato.

  44. 8TITTUS10 says:

    C an You Add Bakon And CYBORG Potato

  45. Guest-6164794280 says:

    but is there mr p mob

  46. Guest-5699989020 says:

    Have u played dragon adventure its hard as a starter but try addicting it it’s fun it’s like PewDiePie pixelings creature collecting game plssss reply

  47. Guest-5760166621 says:

    Next skin should be: Cyborg Mr. P | Special Ability: Shoot a yellow plasma, stunning you for [Any Minute/second]

  48. Guest-6059149811 says:

    My skin in minecraft is piggy I made it myself and i think it it looks really good looks like it’s time for piggy (me) vs piggy (addon)

  49. Guest-9813826946 says:

    Installed the packs but it does not seem to work. Not sure what we are doing wrong. Any help appreciated.

  50. Guest-2184352407 says:

    it wont work?!

  51. Guest-7316725293 says:

    Hey the spawn eggs and summons aren’t showing and I have EX on but it’s still not working, Can you fix this bug before next magor update.

  52. Guest-1153810592 says:

    Make a addon with leatherface and if you kill him you can get his chainsaw

  53. Guest-1372811789 says:

    very good addon, btw do a map of piggy it will make this better

  54. EattingFreshIronGolems says:

    I tryed for testing but you instant blocked XD

  55. EattingFreshIronGolems says:

    In the next update can you add George (not infected) and make him run away from the infected please?

  56. Guest-9251984049 says:

    Could u make piggys head a sphere, and her dress thingy a a cylinder, I heard u can do that in some modeling applications
    Nice work btw

  57. Guest-6213839000 says:

    I mean, piggy is not that good of a game, but this addon actually looks quite good
    The only thing i would suggest is making piggy’s skin a darker shade of pink

  58. Howdy People, I’ve Been recently see alot of Comment hating about Piggy because It Was A close of Granny, It’s not. MiniToon Did Not Ripping Off Granny, It Was inspired. MiniToon Cannot use any model from the real game, The game Was In roblox. Not unity. And Piggy Has More Map then Granny! The Piggy Model Was Made By MiniToon, And the gameplay. so please, don’t hate on the game. If you want to put bad Comment ( 1 – 3 Star Comment ) just put about Bugs, Glitching, Bad Model, Bad Ai, or The Addon Doesn’t Work, Cus That’s the only problem I Can solve, not about Deleting the game of Piggy or this Addon, cus I have put alot of work by myslef doing the model, testing, and Fixing ( If U want to help testing Scroll Down Find My Comment With My Discord Tags And DM Me )
    This Is Rathley and goodbye, and stay safe!

  59. Wither storm lover says:

    can you make undertale?

  60. Guest-7955644420 says:

    Add robotic Mr. P

  61. Wither storm lover says:

    Dis awesome gud job

    • Thanks 🙂 If you want to try the Addon before Anybody else, even If It’s buggy, you Can Test It! Look at the bottom of the Comment, find my Discord Tags And DM Me, If you Can’t That’s ok, atleast you enjoy It 😀

  62. CreeperBoy5922 says:

    It’s already Cringe on Roblox, why are you bringing a copy of Granny on Minecraft? Granny I don’t even like myself, but at least don’t bring this thing on Minecraft Bedrock, I know it took a lot but you could create something else

    • I Can create something else, but I don’t have any idea’s. So i recreate Piggy Instead, cus I Was Watching some Animation Memes, so i Had the idea of making an Addon of Piggy. Plus It’s A Inspiration, Piggy have 12 Chapter, unlike Granny It Has only 1 Map. Sorry If this trigger you, Can you give me any Addon suggestion idea?

  63. Guest-1913678315 says:

    could you make the piggy house please

  64. Guest-4256983524 says:

    Make dragon adventures plsss ill give u a full mutted aranga the best dragon in the game for now xD i recommend to play the game first before making an addon to it add me :p user:deonoob12 ill check everyday if u reply

  65. Mr.Valentine says:


  66. Dudu_Gaming says:

    How do you spawn it

  67. Guest-5315813109 says:

    Why is this grabage in minecraft now
    why piggy

  68. Guest-8862403462 says:

    Why, why you made an addon about the worst game that is a rip off of Granny

    • It’s actually inspired, It Has 12 Chapter and the map is different fom Granny except chapter 1, Piggy was Created by MiniToon, and IM just trying to Recreate the Piggy In minecraft. I Hope This Will Explain Everything

  69. Guest-4193155235 says:

    can o make a personal map with it(just hope you give me an approval) it is ok if you don’t want me to. I’ll instantly delete it.

  70. Howdy People! If You Want To suggest Your Model / Skin For Next Update Just Comment! Or If You Want to Test The Addon Before The Others and Help Me Find Bug and How To Fix The Ai, DM Me In Discord = @Rathley Discord#5553

  71. Guest-1214665091 says:

    Please, just no

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