Piglins(Piglin,Piglin Brute, Zombified Piglin)

retextured as Pigmen mobs to look like bipedal classic pig mobs. This pack aims to make the pig mobs visioned as villagers before but are now textured to be in the nether. This pack also includes better netherite related equipment textures for MCPE. (Textures not mine but from Toxteer). That’s pretty much it enjoy.


Better Netherite Textures by Toxteer

Piglin | Zombified Piglin | Piglin Brutes

Better Netherite Textures in game

Piglin Brutes in Bastion Remnant

Player wearing Better netherite in-game.


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Changelog View more

Updated the file link 

added owner name to the new file

cause I just figured it out Yesterday

v1.0.1 added useful iron golem crackness level for its health


Supported Minecraft versions




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8 Responses

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  1. yes… just yes. i LOVE the netherite, it is actually loyal to the game as well, and the fact that there is a pig in a tux, YES

  2. FierceNinja38 says:

    I would have definately downloaded it if u hadnt retextured the Pig Family cause this is the best Netherite Texture I have ever seen !!

  3. Can I have the permission to add the Better Netherite textures to my addon???

  4. CrazyBomb227 says:

    The file extension needs to be renamed in an app such as 7- zip. Otherwise, this is a good pack!

  5. So he gave you permission to use his textures?

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