Pikachu and Eevee V3.0 – Pokemon Add-on

I really like Pokemon (and who doesn’t?), so I decided to make a add-on of it. 

It’s no big deal, for instance, no power moves, turn base battles or throw catching mecanics, just new mobs. good new mobs 😉

Some Pokemon

  • Hunting down chickens
  • Eating berries
  • Being cute
  • Et Cetera

Pikachu, Eevee and Clefairy spawn in most of biomes, and has a small chance to spawn shiny!

Can be bred with sweet berries,


  • Pikachu:

  • Eevee

  • Clefairy

  • Shiny Variants:

  • Evolutions!

  • Regional forms:
  • If Pikachu evolves in Beach Biome


  • Redstone Ingot: used to craft pokeballs  
  • Pokeball: used to tame wild pokemon

  • Shiny Charm: used to turn Pokemon into shiny Pokemon

  • Evolution Stones: used to Evolve certain Pokemon
  • Fire Stone
  • Water Stones
  • Thunder Stone
  • Moon Stone

  • Rare Candy: A candy used to evolve certain Pokemon
  • Evolve Eevee to Espeon during day
  • Evolve Eevee to Umbreon during night

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese(Brasil)

Changelog View more


  • Added Clefable
  • Added Alolan Raichu
  • Added Moon Stone


  • Added sounds the Eeveelutions and Clefary
  • New pack icon


  • New Pokemon Clefairy
  • New Eeveelutions, Umbreon and Espeon
  • New Item Rare Candy


  • Fixed "Evolve" and "Shiny" buttons for mobile


  • Pokemon Evolutions and Evolution Stones
  • New Pokemon: Raichu
  • New Pokemon: Flareon
  • New Pokemon: Vaporeon
  • New Pokemon: Jolteon
  • New Item Shiny Charm


  • New Pikachu Texture
  • New Animations


  • Eevee and Pikachu are now tamable!
  • New item redstone ingot
  • New item pokeball


  • Update Eevee and Pikachu textures
  • Update Eevee model

fixed supported version to 1.16 isted of 1.6, (sorry for that)


  1. Choose the version of the addon
  2. Download the Addon
  3. Open the .mcaddon file
  4. Activate the Behaviors and Resourses in game
  5. Enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions


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95 Responses

4.3 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-1448234031 says:

    Que gran addon pero por favor pongan a riolu y a Lucario

  2. Guest-4514500731 says:

    Podrias incluir a litten, torracat y haunter porfavor

  3. Guest-9322253542 says:

    I cant download 🙁

    • Guest-3060916275 says:

      I love this addon and I would love more pokemon like all the first starters. Charmander, charmeleon, Charazard, squirtle, wartorle, blastoise, bulbasaur, ivysaur, venasaur, and onix. Plz add these and i would like charazard rideable.

  4. Guest-4837108508 says:

    I need help. The download isn’t working on the website. It says I need to get premium or somethin. Kinda sad, bc I don’t know how to work the website the download is in 🙁

  5. Guest-4902307582 says:

    este es un addon maravilloso que buena actualizacion y no saben cuento espere que clefayri evulucionara y con ansias y paciencia espero la proxima actualizacion V4 !!!!!!
    PD: yo soy el de el comentario super largo y aunque sea largo merece la pena tomarlo en consideracion para proximas actualizaciones

  6. Guest-9841458074 says:

    This addon is awsome!And I found a glitch to get unlimited shiny charms I wouldn’t mind if this got patched but until it does this is how you do it.

    Step 1:You need a shiny pikachu
    Step 2:Thunder stones
    Step 3:Evolve the pikachu with the thunder stones
    The pikachu should drop shiny charms,this does work for me .
    If this doesn’t work for anyone trying this,the pikachu I had was naturally generated
    Sorry if this doesn’t work for you.

  7. ChloeVV says:

    I hope this addon become larger and larger until it becomes Pokemon Mod V2

  8. Guest-8186308792 says:

    Riolu next? Please

  9. Guest-6996952590 says:

    broooooo, this pokemon addon is the best! i could already tell that in the future, this is gonna be the #1 pokemon addon. please keep going 🙂 and thanks

  10. Guest-4017928929 says:

    please add the superball, ultraball, masterball and legendary ones that are very difficult to capture

  11. Guest-5821184898 says:

    olá criador. eu peço que resolva o bug que a thunder stone não está dando para craftar. e adicione o magikarp e o gyarados pfvr

  12. Guest-9178038535 says:

    I usually don’t comment on these things but after trying all the other pokemon mods on here I got to say yours is incredible, keep up the amazing work I cant wait to see what you will bring in future updates!

  13. Guest-9399520473 says:

    Add Alolan Pokemon plz

  14. Guest-6235303683 says:

    This addon is incredible, but I have a small problem, it does not let me make the thunder stone, it only does not come out when I try to make it, but the other stones do come out and I do not know why

  15. Guest-7340885391 says:

    WARNING: This + Cuter Vanilla Animals = shiny eevees with floating ears and no eyes.

  16. Guest-5677665325 says:

    I have only 2 questions.
    1.Does this or will it ever, work for 1.14?
    2.Do you plan on adding more pokemon? Cuz this addon is awesome and could easily become the successor to Furnicraft. Just add more pokemon because this addon rocks.

    • Guest-8181495681 says:

      Questions for the people who have downloaded this addon: 1. Does it have recipe books? 2. Does it need experimental gameplay?

      • Guest-4011956618 says:

        si con libro de recetas te refieres a que a buscarlo en donde sale todos los crafteos en realidad no pero los crafteos son muy facil de meorizar y por segundo si necesita modo de juego experimental pero desde mi punto de vista no veo ningur tipo de problema

  17. Guest-9959835919 says:

    Hello, I was just going through the list of comments to say that this complement fulfilled my dreams!
    is that this thing is wonderful and although the developer (a) can not help saying some and ideas
    * systems of levels and movements: although listening to it makes it think that it is difficult, it is used many other addons and it would only implement common things to see if your pokemon beats another entity (that the game records that it was your pokemon) a notification appears in the bar of chat that rises from level if it defeats (kills) two entities it comes out that it rose to level two and so on because at one point it would be difficult to beat for example 76 entities to rise to level 76 so it gives difficulty to the topic giving it a realistic experience and Every few levels let’s say: level 5, level 15, level 45 and level 73 get a new attack and this is changed or rotated by another as they want to say by giving the button or holding down the pokemon (if it is in android) but in Sikhil mode (crouched) because it is true that when standing normally, it comes out to sit or stand
    * defeats and cures: instead of your pokeon dying if he is defeated better, that his body is on the ground as if he is tired and he cannot follow us if he is defeated and that he can be cured with pokemon potions but, how to do it (crafting it)? this way: space 1 of the crafting table goes a minecraft trap hook (which is crafted with stick, iron and wood I think; V) hole 2, 4, 6 and 8 an iron ingot and a regeneration potion in hole 5 and what comes out of the crafting would be 6 potions we go to the fallen pokemon and give it to him to get up again.
    Well I hope the developer of the addon sees this and thank you very much for the addon and I look forward to the next update

  18. Guest-5180813992 says:

    hola solo pasaba por la lista de comentarios para decir que este complemento cumplio mis sueños!!!!
    es que esta cosa es una maravilla y aunque el desarrollador(a) no puedo evitar el decir unas y ideas
    *sistemas de niveles y movimientos : aunque el escucharlo haga pensar que es dificil es usado otros muchos addons y solo implementaria cosas comunes de ver si tu pokemon vence a otro entidad ( que el juego registre que fue tu pokemon ) salga una notificacion en la barra de chat que sube de nivel si derrota (mata) dos entidades salga que subio a nivel dos y haci sucesivamente por que en un punto seria dificil vencer por ejemplo 76 entidades para subir a nivel 76 haci le da dificultad al tema dandole una experiencia realista y cada cuantos niveles digamos : nivel 5 , nivel 15 , nivel 45 y nivel 73 consiga un nuevo ataque y este se cambie o rrote por otro como le quieran decir dando le al boton o dejando pulsado al pokemon ( si se esta en android ) pero en modo sijilo ( agachado) por que es verdad que estando parado de manera normal sale para sentarlo o pararlo
    *derrotas y curas : enves de que tu pokeon muera si este es derrotado mejor , que su cuerpo quede en el suelo como si esta cansado y no podra seguinos si esta derrotado y que se le pueda curar con pociones del pokemon pero, ¿ como hacerla ( craftearla ) ? de esta manera : el espacio 1 de la mesa de crafteo va un gancho trampa del minecraft ( que se craftea con palo , hierro y madera creo ;V ) el agujero 2 , 4 , 6 y 8 un lingote de hierro y una pocion de regeneracion en el agujero 5 y lo que sale del crafteo seria 6 pociones vamos al pokemon caido y se la damos para que se levante otra vez.
    Bueno espero que el desarrollador(a) del addon vea esto y muchas gracias por el addon y espero impaciente para la siguiente actualizacion 😉

  19. Guest-5346781056 says:

    I absolutely love this Addon it’s the best pokemon add-on I’ve ever seen and could you like actually make this into a full on Pokemon addon ? I feel like tons of people would download this (I mean who wouldn’t it’s so good ) I love all of the models just because it makes it feel like you’re actually playing Minecraft .. unlike the Pixelmon Java mod which is way too 3d In my opinion … But anyway if it’s not too much to ask for could u add the 3 starters and their evolutions of generation 1? It would be A M A Z I NG .

    PS:Tysm for making this Addon , I’ve been searching so long for a Pokemon add-on and finally found a GOOD one .. 🙂

    • Guest-1358198222 says:

      It’s me again lol I dont know how to edit my last comment so I’ll reply to it.: Could you also make it so the tamed Pokemon attack mobs once u hit them with their own skills ? Example: Flareon attacks with a flamethrower ability I feel like t would be even better ,

      If it’s not too much to ask for anyways….

  20. Guest-1371331247 says:

    Please add alolan Raichu! He is my favorite Pokemon and this would be the only add-on to include him!

  21. Guest-5238201132 says:

    for glaceon and leafeon, add a custom structure that is rare and when you evolve an eevee around the rock, could be an icy or leafy rock, it will be one of them. also, hope you continue the addon 🙂

  22. Beam006 says:

    Plz add magikarp as a food source​ and tamable too

  23. Guest-8213476216 says:

    can you add tepig and porygon those are my favorite pokemon

  24. Guest-9023468303 says:

    please add glaceon,leafeon, and sylveon next!!!

  25. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    I hope this addon becomes the next Pixelmon!!!

  26. Guest-6553011731 says:

    Try deleting minecraft and enter beta then download minecraft back. It happens to me too

  27. Guest-3265646754 says:

    Pls fix the bug when i spawn the Pokemon they just disappear

  28. Michi says:

    Im giving 2 stars because they keep disappearing every time i spawn them

  29. Guest-9865234151 says:

    How about make it supportable in 1.14.30? Plssss i really want it, it looks soooo coool! Plus you made and you made flareon (my fav eevee lution) and yeah, plss make it supportable in 1.14 and 1.16

  30. Guest-8710778425 says:

    Hey this add-on looks great, but it would be great if you could get it to work on previous versions of Minecraft as bedrock players can’t use the add-on. It’d be really appreciated, otherwise add-on looks great, just hope you make it work for

  31. Guest-5933658216 says:

    Since the addons so good and I hate going into betas, so I’m going to wait for 1.16 to release lol.

  32. Guest-3280298555 says:

    PLS change to mediafire

  33. Guest-9928318831 says:

    Can you please add alolan raichu, It would be the first alolan raichu addon on mcpedl!

  34. Cookiesnug says:

    Add alolan raichu, pichu, and the rest of the eeveelutions

    • Guest-9502267342 says:

      You should add

      • Guest-2537350785 says:

        Hello Developer,
        can you make more Evoli Evolutions and Shiny Evoli Evolutions, because shiny Evoli Evolutions are in Pokemon Go. And can you make Vulpix and it’s Alola Edition to the Addon, because it has cuteness.The Addon is Very Good work and is very cool and cute.

      • Guest-6457201607 says:

        I agree if able to make pikachu & eevee & clefairy
        you will totally be successful

    • Guest-8340827438 says:

      I agree, we need alolan raichu

  35. Guest-6197363585 says:

    please add other eevee evolutions ! i have waited for so long for a addon that adds all of theme

  36. Guest-1101836217 says:

    Can you added a redstone ingot Block please

  37. Guest-2751941358 says:

    can you also please add espeon, umbreon, glaceon, leafeon, and sylveon please 🥺🥺🥺

  38. Beam006 says:

    Plz add alolan raichu

  39. Beam006 says:

    Plz add magikarp​ as a food source​

  40. Beam006 says:

    Plz add pichu get when pikachu bred and 10% change​ of pikachu will spawn as pichu

  41. Guest-8578328848 says:

    i cant install

  42. Guest-1091028725 says:

    looking forward to download

    • Guest-2646372809 says:

      i love how the shinies aro so rare, just like the real games. and i hope you add the gen 1 starters and rest of eeveelutions

  43. Guest-9867274847 says:

    Ok, for the people who says: “It does’t work and i enable experimental mode”. In the description says clearly that this addon was tested in the minecraft bedrock beta 1.16, not in the official 1.14.
    The addon works fine, the craftings, the models are great. One thing that I will change is the shiny rate, that is to high in my opinion, and its sounds but if the creator whats it that way, im okay with that.
    Keep it up

  44. Guest-6785570182 says:

    Plis 1.14 Minecraft oficial

  45. Guest-9588909026 says:

    The addon looks cute but the mobs respawn immediately after spawning

  46. Guest-4663404742 says:

    Can you make so, I can tame that?

  47. Guest-4223632073 says:

    You should make pixelmon on bedrock

  48. Guest-5120625486 says:

    Can you make tameable fox addon

  49. Beam006 says:

    Plz add all starter

  50. Guest-5780535840 says:

    It doesnt spawn for me ;-; they just kept disappearing when i spawn them, im on experimental, normal mode…

  51. Guest-3122363333 says:

    love it! hope see many more pokemons soon 🙂 and new biomes with new plants for poke treats or whatever

  52. Guest-8573799754 says:

    Amazing addon! I hope to see more features and Pokemon in the future!

  53. Guest-2371110270 says:

    This is actually cool! Could you pls make them tameable and able to sit? Maybe you could also add the evolutions like raichu, vaporeon and the other evee evolutions!

  54. Guest-8321332179 says:


  55. Guest-6714515628 says:

    Ae meu nobre confrade Br
    Será que num update cê pode adicionar evoluções no add-on?

  56. Guest-6327714023 says:

    You could make it so Pikachu strikes lightning on enemies as on of its methods of attacking instead of only running up and attacking. And with Eevee… Not sure about that but you could also add an attack for Eevee.

    Just an idea

  57. Guest-1385094831 says:

    A few suggestions; Symplify the eevee model, I think the extra cube for the snout is unnecessary, and can, like pikachu, be on one cube. Eevee’s mane is also comprized of too many cubes, I would suggest using only one cube.
    Last, I don’t think an extra tiny cube should be used to give pikachu a nose.
    It is better to texture the nose onto the cube.
    Aside from that, awesome add-on!

  58. Guest-5430941793 says:

    Nintendo wants to know your location

  59. Guest-1288080245 says:

    can thaie be a behavor and resource pack i mean two difforent links to be easy for me to download the addon.

  60. Just came to say that “and who doesn’t?” is false.

  61. Guest-8033390704 says:

    I can’t even spawn them in

  62. Guest-3777521857 says:

    It’s cool

  63. Guest-1991827035 says:

    How to tame?

  64. Guest-9652402395 says:

    fked up my minecraft


    My favourite pokémon is. To test it I can’t wait!

  66. Guest-7499036707 says:

    When I spawn them they just disappear with experimental gameplay on and off is this for 1.16 because I’m on 1.14

    I’m gonna believe when it says 1.6 it means 1.16

  67. Guest-9871003759 says:


  68. TryHardJibs says:

    This is amazing! By the way, are you planning to add more Pokemon in the future (e.g. the Starters, Legendaries, Mythicals, etc.)

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