Pikachu Pig Addon

This addon turns the pigs in Minecraft into Pikachu which is a very famous Pokémon. Maybe Pigachu is a good name for it? Anyways, you can treat it similar to any other mob. For example, you can put it on a leash or ride it which works similar to riding a pig. If you love Pokémon then this addon is a must-have. Sure, it’s quite basic but it’s really cool anyways!

Creator: Jg mods

How does it work?

All pigs are replaced with mobs which look like Pikachu in Pokémon. It still has the same characteristics as the pig.

For example, you can put a leash around its neck and have it follow you around. However, it will not defend you if you are getting attacked. That’s too bad, otherwise it would have been a very useful companion.


If you are tired of walking you can use Pikachu similar to a horse but you will need to use a carrot on a stick to control the walking direction.

However, first off you need to place a saddle on the pet. Once you’ve done that it will get a slight more orange color than before. Some say it looks similar to Raichu which is another Pokémon.



This addon is installed by copying the extracted folder and pasting it in the following location: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/

If you don’t know how to do that then please have a look at one of the following guides:

Want to download it as a .mcpack file? Click here!


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26 Responses

4.67 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Skrrt Skrrt says:


  2. And also make pikachu as a wolf instead of a pig so it can attack and maybe code it to be immune to lightning like a normal electric type

  3. I’ve never used this add on but I’m pretty sure that it changes emeralds to thunder stones

  4. Bill says:

    This Crashes in Creative on Windows 10 if I switch to the “Sword” tab in the inventory where the spawn pikachu pokeball is

  5. Vamp says:

    Pls update it and also make it fight mobs or replace it with wolf but keep the texture on it

  6. Anonymous says:

    U should replace pikachu as a pig with it being a wolf so it can attack

  7. BoDinscore says:

    Make the wolf pikachu so he can fight

  8. BoDinscore says:

    You should make the saddle into a thunderstone then apply it to “pikachu” and it evolves into “Riachu

  9. David says:

    can you please add .mcpack my freinds have iphones and they want this mod

  10. Harvey says:

    I found a bug with this addon. Prismarine, Prismarine bricks, Dark Prismarine and Sea Lanterns have the ‘update’ block texture using this addon. Could you please fix this?

  11. Pink09 says:

    Plz update this add on to the official release of 0.16.0/0.16.0 beta 5 there is a new way to get add ons and this no longer works

  12. Paul says:

    Needs a .MCPack

  13. Redstone Gaming says:

    Hey editor I like the way u did it but, can u pls make it fight mobs plssssssssssssssssssssss…..

  14. Sam says:

    You should make the carrot on a stick a Pokeball an a stick

  15. YOLO says:

    Can someone make this a .mcpack file please. I’m on iOS and can’t use Ifunbox

  16. Daniel says:

    Can you make another Pokemon Add-on with catchable Pokemon’s please

  17. Ruby says:

    that is so cute

  18. MarineSpectre88 says:

    I think the saddled one is a Raichu.

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