Pillager Outpost Near Savanna Village, Cool Mountain and 2 Ice Areas! (Seed)

This new awesome 1.14 seed can be used to play in survival gamemode. Quests: Go to the villages and take all the stuff are in the chests, make a house then go to the pillagers outpost and kill the captain then go to the nether and find a fortress, get health potions and go to the end. Kill the enderdragon using iron sword with sharpness 5. If you do it all do what you want!

Seed found by: tryingtobeameme


4, 65, 4

Plain Village:
113, 107, -199

Savanna Village:
539, 121, -595

Cool Mountains:
470, 126, -681

1st Ice Area:
-338, 123, 245

2nd Ice Area:
-428, 122, -12

This seed works in 1.14.30 and 1.15 BETA. Other versions may not work!


Changelog View more
  • Added QUESTS for survival gamemode ONLY
  • Description updated
  • Fixed Brief description
  • Fixed wrong coordinates
  • Fixed wrong picture

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8 Responses

3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-5338084710 says:

    It is a great seed! but if you head straight ahead of the pillager outpost away from the oak and savannah village. at coordinates 152 ? – 1000 something. there is a desert village and a temple

  2. Guest-8943579034 says:

    It’s a nice seed for survival. There’s a little shack underwater near the mountains with a chest filled with DIAMONDS! (19)

  3. Guest-6650409911 says:

    So where is the pillager outpost?

  4. Guest-3804571549 says:

    I hope dis seed good hope it have a jungle. let me know all da location this seed have pls… thanks… yeet

  5. Guest-5886164513 says:


  6. Guest-3532248578 says:


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