Pillager’s Wrath – UPDATED

Your dad is missing. Pillagers raided his research base and took him. They’ve made a fort in the sand biome and has pushed their control to your village. Stop the pillagers and save your dad.

This is my first map. Feedback would be appreciated. I’m working on the second map at the moment, but I’ll halt until I get feedback from this. Thank you. A lot of things need to be added and fixed, but I’ll try and make it better than this one.

EDIT –  THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED!! It’s minor changes but it makes the map less confusing hopefully.

Side Quest ^

Skull Ruin ^

Village Plains ^

One of the main quests leading to a temple ^

Quest House in the sand biome ^

Changelog View more

Tweaked some things and fixed confusion.

Added restrictions to the map

Added Guide Books and improved tutorial spawn.

Trying to fix the mobile link. I'll redo it, if possible.


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6 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. NickGamerMCPEDL says:

    maybe make freind or unkown people just not dad

  2. ChatNoir33777 says:

    Reakky nice map!!! I loved IT!!!

  3. SavagePanda47 says:

    This is such a fun map!!!!

  4. this map reminding me to my oldest submission, i have enhanced village like this and there is no feedback, i really sad but i tried to create better than before, and there is a feedback and i really glad, this map is very cool but people don’t knowing it and i like your modding at building, really inspiring, keep it up son

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