Piranha Addon

Need more action in your Minecraft oceans?

Well, this addon is the one for you! This addon for Minecraft Bedrock adds a new mob: piranhas. It also adds a new projectile and modifies the behavior of the squid.

Iceball Demo Video:

Piranha Features:

– Attack almost all mobs and player (includes drowneds).

– Cause 2 damage.

– They attack within 15 blocks.

– Exclusive skin.

– They have others fish life

– You can eat the item, fill in 3 points and give poison for 25 seconds.

Squid changes:

– Now they attack you. Deal 3 damage.

– 25 block attack radius

Ice Ball Features:

– Deals 4 damage.

– Original texture.

– 9 are obtained by putting snowballs on the crafting table.

Changelog View more

- Updated iceball texture

- Added cooked piranha

- Updated piranha item texture

- Fixed bugs

Updated download link to make more easy the download for users


Supported Minecraft versions


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