Pirates Addon (Flintlock Update)


Welcome to the world of pirates! While crossing massive oceans in your survival world, there is a chance of you encountering small or large pirate ships filled with pirates protecting their booty. You being the courageous player that you are decides to conquer the ship. These pirates are aggressive and will not allow you to take their loot that easily. This addon adds 2 variants of pirate ships with 4 different loot in each. The addon also adds 6 new weapons to the game along with 5 variants of pirates.


The 5 new pirates consist of the Captain, the Commander, the Swordsman, the Duelist, and the Gunner. 4 of the pirates attack with their cutlass and the gunner shoots bullets with a flintlock pistol. Each mob does their respected amount of damage and have different amounts of health depending on their rank. Captain has 60 health compared to the Swordsman with 30 health.


The 6 new weapons come in every material: Wood, Gold, Stone, Iron, Diamond, and Netherite. The Cutlasses are lighter swords that makes you run faster than normally with a regular sword. They also do more damage than their sword counterparts, however they can not be enchanted or repaired. All crafting recipe are shown below:

Large Ship

Smaller ships have less loot than the bigger ships and also have a black sail with a white skull. The larger ships contain more chests and pirates with a white sail.


The newly added Flintlock Pistol can be obtained by killing the Pirate Gunner! The gun is very powerful and has infinite uses, but at the same time very inaccurate.

Changelog View more

Fixed various crashes when approaching ships

Balanced the loot

Added Flintlock Pistol


Please install both resource and behavior packs in order for the addon to function properly. View an article and wait 10 seconds in order to get download link, Enjoy.


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28 Responses

4.13 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. bootgang12 says:

    I like this pirate addon alot! Some ideas i have for the future of the addon could be a british redcoat NPC, forts you can find, a musket, or controllable ships, but that is very hard to code so i understand.

  2. _.R3aper._ says:

    I want to ask you if in future will be more mobs and more pirates guild and maybe we can join them if you Wil answer this would be helpful

  3. Not a gamer says:

    Or you could make a new mob that is davil Jones and when you kill him you get the curse of the kraken and when you go on the ship that you made it summons the kraken

  4. RatoPower says:

    Os navios estão deveriam ficar um pouco mais fundos na agua, tirando isso ta bom

  5. SkellyN says:

    I am taking my words back. Flintlock pistol is awful. It has bad accuracy and even can’t kill a small fish from a first shot. I am disappointed of this addon.

  6. Kanaka_GUSASI says:

    Add a musket.

    • AzzyMC says:

      Thanks for the suggestion will totally find a way to add this it could be very interesting!

      • Not a gamer says:

        If you do add ships that you can drive you should make a animation with the kraken wrapping it’s arms around the ship and you could make the player attack the arms and then the kraken eats you and you have to kill it inside of it (yes I do know that in pirates of the Caribbean you get sent to davie Jones looker) and you should make a new weather that is stormy and the kraken can only come in the weather stormy)

  7. SkellyN says:

    Nice addon! Keep working! Waiting for flintlock pistols:))

  8. Silver- says:

    drivable ships? tameable pirates? you ever gonna add these? also cool mod

  9. Torete9106 says:

    Can you add the Black Pearl?

  10. Torete9106 says:

    Can you make the ships like entire shipwrecks?

    And can you make driveable ships?

  11. HEROBRINE 65789 says:

    Hey add drive to download please bro

  12. LinkFixer says:

    Please fix the issue where the structures crash the game, usually it’s caused by having mobs spawn in the structure without the use of mob spawners, if you use mob spawners I think it should fix it.

  13. XDGAMING Playz says:

    Cool Addon

  14. rodneyneerings455 says:

    where are the gunpowder weapons

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