Pirate’s Adventures

Looking for a new adventure? Here is a pirate adventure map with pirate ships, dock, lighthouse and even a full controllable pirate ship and a shop you can buy good stuff with your gold and diamond. 

In the pirate’s adventures we have a small town, tavern, dock, lighthouse, pirate base, shipwrecks, enemy ships and a controllabe ship.

The dock

2nd dock


Skeleton Base

Pirate Base

Pirate Base 2


All of them has treasure chests


Viking ship



It can shoot your ship if you are close before fighting with it you must take a save and make your ships hull upgraded with obsidian so it can’t burn. You can buy obsidian from shop.

Total eclipse

This ship is controllable too but first you must capture it.

Massive Frigate

Our starting ship

Controls is easy just if you’re going back  go to ships stern side and turn ship with structure block.  (If you turned ships direction, ships controlls changes too, left=right forward = backward)

(And after you change something in ship you can save it with this structure block)

~~Don’t close anything more than 3 blocks.

I will update it so if you see a bug or have an idea you can comment.

If there are mistakes sorry, my english is not very good

Have fun~

Other pics

Changelog View more

-bugfix for command blocks

-improved map buildings

-bugfix not spawning mobs

-1.16 supports

-ships improved

-new pirate base

-new skeleton base

-controlles improved

-2 new ships

-new dock

-better loot

-new buildings

-bigger map


-New link

-New Ship

-New Buildings

-Map improvements

-Bugfix (command block)


-New buildings in town;



-Buildings inside improved

-Loots chanced

-All ships improved (looks more realistic)

-Bugfix about mobs spawning


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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