Pirates Grotto [Adventure]

Pirates Grotto is an adventure map. In total it takes about 40-50 minutes to finish it. It’s recommended to read the story before starting to play.

Story: You are an explorer who have spent most part of your life studying about Pirates Grotto which is a cave somewhere in the world you are living in. As you were travelling on the sea with your boat in your search for the mysterious cave so few people know so little about you come across an island. An island which yet haven’t been discovered by mankind. As you are a curious person you decide to anchor close to the island with your boat and swim ashore.

As you walk around on the island you hear a scream coming from underground. First you obviously get terrified but then your curiousity strikes in. You start looking for an entrance to what you believe is a cave and you finally find it and enter. Have you found Pirates Grotto? It sure is a possibility and you are probably soon to find out as you embark on a journey into the cave. Another question is if you ever actually will find your way back out.


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  1. Cuman goblok says:

    Good map dude

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