Piston Password PE [Puzzle]

Piston Password PE is a puzzle map in which you’ve got to use a button and pistons to push a redstone block to a certain location to unlock the next level. If you enjoy puzzles then this will likely be a great challenge for you. Not only does it provide a good challenge but you will also be able to sharpen your focus and thinking abilities.

Creator: Empty_Map

How to play?

The objective is to use the tools (also known as a button) to push the restone block to the gray block on the ground.


You will know you’ve completed a level once the redstone lamp is turned on.


Download (MCPE DL)
Download (Dropbox)

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4 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. ERROR says:

    Its hard to download

  2. Essem says:

    The creator of this map looks like he knows what he’s doing. Even I got stumped on one of the levels! Great job, Empty_Map.

  3. Empty_Map says:

    Wow Im featured! But I don’t think u played the map much! Their are 3 types of tool (Button,Wool,Slime block)! Btw I love the description you gave it! Better than my original!

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