Pixel Gun Melee Weapons Add-on (2 New Weapons)

Do you like Pixel Gun? Have you ever wanted the weapons from Pixel Gun come to Minecraft? Well this add-on is for you, this add-on adds in 15 new craftable weapons (with more coming soon) in Minecraft from Pixel Gun. Each of these weapons have unique abilities and attack damage. Some of these weapons are pretty hard to craft so this will add an extra goal to your survival world. So grab your Jet Tenderizer and download this add-on :D.

This add-on adds in 15 craftable weapons into Minecraft. You can get them by either crafting them or  receiving them through commands. I will show you each command and crafting recipes below. These weapons have different abilities and attack damage. I will continue updating this add-on if it gets enough support. I might even update it tomorrow.

Note: These weapons originally came from Pixel Gun 3D. I just made an add-on and that’s it 

Commands, recipes, and abilities of each weapon:

Sword of Shadows

Command – /give @s pa:shadow_sword

Abilities – When you hold this add-on, you will turn invisible.

Atk. Damage – 9

Durability – 650

Crafting Recipe:

Santa Sword

Command – /give @s pa:santa_sword

Abilities – Makes you slow because of how cold this weapons is but the damage pays off

Atk. Damage – 11

Durability – 800

Crafting Recipe:

Pig Hammer

Command – /give @s pa:pig_hammer

Abilities – Low Atk. damage but high durability and adds 1 health to the player, perfect starter weapon.

Atk Damage – 5

Durability – 1200

Crafting Recipe:

Warrior Axe

Command – /give @s pa:warrior_axe

Abilities – High attack, moderate durability. Perfect weapon for hard hitters.

Atk. Damage – 8

Durability – 550

Crafting Recipe:

Fire Demon

Command – /give @s pa:fire_demon

Abilities – When you hold this weapon, you gain fire resistance so lava and fire will be no problemo.

Atk Damage – 10

Durability – 700

Crafting Recipe:

Healing Staff

Command – /give @s pa:healing_staff

Abilities – When you hold this weapon, you will gain regeneration II, so you won’t die easily.

Atk. Damage – 7

Durability – 1000

Crafting Recipe:

Jet Tenderizer

Command – /give @s pa:jet_tenderizer

Abilities – Gives you slowness because of the weapon’s weight, but has very high attack and durability.

Atk. Damage – 16

Durability – 1700

Crafting Recipe:


Command – /give @s pa: serenade

Abilities – When you hold this weapon, it gives you 5 more hearts. 

Atk. Damage – 6

Durability – 900

Crafting Recipe:

Tactical Knife

Command – /give @s pa:tactical_knife

Abilities – Moderate attack, high mobility. Speed 1

Atk. Damage – 7

Durability – 500

Crafting Recipe:

Triple Bite

Command – /give @s pa:triple_bite

Abilities – Very high attack but slow attack speed.

Atk. Damage – 18

Durability – 1800

Crafting Recipe:

Dark Force Saber

Command – /give @s pa:saber

Abilities – When you hold his weapon, you gain more speed and higher jump boost. If you play Pixel Gun, you would understand why ;).

Atk. Damage – 10

Durability – 1000

Crafting Recipe:

Storm Hammer

Command – /give @s pa:storm_hammer

Abilities – When you hold this weapon, you gain night vision.

Atk. Damage – 13

Durability – 1000

Crafting Recipe:

Mighty Trident

Command – /give @s pa:mighty_trident

Abilities – When you hold this weapon, it give you conduit power. Sadly you can’t throw the trident. 🙁 Maybe in the future updates.

Atk. Damage – 15

Durability – 1500

Crafting Recipe:

Sword of Silence

Command – /give @s pa:silence_sword

Abilities – Gives you 4 more hearts and regeneration I when you hold this in your hand.

Atk. Damage – 12

Durability – 800

Crafting Recipe:

Evil Pig Hammer

Command – /give @s pa:evil_pig

Abilities – When you hold this in your hand, you will be poisoned! Use this wisely.

Atk. Damage – 15

Durability – 999

Crafting Recipe:



And that’s it for this add-on. I will most likely update this tomorrow if this gets accepted so don’t forget to subscribe to my account to never miss out on any new updates or Addons!

Don’t forget to turn on experimental gameplay before entering the world.

When you record a video about this addon, please a link to this mcpedl page not the direct mediafire link.

These weapons originally came from Pixel Gun

Don’t steal this add-on or put this add-on on any app like add-on for MCPE etc.

If .mcaddon doesn’t work, try the zip files I’ve put in.

What melee weapon should I add next? Comment down below :).

If you like this add-on be sure to rate a 5 star.

Thank you for your cooperation. 🙂

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• Added 2 new weapons

• Updated the links

• Added 2 new gameplay images

• Updated the description

Thanks for downloading!


• Added 3 new weapons

• Updated the links

• Added 1 more Gameplay image

• Updated the add-on description

Thanks so much for all of your support ❤️.


• Added 3 new weapons

• Added zip files. If .mcaddon doesn't work

• Added "how to import zip files" in the installation description

• Added 1 more image in the gameplay.

• Updated the links and description

Thank you so much for downloading this add-on, have a nice day. ❤️


Having trouble with

1. Turn off any ad blocking applications because this may break the website

2. When you click this link, it will bring you to the website. You will have to wait for 5 seconds, then click skip ad Do not click any ads, any other downloads or any notifications when going to the website

3. After you click skip ad, it will bring you to a page where it says "Please press allow to continue" . If the allow button doesn't show up, wait about 15 seconds until it brings you to the redirect page if it doesn't then wait for the page to load in then go to the start of the web address, you will see this "www1a.", change 1 to a 5. So it will turn into "www5a.". Wait for a couple of seconds. If this doesn't work then try again.

4. After that, it will redirect you to the download link, just wait 5 seconds. 

5. Now this will bring you to the mediafire download link. Just click the green button and it will install. If it brings you to another page just press the back key. .


After you downloaded it click the file manager and click the PixelGunMeleeweapons.mcaddon. Once you click it, open it with Minecraft. If it says level import failed. Go to your file manager and move the file to the documents folder or any folder. It should work this time.  


When you have downloaded the zip files, copy and paste them in the correct folders like the resource pack into the resource pack folder. You will find them in Games > com.mojang. Now extract it and it should turn into a folder. Now delete the zip file from the resource and behavior pack folder. Now you can open Minecraft.


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41 Responses

3.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Pixel_PedroBR says:

    my name is inspired in pixel gun, love this addon

  2. Guest-8177903872 says:

    Seems like links don’t work. It just redirects to adfly main page after a while.

  3. Guest-8016980178 says:

    Doesnt work on windows 10 minecraft 1.16.0

  4. Guest-4025069548 says:

    Awsome addon! My only suggestion would be to change the serenade so that it gives mobs a 5 sec weakness effect when their hit with it, I think this would better simulate the charm effect, still phenomenal work with the textures though! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  5. iiHeroic7 says:

    Im Pretty sure youre able to make custom guns like look in the new addons for today theres a musket addon so if you can PLEASE try and recreate every item / gun itd be amazing and people could recreatepixel gun into minecraft. Please jsut give it a go.

  6. BolloMC says:

    This addon has potential!

  7. Guest-1570490514 says:

    I remember when this game was good and u could aculy play with out spending any thing now pixle gun just pay to win

  8. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome addon again teddygamer, just like the days where i reviewed your magical books addon keep up the good work, just did an addon review good luck on future addons!!!

  9. Guest-6553944142 says:

    Can you do guns? I would really appreciate it

  10. I used to play pixel gun. I don’t recognize these weapons, but the feeling is still there. Seems well balanced though some recipes should probably be more expensive. Other than that, great job!

  11. KMTrager says:

    I like the add-on but I thought it was 3D weapon add-on though lol XD

  12. Virtual TaTz says:

    incredible, nostalgia!

  13. Guest-4503686642 says:

    it not works on windows 10

  14. Guest-2300421875 says:

    i think these are new in pixel gun 3d bc when i played it it wasnt in the game but pixel gun 3d is one off my favorite games so thumbs up its the best idea ever

  15. Guest-8044862277 says:

    Hey I love this Addon! Please can you make the stormtrooper exoskeleton?

  16. I just updated the add-on today. Hopefully mcpedl accepts it and posts it tomorrow. Also remember guys that these weapons don’t show up in the creative inventory, you have to craft them yourself or use commands.

  17. Guest-6105742527 says:

    Yesssss, this add-on is amazing! I like pixel gun

  18. Guest-8933504732 says:

    No me da el crafteo y puse el juego en modo experimental y no me aparece en creativo las armas me ayudas porfavor 😔👍

  19. Pokest45 says:

    …Pixel Gun got copywright striked or something after they made one of their monsters have too much in common with a creeper. I’ll give it a 3 stars since even though this addon looks good, I don’t like Pixel Gun.

  20. Guest-2900658004 says:

    cant get bit cause of ad-fly plz make a media fire link p.s im on my dads pc so i cant disable the ad blocker without his permisson and he does not want it turned off

  21. Guest-2262253907 says:

    make a ranged weapon version on your addon

  22. Dalay995 says:

    dont work in windows 10 🙁

  23. Guest-3248212173 says:

    YEEES!! I’ve been waiting for so long! Tysm for making this! I hope you make more!! I’ve been waiting been forever until an iOS Addon for pg3d in mc was made!

  24. Sithlocks says:

    Woah, the nostalgia is real

  25. Guest-9945976727 says:

    Hey this addon is good but on trying to crafting warrior Axe but I got a normal Axe


  26. iiPlasma7 says:


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