Pixelastic Texture Pack

This texture pack modifies every mob/block in game.

Texture pack is not 16x or 32x Its 24x!

Next Update will be finalization update.

Here are some screenshots of texture pack on/off:

Firstly: Most of screenshots are outdated, it is just to give you a total view of how your worlds will look with it, This version has so many many improvements/Fixes.



Latest update: (screenshot to show 10% of changes made) Many things have been changed. This is a must get update for those who previously downloaded.


– use it in video or whatever but you must give credits

– You are not allowed to post this in any other website.

Changelog View more

- I forgot to put new screenshots please update this as fast as possible mb...

- Many many blocks have been textured, example: Lodestone, Bricks, Polished Basalt, Ores, Logs, Bee nests, Blast furnace, End portal, TNT, Dispenser & Many many more, Important update overall

- Added a License.txt file

- 2 screenshots to show a part of update.

- Using it will bring an overall better experience for everyone by small changes made.

- changes to description 

- Reduced file size

- Every Single mob changed (fixed)

- Some crappy block textures fixed like: Emerald, Chests, Target block. And much more!

(If anyone found any bad texture let me know Thanks!)

Contacted website admins, Link fixed, There shouldn't be a problem

If facing any errors try disabling VPN


Click the link, wait a few seconds, complete a captcha, download from mediafire & apply to your worlds from settings,


Supported Minecraft versions



16x 32x

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56 Responses

3.58 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Ske3ch says:

    Cool Pack but can you add a addfly link pls

  2. As previously stated, this is a fantastic texture pack, however the dev is pretty rude and entitled, and after a negative exchange with CubeMaster, I no longer wish to endorse this texture pack.

    Great texture pack, terrible developer.

  3. CubeMaster says:

    Sorry everyone for not updating as I promised I was busy this month. Update soon.

  4. My new favorite texture pack! I’ve been using it for awhile now and it’s really grown on me a lot. Great work. Thank you! c:

  5. This literally looks like you just put the textures into mspaint, shrunk them, then brought them back up.

  6. Guest-7685325670 says:

    Btw I Found Some New Bugs. ._. The Torches Has Gaps, Including The Soul Torches And Redstone, Can you fix it? And Some Mobs Still have Black Lines, it doesnt Fit Properly. Thank you

  7. Guest-4538870733 says:

    Does it change the item textures? I got a bit to used to multipixel, which has faithful-Esq item textures and can’t get unused to them

  8. Guest-5506955785 says:

    Hi, Its me I can’t login. Please do not download until the Update gets accepted. Many things have changed. Thanks!

  9. Guest-9906227722 says:

    I genuinely like how the textures pop out, it really gives blocks more depth.

  10. skull4L says:

    this texture pack gives me anxiety, i can see the appeal tho!

  11. Guest-2310577875 says:

    Thank You!

  12. Lighstrike says:

    I love this pack! It keeps the default look but still manages to feel different. The wonky textures have a certain messy theme and actually seems to blend blocks better. I understand this pack is brand new and mainly an idea just tested out but there should absolutely be no hate for trying new things. This has so much potential, I can’t wait for the entity and armor issues to get fixed. Nice work so far!

  13. Guest-9462735081 says:

    *ocd intensifies*

  14. Guest-5376950275 says:

    Looks very good but those mob faces need fix plz

  15. awsome229 says:

    This texture pack is awesome!!!! Can I use it with my shader? I will give credit to you!!!

  16. Guest-7643118149 says:

    Nice 😀

  17. Guest-3771320141 says:

    thats so cool!!!

  18. Guest-9132096615 says:

    Hello! This Pack Has Some Bugs. I Know That it just Released. But the Entity Or mobs Has Some Problems. Btw you should edit the Items too!
    Thank You.

    • Guest-9823655016 says:

      Yes I already mentioned that in description, I will fix every texture in next update. It was
      just introduced
      – Creator, I can’t login some how

  19. Zgoly says:

    I think you did it by stretching the texture 16 pixels by 24 pixels using paint, but it looks like 3-4.

    • I have already said its in beta, Many changes will happen to this. I made some blocks into RTX which is Super Super superrrr cool, even better than vanilla!
      2. Its not made with Paint – paint will not do it for me, 700 textures out there, I used photoshop
      3. I did what I imagined to do, ended up exactly how I expected.
      Have a nice day!

  20. Rleon1012 says:

    I like the texture style

  21. Guest-5267094642 says:

    It Looks Nice In My Opinion

  22. Kind of just seems like you upscaled the textures and made it into a pack, it makes the textures look really wonky. Still I wish ya well on making packs, just please try to do a bit more than this.

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