Place me! Add-on (1.10.0+)

This add-on adds only 2 new entities in the game however, you actually have 465 compressed into a single file! This add-on allows you to place items on the floor and a handful of them has unique models, you can obtain these items back as well. They can be used as decoration for your worlds too.

Term of use:

I allow you to use this content as you wish, just as long you credit me under your name. Either you use it for a video or for your own map, I allow it.

Simply kill an item to take back what it imitates.

Some items also have special traits, such as:

  • Lava buckets glow in the dark
  • Glowstone dust and redstone dust glows in the dark
  • Enchanted books, nether star, and the Notch apple has special effects
  • The eye of ender will always stare at you

New features

New placeable items

  1. Wither rose
  2. Suspicious stew
  3. All vanilla spawn eggs

Changelog View more


Changes the model and textures for the ingots

New additions

  • Netherite ingot
  • Netherite scrap
  • Netherite boots
  • Netherite chestplate
  • Netherite leggings
  • Warped fungus on a stick
  • Record disc (pigstep)
  • Banner pattern (Snout)
  • Soul campfire
  • Soul torch
  • Soul lantern
  • Crimson roots
  • Warped roots
  • Nether sprouts
  • Crimson fungus
  • Warped fungus
  • Weeping vines
  • Twisting vines
  • Chain
  • Netherite axe
  • Netherite hoe
  • Netherite pickaxe
  • Netherite shovel
  • Netherite sword
  • Crimson door
  • Warped door
  • Crimson sign
  • Warped sign

New placeable items

  • Bee spawn egg
  • Honeycomb
  • Honey bottle

Simplified majority of the textures to conserve memory.

New features!

New placeable items:

  • Wither rose
  • Suspicious stew
  • All spawn vanilla spawn eggs

Added support for the new 1.13.0 update

New items can now be placeable

  • lights blocks
  • turtle egg
  • dead coral variants

Fixed multiple items that couldn't be placed down.


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
    • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
    • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
    • If you wish to use this for your content, at least credit me.
    • You may copy/paste this for your content as well if you wish


    Supported Minecraft versions


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    215 Responses

    4.11 / 5 (107 votes)
    1. K.Ray says:

      You should create a crafting recipe so we can use this mod in survival 🙂

    2. dariel24 says:

      I modified a little this addon(i make a recipe for place and plate spawns) but only for my personal world and not to share it, Can i keep it pls?

    3. Spec says:

      Please update your add-on because there’s a new version of minecraft, so I suggest you update your minecraft for the better

    4. Guest-7205964117 says:

      Spawn eggs and 1.16 items dont work they become maps when placed down :/

    5. Guest-6616309361 says:

      You could add a craft to the place me to place the items because to get it is only in the creative. Well it’s a good idea but I doubt you see my comment

    6. Guest-2156960083 says:


    7. Guest-3762856041 says:

      I cant find the item in order to place down the food (etc)

      • Guest-2033072906 says:

        U have to go to the inventory- then u have to type: ”Place me” Then use that on the ground and get ur item right click the blue mat on where ever u placed the ”Place me” then boom u have ur food (etc) -.- 😀 D:

    8. Guest-5655772285 says:

      Me too, i refreshed it twice, but still It didn’t work

      • Guest-1165101213 says:

        I have said what to do- if u want to read it look two comments down- or watch a youtube vid on how to do it ;-; 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ( ̄m ̄)(ノ*・ω・)/

    9. Guest-4673993365 says:

      how do i get rid of packs? it said i have a duplicate pack so i’m removing the old one.

      • Guest-1512185430 says:

        U go on settings where u edit the charecter on main menu then- U go on storage and delete what world- resorse- or behaver :> Sry if my spelling aint good im 8 yrs old

    10. Guest-9049367264 says:

      hello can somebody tell me how to use the plates i dont know how

    11. Guest-6298849686 says:

      Hey may i use the 3d models from this to make a physics addon?

    12. Beam006 says:

      Make cooked cod has cod model and make cooked salmon has salmon model but both has separate texture​s plz

    13. Guest-6784141516 says:


    14. Guest-2387803903 says:

      Can I use your addons for modpacks?

    15. Guest-9644152675 says:

      How about adding an animation to mobs to make it pretty cool

    16. Guest-2674668488 says:

      This is unrelated to this add-on, but is Carnage 2 still worked on?

    17. Guest-7060279213 says:

      Could you pls make it so that if you place a dirt block or some leaves block, it turns into a pile of dirt and the leaves block turns into a pile of leaves, it would be awesome for decoration.

    18. DrDre0607 says:

      Can you add a crafting recipe please

    19. Guest-2443001929 says:

      The entitys are useless. Either that or I don’t know how to use them.

      • Guest-5791173121 says:

        i guess u dont know how to use it then….

      • Guest-1397143796 says:

        Not a valid zip archive Please fix

        • World says:

          Dude, if on IOS. Download Documents by Readdle and skip the intro. Then go to files and find the download. Copy to documents and rename the file .zip. Then process it. Now find the folder and select everything but pages with text like copyright or credit. Then click compress. Then rename the archive to .mcpack and click open in another app. Copy to Minecraft then it should work.

    20. Guest-9273493211 says:


    21. Guest-3264039402 says:

      Mod works great, even with other mods.

      I would love to have a way to place items in the wall. That would be great, with a rotation tool

    22. Guest-2393706662 says:

      Nether update plssss


    23. Guest-6928310582 says:

      This cool but why you not if item drop it will change auto and if we want pick just hit it, that will so cool on survival i can’t use this on survival.

    24. Guest-1588681549 says:

      Excuse me, But how’s that plate does?

    25. Guest-9775415131 says:

      type place me in inventory place the blue place me and right click on it with your item

    26. Guest-5754316971 says:

      I cant find the addon even i already activated it can someone help me?

    27. Guest-7484245687 says:

      Please note that some stuff, ex:Enchanted Book with Sharpness 2,
      When used on the place me mob, killing it will will give you the book but the item data will not be saved meaning that the enchantment will not be saved so you will get a enchanted book with no enchantment type.(hope this is helpful)

    28. Guest-7330263940 says:

      Can you make it so you can Craft the plate? Great add-on though

    29. Guest-4136565188 says:

      U can’t get book and quills back, all it does when u try to get them back is it gives u maps

    30. Guest-5192943633 says:


      • Guest-3641397658 says:

        Grab the spawn egg named Place Me.
        Spawn it.
        Get an item.
        Point at the entity/mob with the item and click the “Place” button that appears when pointing at it.
        There you go!

    31. Guest-7609519445 says:

      I love this addon, but can you update this in the next update, because we can’t place the new items as Netherite. Probability in this week Mojang will update the Minecraft Bedrock Edition or something like that. By the way, if they doesn’t update the Minecraft, can you please update the addon for please Thank You.
      I hope you’re not another user who ignore the community’s comments.
      (Sorry for my bad English xP)

    32. Guest-8915709193 says:

      I love this addon❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. Guest-3172431663 says:

      please can you add a non adfly link, the adfly dosent redirect me to the download

    34. Qwerty123 says:

      This would be kinda cool idea but I dont really need this since there’s itemframes that can be place on top of a Block or underneath it.

    35. Guest-2422116716 says:

      It doesnt work, I tried placing the “Place Me!” Some kind of plate, and when I try tapping on that it just kills it instead of actually placing the item.

    36. Guest-3619638736 says:

      it doesent let me place it or i don’t know how to place it, please help!!!!

    37. Guest-1145901399 says:

      AMAZING Addon (Eye of Ender is my favorite one) but I tried to download the newer version of this Addon and it says that it’s not a valid zip. Archive. Please have that fixed.

    38. Guest-8827031692 says:

      hey this was the first addon I ever downloaded when it first came out and here as some suggestions: add forks and spoons,add honey items,make a simuilair edition on your addon carnage so you can place down the spawn eggs.Keep up the great job!

    39. Guest-3827576856 says:

      can i add it with a command in a store (is for a realm)

    40. El.g. says:

      This addon is great! May I share it to China Edition and add it to the mcworld “Creatures” for decoration? Your name will be add to the list of addon producers.

    41. Abdul Raafi' says:

      Bees are already in MCPE. So can you update this addon. To place honeycombs, honey bottles and bee spawn egg. Thx

    42. Nik says:

      The Addon Is Awesom But Can You Please make the Shulker Shells And Berries 3d Please?

    43. Nik says:

      This Is An Awesome Addon!! but Can You Make The Shulker Shell 3D please?
      But Anyway Its So Good!!

    44. Thetigerking says:

      This guy stole your addon the name is placecraft and I LOVE your addons 🐯🐯

    45. Kayla says:

      What file does this go under, because it doesn’t let me go directly to Minecraft

    46. Springtrap and scrappuppettrap says:

      How i cant use this???

    47. 666 says:

      How do I place the item.. How?

    48. ChipperPizza423 says:

      Ich habe es gedownloaded und die neuste beta ( installiert und ich hane auch die 2 dinger bei den spawneggs aner ich kann nichts platzieren wie gejt das

    49. Daniel says:

      Can you make all of the items 3D one day

    50. Rolan says:

      I don’t see any special effects enchanted books, nether star, and the notch apple. But everything is great! Because you can place most of the item!

    51. Dakonblackrose says:

      U took this from dakonblackrose credit alll how to him not the uploader this is a stolen add-on

    52. a says:

      this addon is good but i would like to be able to craft these two items in survival for decoration, may you make it craftable in survival please

    53. caleb says:

      How do i place the items?

    54. A Minecraft Player says:

      You should post this at Minecraft Marketplace so people can check and update it more usually. Sorry for any grammar mistake. Awesome pack any way! This pack really fir he vanilla Minecraft as it doesn’t change the game too much. Sorry for any grammar mistake:>

    55. Rolan says:

      WOW! You almost add everything! I will try this!

    56. MC BE says:

      Update Gijinka! addon please.

    57. Tiny Dragon says:

      I downloaded this probably 1 or 2 months ago or something but it is one of the best addons I have ever have
      matter of fact yesterday I made a huge store and used this addon and the plushies addon and it looks great I just wish u got this update sooner and I would have used it for the spawn eggs but I don’t want to redo my store anyways great job!

    58. CombatGaming658 says:

      People don’t really make money off this…..the ads are just necessary for free download.

    59. kaptin says:

      I cant download it ;-;

    60. Anonymous says:

      Can you try to make a Kajic addon sorta like the java mod. Thanks.

    61. Anonymous says:

      This is a scam! Screw you. Stop trying to make money clout chaser!

    62. Mikail2009 says:

      CODANRAIGENXXI your so good at making addons that let you place addons.

    63. Modded Survival Lover says:

      Super awesome! Just a suggestion could you make an Animals addon?
      Yes I know Ycreatures is a great animals mod but it doesn’t stick with the vanilla style so maybe you could make a animals mod where they have their own animation?

    64. Jamie says:

      Can you craft these in survival?

    65. Cthulhu Warrior says:

      I have a idea for this addon. Even though you can still work addons for 1.10 on 1.12 still update it some people have 1.13 or 1.14. Lastly make the place me and plate craftable. Plate is crafted by putting clay in a blast furnace. The place me is crafted by 1 paper, 1 blue dye, and 1 quill.

    66. ShadeDraco says:

      My friend just showed me how it works and he asked if it is possible to add a item on a plate, but he tried and it doesn’t work for him.

    67. ShadeDraco says:

      I have to say something, this addon, will be hard to download, for kids that don’t have computers and it will be annoying for iOS if they want to download it without popping up.

    68. Freeplay says:

      This works really well! Can you make it craftable?

    69. Lantsey says:

      Incredible ! So many new possibilities for decoration and stuff ! But I can’t make the plate work, maybe It doesn’t work like the blueprint ? Btw it would be really cool if these were craftables !

    70. Blue says:

      Yup can decorating your world

    71. YourMom says:

      When I place down the item it doesn’t appear

    72. Vinny says:

      It keeps crashing my game everytime I place down the place me blue print thing and I keep having to take off the resource and behavior pack and putting them back on otherwise my world won’t load up and it’ll keep crashing my Xbox

    73. markgames2992 says:

      Can you make the “place me” item craftable? I want it to my survival, That can be done in the 1.12+ versions.

    74. Anonymous says:

      The link kept giving me pron ads

    75. BIGGUS says:

      Maybe the message didn’t show up so let me say again for good measures
      Me and many other ppl have been working on a horror adventure map and we are tired of invisible armor stands,so do you mind help make The placed items just flat? No 3D entities
      Please,we are getting desperate

    76. Anonymous says:

      Me and many other ppl have been working on a adventure map horror, the problem is that the item placement is really annoying and not easy to do, so maybe I can ask for your help and just make all the items be on the flat, like not 3D entities, please respond because we have been dealing with armor stands for to long,I hope this doesn’t bother or waste any of you time, we are drowning in invisible armor stands please!!

    77. Fdfdfdf says:

      How to place things?

    78. Anonymous says:

      How to place things?

    79. Im gonna stay anonymous says:

      Extremely cool but the iron chest plate texture is missing

    80. Joeatron300 says:

      Every single time i press the download button I go straight to a stupid ad and it’s the same ad every time

      • Kikidakawaiipotato says:

        you click skip ad, click allow, quickly go to settings and remove the, then you go back to the tab and click download.. if another page shows up, X it, in the corner should be it downnloading. when its done, click it, and it you will have it!

    81. Anonymous says:

      How to download this thing?????

      • Kikidakawaiipotato says:

        you click skip ad, click allow, quickly go to settings and remove the, then you go back to the tab and click download.. if another page shows up, X it, in the corner should be it downnloading. when its done, click it, and it you will have it!

    82. GamerLord376 says:

      I have a world that I downloaded off of this site, and it works really well. I have a question though: how do you put the items onto the plates? I know for certain that it is possible, (because in the map, there was already some cooked meat on plates) but I just don’t know how. Also, my parents put a parental control thingy on my iPad. So when I click on the download button, it sends me to a site called “” and my iPad says, “This website has been restricted for your safety.” I’m guessing that is some kind of inappropriate ad website, and that’s why the parental controls blocked it. Can you, CODANRAGENXXI, please change the link so it doesn’t go to any sites like Thank you!

    83. Aoi says:

      I installed it but it won’t work

    84. Anonymous says:

      How do you install bcus it keeps bringing me to a place idk how to install

    85. Mint says:

      Says I’m missing a dependency and version 1.0.0. Works in worlds, but not in Realms. It’s a pretty cool mod though

    86. Jack says:

      Is it possible to make this work for education edition items

    87. Josh says:

      I cant place food.

    88. Annarkciish says:

      Does it works on Realms for 1.11?

    89. Anonymous says:

      how do we do to ask the objects please

    90. Sergy says:

      I have a suggestion. How about make the Eye of Ender blinking? And when you place an egg, it shape will be in 3D shape?

    91. Zachary Pang says:

      Amazing! It works really well and has a lot of custom sprites to work with. Many of the items are animated and stack very well. Another great thing is you can move around the items, but not so easily to the point that walking over it moves it. Fishing rods and water both move it quite well. As an experienced builder, I highly recommend you download this add on.

    92. Anonymous says:

      Ich kann die Sachen nicht platzieren

    93. Fran g says:

      Doesn’t work in 1.9 …all placed items turn up as a missing texture after placed. I have education and experimental on 😢

    94. Anonymous says:

      I am like this is AddOns

    95. Cassy says:

      wheres the plate and the thing?

    96. Cassy says:

      where is the plate and the place me thing?

    97. Anonymous says:

      Apparently some items like the torch can be place but the entity turns into a missing texture model, make the torch placeable without it’s flame, pls? Anyways still a great addon!

    98. Melo says:

      This would be so cool if I could download it but theres Adfly and I dont know how to download it then.

    99. Haily says:

      Soooo excited

    100. CrazyCatfish14 says:

      I would give it 4 stars if I could use it in survival

    101. Anonymous says:

      Make it work for Xbox and I give five stars

    102. hamzaFKH says:

      Better than any addon ever best addon i really like it its so amazing it adds a new possibltys to minecraft if i can vote 100 stars i’ll do just fix the iron chestplate i does’nt have a texture fix it please this add on is 100/10 S++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    103. Heribrain says:

      How to download

    104. Anonymous says:

      Can’t place items
      Place me item missing

    105. Morgoth says:

      So, I downloaded the Addon but now my Minecraft crashes every single time I try to open it.
      Please fix this!
      I‘m updated to the latest Beta, so why is this happening?!

    106. Ratliffi says:

      how do you use the plate?

      • Wizard of game says:

        What I do is place down the plate, then place the blueprint on the same block. The blueprint should go on top of the plate. Now you can place whatever you want on the plate.

    107. Mint cat 🎶🎵 says:

      The download is not working. And I have the latest version for Minecraft

    108. Alex says:

      How do you place?

      • FanC_LP says:

        You need an item called ‘Place me’ which you place on the ground and then place the item you want to place onto ‘Place me’. Just search it up if you’re in creative mode but I’m not sure if you can craft it.

    109. Name says:

      How do u place the items?

    110. Samuel100 says:

      I don’t know how plate works?

    111. Samuel100 says:

      Wow, this add-on is amazing. You can finally place down by using place me entity and then place some items on the floor.

    112. Navneeth says:

      First take place me item from spawb egg(blue colour).Then place it on the ground. Then take any item from inventory and point towards the blue colour thing. Place me option will appear

    113. Liter says:

      I Think Its Cool But Needs A Better Animation

    114. AshishX says:

      Now who says we can not place items?

    115. bonin888 says:

      Really well done addon. 2 new entities, but with the power to look like almost any item in the game! At any angle! Five stars indeed, if I could, maybe I’d add even 5 more stars because of that amazing Enchanted Apple look.

    116. Surreallemon says:

      This doesn’t work in 1.10.0

    117. Anonymous says:

      Хороший сайт.Респект
      Мне нравится

    118. Dannish__21 says:

      this does not work

    119. Harry says:

      Dude why if i placed the torch it is color black and pink? Can you fix it plsss.

    120. Роман says:

      Легендарный аддон.Такие возможности открываются.Скачиваете!!!

    121. LilSenpai says:

      Omg love this, you should make an addon like decocraft one day! That’d be awesome!

    122. Kuby says:

      I love minecraft

    123. KNK2008 says:

      Help i cannot place items in windows 10 edition (bedrock edition) when i right click it doesn’t work, how?

    124. EnderBrines says:

      The way you place down items is to hold on to the item placer until it says “place”.That’s how it works for me.

    125. Harry says:

      Dude,why if i placed a torch it will color black and pink

    126. Some Guy says:

      Great addon to use while waiting for items plates becoming placeable. The only complaint I have though is that the hitbox is a bit smaller than I would like it to be. I have to break the block under it a few times before I could get the item in the mob. Again, it’s a great addon, just needs an increased hitbox.

    127. Add-on is A.W.E.S.O.M.E says:

      OH MY GOODNESS, the best add-on ever!!!

    128. Anonymous says:

      Try placing this resource pack at the top of the other ones and it should fix it. Another resource pack is causing this most likely.

    129. Ashton says:

      I like this new thing

    130. Guy says:

      LEGENDARY! It’s the most amazing add on i’ve ever seen! Although, I can’t seem to figure out how to use the plate

    131. Me says:

      How do you place it

    132. MonoType says:

      this does not work on windows 10 edition

    133. Elisian0h says:

      Cool, good add-on for decoration to buildings, 5 stars

    134. Notch and drugz says:

      Help I placed the campfire and it was pink and black pls fix

    135. Lolek says:

      Seems like a great addon and all, but how do you place items down? I am in 1.10.0

    136. Lolek says:

      From the screenshots the addon seems great and all, but my only concern is: how do you place the items?
      fyi i am in 1.10.0

    137. Blaze Gaming says:

      This addon is a great counter part for a feature that doesnt exist for mcpe,which is:placing item frames on floors

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