Placecraft Add-on

Ever wanted to place items? Or use them to decorate the walls?

One entity, 506 variants. Placecraft Addon allows you to place all Minecraft items anywhere, on ground, on walls, or even make them float without despawning!


The add-on includes a guide ingame, please make sure to take a look at it.


The Addon will not work properly in any low-end mobile Android device due to a bug in 1.13. the addon is not the cause of this bug.



Item Board

One entity, 506 variants! The Item Board allows you to place all Minecraft items, by just holding the item then interacting with it.



Magical Wand

The Magical Wand allows you to change the placed item direction, or make it float.



Rotation Wand

The Rotation Wand allows you to change the rotation of a placed item.


To spawn the item board

Hold its item, then attack with it, or hit a block.


To remove the item board

SNEAK then HIT it (you’ll get its spawn item back, and the placed item if there was one)


To place an item

Hold an item, then long press or right click on the item board.


To use a tool

Hold it the interact with the item board.


If you face any issues or bugs in the addon, please don’t hesitate to report them to me, @RealArexon or Arexon#1570



Changelog View more


  • Updated the addon page.            


  • Make sure to enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY.
  • Your game version must be 1.13, the addon is not recommend in 1.14 BETA.
  • Enjoy and have fun!


Supported Minecraft versions


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35 Responses

4.26 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-2754337186 says:

    How do you get the items

  2. Guest-2862439220 says:


  3. Guest-7090610681 says:

    A much needed addon for anyone looking to create amazing decoration aesthetics, and very survival friendly! Only suggestion is that, if possible you remove the item boards shadow, as it can kinda look weird especially if your trying to place items together on the same block

  4. DTechGamer says:

    This needs update.

  5. shadow says:

    im on windows 10 when my Xbox friend try to join it kick them out

  6. tong says:

    You cant spawn the item board by placing it but only by commands, please fix

  7. K129 says:

    Could you please make the item board a spawn egg? It doesn’t appear in the creative menu and I can’t spawn the entity.

    • K129 says:

      I can craft the items and use the rotation wand and magic wand. However, the only problem is that I can’t spawn the entity from the item board item. I can spawn it with commands, though.

  8. SolarLolbit says:

    I’m in 1.13 and in mid-end device but it isn’t working, i cant spawn the item board unless with command

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to obtain the tools?

    • Gabby says:

      You have to put it on experimental mode I think and if the item board isn’t spawning, you have to add another mod on and then take it off. Any other questions?

  10. Anonymous says:

    can’t get rid of the items other wise its good

  11. Raúl says:

    El pack no se activa en xbox one

  12. Rolan says:

    I’m using a low-and android device, but I can’t craft the add-on’s items. I think that’s the bug when you use a low-end android device. I’ll test it again.

  13. NomouthGun says:

    How to use this I do not understand

  14. Noname says:

    Its crazy

  15. Won’t say says:

    Question before I attempt to download so when I tested on phone it went automatically to media fire would it do the same on Xbox and can you get the mod on xbox

  16. MineAge says:

    Fix wooden sword invisible taxture 😀 my review 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. joe says:

    Doesn’t work

  19. Can u place custom items down like the normal items or is it it’s own separate thing?

  20. Misty White says:

    How do I get the item board? I can’t seem to give it to myself with commands or find it, I’m pretty confused..

    • Logan says:

      Type /give @s pc:______ 64

      Hope this helps it worked for me (the ____ means the item you need (the item board, the magical wand or the rotation wand) and @s means yourself) logan

  21. BenJamin9794 says:


  22. 微笑んで says:

    Really great addon. Lots of fun!

  23. Amp says:

    I see this has taken inspiration from the “Place Me!” Addon. I like that there are now two different versions of the same concept, and I’m glad it’s taken different liberties as well. Great addon!!

  24. Hamid rigoo says:

    is … is this just a newer version for the “Place me!” Add-on ?

  25. BoxCatMC says:

    i love it so much good job

  26. Raiden says:

    How do you get the items?

  27. Air says:

    Cool… I liked it!!

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