Plane Add-on

This plane add-on is easily to controllable in Minecraft. It’s very interesting and amazing Add-on. This plane can seat up to 7 people. This is one of the best plane Add-on in Minecraft.

How to ride?

  1. You can spawn egg when you get creative mode.
  2. For smartphones, press ride to enter the plane. For PC, right click on the plane head.
  3. Tap sneak to exit.

How to fly?

  • Look upwards to fly.
  • Look downwards to land.


  • You can spawn a plane with creative mode.
  • When you kill this plane, This plane will drop spawn
  • Plane health is 20
  • Plane Speed is 0.8
  • This plane can seat up to 7 people.

Add-on Trailer

Made by ZERN TH

YouTube : ZERN TH

Changelog View more
  • Add new link. (Zip, Rp, Bp)
  • fixes broken link.
  • Add trailer


  • Add new link. (Zip, Rp, Bp)
  • fixes broken link.
  • Add trailer


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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67 Responses

4.44 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. Guest-1207221060 says:

    This addon is great and amazing! But with have to say that the nose of the plane gets in the way of seeing where I’m going. How will I know when I’m at the place I want to be if all I see is the nose? I know I can have another person looking out the window for me or something but still. I guess that’s the only “issue”

  2. JustViggo says:

    Looks cool! Sadly I’m getting error messages that it can’t load in the skin of the plane….

  3. Guest-5656552807 says:

    Your add on has a bug

  4. Guest-1805767376 says:

    Can you make a train/monorail addon?

  5. Guest-8517121597 says:

    wow this is incredible thank you so much i am looking forward to cooler addons in the future

  6. Guest-6573005508 says:

    Awesome!! Can you make a battleship like destroyer?.Thanks!

    —sorry for bad English

  7. Guest-4613678523 says:

    You should make a Helicopter add on

  8. Guest-3862034176 says:

    make a ww2 plane addon

  9. JP_Jack says:

    Copycat of all the plane maps on Minecraft store

  10. Guest-6255071647 says:

    This is amazing, thank you!

  11. Guest-5172412647 says:

    is this work on realm?

  12. Erroman says:

    Looking forward to your next work, come on。

  13. Guest-3967806364 says:

    Why doesn’t this work on realms???

  14. Guest-4294748784 says:

    I have been waiting for this moment 😆

  15. S2008 Gaming says:

    Failed to import, pls fix

  16. sir beanos says:

    all we need now is cars and boats…

  17. Guest-3607787471 says:

    You are the best creator ever now i can add a plane on my city

  18. Guest-7357050189 says:

    can u add it for ios

  19. Guest-8290638877 says:

    i use a pc and a mcaddon link is working thx for sending the new link files
    youre the best!…

  20. Guest-7054184664 says:

    But the plane is invisible for me.

  21. Guest-2532773072 says:

    Aaaammm, addon link is working, but you deleted file from mediafire! How i can download it??? (My device is Android phone)

  22. Guest-1440728586 says:

    How do i download on ios

  23. Guest-1537061447 says:

    The plane addon I love it
    Although it is useful for escaping because when a player trolls my house I would escape by using the plane.

  24. Guest-9414108559 says:

    Como genero el avion??

  25. Guest-7958710554 says:

    It won’t work

  26. Ident12345 says:

    Its so nice i can now build the airport thanks 😂

  27. Guest-2680860514 says:

    OMG!!! I was waiting for this for so long, now I can make my airport. Keep up the aircrafts man!

  28. Guest-4412761228 says:

    I want the list complete because its so terrific
    Zip file
    Make a war version that shoots arrows for both
    Make both dyeable
    And yes heres a 5 star

  29. Guest-2737656537 says:

    Add zip file for iOS bacaue I cant download its just cool

  30. Guest-4412761228 says:

    Make a helicopter with the different model and both types war helicopter dyeable and regular one dyeable

  31. MinerCrafting01 says:

    Now i need to find a good world trade center map…

  32. Guest-5690147790 says:

    Boieng 737 ?

  33. Guest-2050066732 says:

    The BP file doesn’t work but the RP file imported successfully.

  34. Guest-2829811929 says:

    I have found the Holy Grail of plane add-ons…

  35. Guest-8229369005 says:

    Best addon ever❤

  36. Guest-8218457343 says:

    Hi! Your addon seems good!

  37. Guest-4789881940 says:

    Download doesn’t work

  38. Guest-4707675934 says:

    The plane is invisible for me but you can ride it still tho

  39. M.M.16 player says:

    It works great but can you change it model ? It looks good but a little simple !

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