Plants vs Zombies Add-on

Hello there! Have you ever wanted to play Plants vs Zombies in Minecraft? Well, say no more! This add-on adds 5 entities from Plats vs Zombies to Minecraft. Read the description further down for more details!

What can you make with my addon..

You can add my entities for decoration, or you can actually use them for minigames.

For example, in a repeating command block put:

execute @e[type=pvz:peashooter] ~~~ summon pvz:pea ~1.55~

Then in another repeating command block put:

exwcute @e[type=pvz:peashooter] ~~~ tp @s ~~~0.1 facing ~~~1

This will make the peashooter shoot out the peas. 

Remember, that I’m making a pvz game map.

How to get the entities and extra information

The 5 entities I have added are…


peashooters can shoot peas ( scroll up ) 


Animations: Woddle 



Animation: Half-Circle

in future game:

Spawn suns which you can collect and buy more plants


20 HP

Animations: Head Pump

And a pea

20 HP

Animation: None

I’ve also added animations for each of the entities 

the peashooter will move it head 2 and fro 

the sunflower will move it’s head in a half circle

the cactus’ head will move its head up and down

What is Plants Vs Zombies


In Plants vs. Zombies, the player takes on the role of homeowner in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The player uses plants that can fire projectiles at the horde of zombies advancing to defend their homes from zombies, some of which have unique abilities, or have other detrimental effects on them. The player collects “light” that can be used to purchase defending plants.

Experimental Gameplay Required

just to let everyone know

im still adding more entities so if you do want more please comment and let me know, since quarantine is here I will have extra time

Changelog View more

Added Cherry Bomb

Improved wallnut

added bonk choy (if you spawn a zombie really close it wall start attacking it )


Fixed the image because of stupid copywrite enjoy the addon

Hi everyone I’ve just changed the featured image because it was copywrite.


Since the new image isn’t copywrite, it should be acceptable 

If there are more problems please list them all

Added Damage sensor

For Admins

Admins please accept this submission because there’s always something wrong e.g my monopoly map it look roughly 8 updates to get accepted and each one was pretty much perfect

I made it so you can kill the new entities


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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34 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. TheBlickUnkown17 says:

    Can you Fix Them With No Commands Just Auto Shoot A Pea Please

  2. HI EVERYONE ITS FINALLY WORKING, it’s been submitted right now
    New updates
    Made walnut look much more detailed,
    Added cherry bomb
    Added bonkchoy

  3. Anonymous says:

    For some reason mcpedl isn’t letting me submit anything when I click submit it doesn’t do anything, I filled in everything I needed to

  4. Guest-9058211547 says:

    I know it isn’t part of plants vs zombies, but could you add Bumbo Cactoni to the addon? (just for fun?)

  5. Guest-5695183956 says:

    Can You Add Gargantuar and Cherry Bomb

    • Guest-6831990947 says:

      Sure thing, I guess that’s what I’ll add next after I add bonk choy, it’s getting submitted right now so it’s being reviewed it takes so long.

  6. Guest-9967406789 says:

    ( Creator )
    not letting sign in on this section of website

    I can make this is thing but I have a question, do you still want them to attack zombies
    if you do then you will have to wait a few updates after I enough plants, however if this gets 10 replies saying yes I will try my best to add this feature

  7. Guest-9669231685 says:

    Great addon but can you make them attack enemies. Like the peashooter shooting its peas at zombies and stuff. That would be amazing if you add it. Besides that its a great addon.

  8. Guest-5584033704 says:

    How do you make the Zombies hurt A Plant

  9. Guest-1171727413 says:

    This is pretty good! Hope you put more plants and some zombie in soon!

  10. I’m also making a mini game using these very mobs which will have ALL the plants and zombies, If you want to help and have some credits my discord is zaksgameplays1#5802

  11. Hi everyone, thanks for the support
    I know I haven’t added much I was kinda rushing because I didn’t want anyone to copy me, so now I’m taking my time adding more entities

    Every update I will add at least 5 new mobs

  12. Guest-6417756392 says:

    Could have great potential to be an amazing addon. Probably should have been released a bit later after more content had been added though as this feels a bit rushed.

  13. Liam TDP says:

    Nice Addon but the textures and models needs a lot of improvement

  14. Hermit says:

    hello zaksgameplays1r,
    I’m hermit from China,Can I reprint your addons in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  15. Guest-6110673781 says:

    That’s not better -_-

  16. Guest-1806892990 says:

    This addon has some great potential. More content (e.g. Wall Nut, Snapdragon, Snow Pea, Zomboss’s instances, Crazy Dave, etc.) and more accurate models might be on the way, but right now it looks like it has a fine start. Keep up the good work!

  17. Add Dr Zomboss and it’s giant robot, with the Zomboni and many others!

  18. Wither storm lover says:

    It not working

  19. ASAP says:

    Nice Great Idea keep it up..!!

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