Plants vs. Zombies Addon v1.0

There’s a new way to fight back against the night in Minecraft! This addon introduces the some of the friendly plant characters found in the Plants vs. Zombies series of games to your Minecraft worlds.

This addon aims to bring the botanical magic of PvZ to Minecraft in a way that preserves the charm of vanilla. 

Plant Hunting

Finding Crazy Dave

First, you need to find Crazy Dave, who holds the seeds to all the plants. You must convert a zombie into Crazy Dave using a Pot o’ Plants.

Craft a Pot with 5 iron. 

Then, collect these Minecraft plants, and craft them together with the pot to create a Pot o’ Plants.

Note! You can replace the sunflower with any 2 block tall plant and you can replace the sapling with any sapling.

Finally, find yourself a zombie and use a Splash Potion of Swiftness on it, then use the Pot o’ Plants and wait 100 seconds, then Crazy Dave will appear!

Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave will trade sun for plant seeds! However, he is vulnerable to zombie attacks so make sure to protect him or you will lose your progress. He can be moved easily using tacos (more on those later).

Make sure you buy a Sunflower first, and stock up on them in order to get more sun!  But how do you plant them?

Breaking Ground

In order to plant a PvZ plant, you need to craft a Garden Shovel.

Once you have the Garden Shovel, sneak and hold to dig a dirt mound in the ground!

You can use plant seeds on this dirt mound to plant your plants! The garden shovel has infinite durability, making it the top choice among gardeners 🙂


It is important to kill zombies and other monsters using your PvZ plants. 1 in 5 zombies killed by plants will drop Tacos!!!!!!!! You can use explosive plants to increase this to 1 in 4. Exchange Tacos for Sun in Crazy Dave’s menu to level him up to unlock more plants! Tacos can also be used to lead Crazy Dave away from danger.

The Plants


The classic PvZ plant. Fires pea projectiles at zombies in range. 


Without doubt the most important plant. Creates sun items that can be used to create more plant seeds.

Wallnut (the one staring you down!)

This plant is extremely useful as a defensive plant because the naive zombies will eat at it continuously until its extremely high health runs out. Use this in combination with Peashooters to destroy the zombies on your lawn.

Cherry Bomb

A quick way to get rid of monsters. Attracts mobs with its bright red color, then 1-hit-KO’s them! Zombies killed by a Cherry Bomb’s explosion are more likely to drop tacos.

Snow Pea

Icy! The Snow Pea’s peas affect anything hit with slowness. This will surely keep Zombies away, but make sure to stay out of the line of fire.

Potato Mine

Awww! Isn’t it cute! The potato mine will bury itself in the ground until it is ready to release an explosion that 1-kit-KO’s any monsters nearby. This also increases the likelihood that tacos will spawn from Zombies.


Shoots 2 peas at once! Like a peashooter, but better!! And angrier! (And leafier!)

Hey! You can help!

Thank you for downloading this mod and supporting me with the adlink (please read all installation instructions in order to be safe using adlinks). 

Please leave a comment saying how you would like this mod to be improved or if you need help. I am willing and able to assist you. If you find any bugs, please let me know. 

If you are a YouTuber or Modpack Creator, feel free to include my mod in your project! Make sure you link this MCPEDL page when you use it. Please send this to any YouTubers or Modpack Creators you know, I would love to see them try it out!

(Note for Modpack Creators: this addon modifies the vanilla zombie and player files. Feel free to modify those files in order to make it compatible with other addons in the project. You MUST include my name @addonnut in your modpack and let me know 🙂

Otros Idiomas / Les autres langues

Yo hablo un poco espanol si necesitan ayuda. Mi Twitter es disponible aqui.

Si vous voulez que je t’aide avec ce addon, envoyez-moi un message en Twitter ou ici.


Please follow the install guides for .mcaddon files provided on MCPEDL. 


You need to wait the 5 seconds for the ad, then when it says Press Allow to Continue DO NOT PRESS ALLOW! Wait for it to redirect you to the dropbox site, where you can download the .mcaddon file and install it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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95 Responses

4.69 / 5 (54 votes)
  1. Guest-6355565470 says:

    can you add more zombies and another way to get tacos?

  2. Guest-5899507053 says:

    Please make it where I can actually download
    The addon

  3. Guest-4702386593 says:

    That link i only for Mac not Windows mate

  4. ThisJobYT says:

    The only question is: Does the peashooter type plants damage other plants, including peashooter type plants? Because if so, I’m not going to download this…

  5. Guest-1202310011 says:

    The link is broken 🙁

  6. Guest-3583244726 says:

    Can you add electric reed, and some pault plants?

  7. Guest-1881812578 says:

    Hey! Could you please upgrade this to version 1.14? Thank you!

  8. User-4710719734 says:

    Owner addonnut can i use this in my map because i’m making a map that playable with this addon and can i have permission to use this addon, so when I’m done I’ll show you this map.

  9. User-5880721326 says:

    Owner can i use this in my map because i’m making a map that playable with this addon and can i have permission to use this addon, so when I’m done I’ll show you this map.

  10. Ian says:

    Please add chompet in the addon I want to see the chomper eat the zombies.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Dainosour says:

    Pls link

  13. NickoPlayz 2018 says:

    I love it. The best Plants vs. Zombies Addon, it does not replace any existing mobs and survival playable. I have a suggestion and feedback. My suggestion is to make zombies, drowned and zombie villagers to not burn in sunlight, so I can play this in day also. My Feedback is Peashooters, Repeaters and Snow Peas are too overpowered, it takes 3 hits to kill zombies, in the game, it takes 10 hits to kill a normal zombie, and increase the Sunflowers rate to produce Suns faster, it’s too slow to give sun.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I want all the plants

  15. Mint says:

    Add chomper, puff shroom, sun shroom, scaredy shroom, fume shroom, grave buster, hypno shroom, ICE shroom, DOOM shroom, graves and lawn mowers plz.

  16. Mint says:

    Add chomper, puff shroom, sunshroom, scaredy shroom, fume shroom grave buster, ICE shroom, DOOM shroom, graves and lawn mowers plz.

  17. addonnut says:

    Guys, there is a mediafire link! It’s been posted for months!

  18. stefix1 says:

    owner, its me again, stefix1, im warning you that I don’t have twitter, so maybe put the link to the new version in chat? plus, It HAS to be a mediafire download, so that its good.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please make a mediators link. Other link doesn’t work

  20. ben wells says:

    add more plants and plants from pvz 2 and add zomboss I hope you update this mod and add new plants and new items for the zombies mabe be soon this mounth in october or november

  21. Sam U says:

    Make a mediafire link download. the cherrybomb doesnt work and I don’t know how to use garden shovel

  22. AddonFinder says:

    I will like to download but my minecraft won’t
    Let me

  23. addonnut says:

    The new version of the PVZ addon is in development! Follow me on twitter @addonnut to be updated!

  24. stefix1 says:

    CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need more plants, but not much, here is a list:

    chomper, fire pea, iceberg lettuce (from pvz 2), fire mint (from pvz 2), now here is a list of what they all do:

    chomper eats zombies but is vulnerable while chewing and it take long to chew, fire pea fires peas lit on fire (fire pea did some zombie jerks lit you on fire?) iceberg lettuce freezes the first zombie to step on it and the zombie wont be able to move for about 10 seconds, fire mint adds extra power to fire plants (fire pea, etc) and, for now,extra zombies:

    conehead zombie, (twice as tough as regular zombie), buckethead zombie (twice as tough as conehead zombie), flag zombie (just a normal zombie carrying a flag to warn you a “huge wave” is coming), and, well, i guess bungee zombie (lands a paper on a plant, then jump to the plant, stays there for 5 seconds, and steals the plant, going back up)

    thats the whole list creator, please PLEASE add these because i spent some time writing this and, well, yeah thats it, im going to wait. bye!


  25. Matteo says:

    Can you add some peas like reapeater peashooter snowpeashooter you can add some peas like egg convert to pea snowball convert to snow pea BTW i like your addon

  26. Matteo says:

    Can you add some peas like reapeater peashooter snowpeashooter you can add some peas like egg convert to pea snowball convert to snow pea BTW i like your addon

  27. Anonymous says:

    please for the love of god dont use dropbox use mega or mediafire since they dont automatically turn off downloads

  28. Me says:

    Hey I really like the idea of this addon and I would love to use it but it won’t let me use the Dropbox link, can you just make it a .mcpack file download? I would really love to use this addon

  29. MobyFire says:

    Can you Add the Chomper,Cabagepult,Bucket Head Zombie,Conehead Zombie, and Regular Zombie so this Addon will be Great and Fun

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ok i think i aswer it correct ?? I guess???

  31. ATXL Studios says:

    Can I edit this and use it in a map of course with credits

  32. TecDragon says:

    This is a great add-on! I am a huge pvz fan myself and I find this add-on extremely useful in Minecraft. Suggestion : Add sound effects and noises when you hurt the plants or walk near them.

  33. TecDragon says:

    This is a great add-on! I am a huge pvz fan myself and I find this add-on extremely useful to use in Minecraft. Suggestion: Add sound effects and noises when you hurt the plants or walk near them.

  34. UktraFireStudios says:

    I liked this addon a suggestion that I can make you add plants like lilypad to plant the plants in the water and cattail in everything else is perfect

  35. Anonymous says:

    Pon más plantas pon a los hongos

  36. Abdul Raafi' says:

    I do not understand planting plants and thanks for making this addon. Also, can you also add puff-shroom, sun-shroom, fume-shroom, scaredy-shroom, magnet-shroom, threepeater, bloomerang and ice berglettuce. That will be fun

  37. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some suggestions. If you can’t make these that’s totally fine I’m just a person who has a lot of ideas: the cherry bomb and potato mine will actually explode like a creeper explosion that only kills zombies and doesn’t damage the area. Add custom sounds for the mobs. Tacos can be eaten(even if the game says NO). All plants except the cherry bomb will have a shulker like behavior to were they stay in one spot and don’t move even if hit. Add chomper- a Venus flytrap like mob that’s giagantic. It will 1 hit kill zombies by eating them but will take a while before they swallow and can eat another zombie.

  38. Davi says:

    I will play now, but I’m REALLY happy ‘-‘

  39. Max says:

    When I try to download this it doesn’t work it says this file can’t be previewed in drop box pls fix this

  40. Safaraz says:

    Pls add all plant iT’s much fun to pls update

  41. Evan says:

    So as the pot and the shovel . Sorry I forgot to add.

  42. Evan says:

    The taco are not working ! Also this is the best add on that I love.

  43. Austin says:

    Found a bug: When holding the garden shovel you will randomly be given a egg. Sounds like you may have copied the chicken code and forgot to delete some lines?

    How do you get the next tier Levels on dave? ive bought about 25 pea shooters and 4 sunflowers but no level gained.

    Also tip for anyone else: Name tag dave as he will despawn.

  44. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Will you add different types of zombies from the game too? And Also Add the Mushrooms from the game too and the snap dragon

  45. ubdedman says:

    what do you mean by “sneak and hold” I can’t figure out how to make the mounds
    also thank you for making everything accessible through /give and /summon commands it makes getting used to the mod a lot easier

  46. Brahndon says:

    Can you add Chomper, Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, Fume-shroom, Grave buster, a grave which Zombies spawn from that can spawn naturally, Plant Food, Hypno-shroom, Coffee Bean (for the daytime. Plant him on the shrooms to wake them up) PvZ Flower Pot (so you can put the seeds on top of him without using the garden shovel), The basic zombie, Conehead, Bungee, Buckethead, Zomboni, Jalapeno, Spikeweed, Torchwood, Tall-nut, Sea-shroom, Plantern (so you don’t need the night vision), Cactus, Blover, Split Pea, Gatling Pea, Threepeater, Squash, Tangle Kelp, Starfruit, Garlic, Melon-Pult, Kernel-Pult, Umbrella Leaf, Gargantuar and his imp, Screendoor, Peashooter Zombie, Squash Zombie, Marigold (Makes a coin item), Twin Sunflower, Gloom-shroom, Cattail, Pumpkin, Magnet-shroom, Scardey-shroom, Ice-shroom, Doom-shroom (Just an increased strength Cherry Bomb, but make only his head grow) Lily Pad, Yeti Zombie, Flag Zombie (Make him spawn 10 zombies around him and make it say A Huge Wave Of Zombies are approaching!) Newspaper, Zombie Bobsled Team, Pogo Stick, The almanac (The book that says all about the plants and zombies), Jack-in-the-box, Digger (make him go underground and then he pops up), A guide in the pause menu options, and the rest of the plants and Zombies? It would be a Dream come true to me!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t it work on survival mod?

  48. Cutedemonboy says:

    Please add chopper and other plant

  49. Thetigerking says:

    Made a map with it 😺😺😺😺😺

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I can upgrade plant models! Can i help you?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Great add-on dude! But zombies can actualy move the plants by pushing them. You should fix it. BTW love this add-on!

  52. ToxiFize says:

    Can you make have less health cause a group of peashooter could kill at least 4 husk

  53. Salutations! says:

    Awesome addon! Some possible ideas; I’d love it if you could add the different kinds of zombies seen in the PvZ game, to add some more challenge for the plants and perhaps even normal survival, also could you make it so that if husks are killed by plants they drop sunshine? Just thought it might be a cool idea but don’t feel obliged.

  54. IceBurstYT says:

    Well I’m the ModPack creator of VanillaCraft.
    But I don’t think it would be compatible with one of the addons,due to using some player files.
    Once I modify it to work (and give you credit,as you mentioned before) I’ll definitely use it,or even add it to a new modpack I’m making, thanks for making this addon.

  55. j says:

    can i just have a direct link to the dropbox? no pls it wont work

  56. Anonymous says:

    By the way, cherry bomb is not working fine…

  57. Anonymous says:

    Very great add-on! Hope you make more plants and even start to make some particular zombies rather than only those OG hostile mobs!

  58. Kongmanjellooo says:

    Please add zombies to the addon

  59. jason says:

    i can not use it on my server!ps i use 1.12

  60. Pixilgamer159 says:

    Could You Possibly Make Electro Pea Somehow? My Idea Is It Shoots A Zombie And It Gets Struck By Lightning

  61. ToxiFize says:

    Wil you add more plants in this add-on

  62. Anonymous says:

    Everytime I use it (the mediafire link) it sends me to and nothing happens.
    Any fixes?

  63. Epicgamr says:

    Hey, a bug that i found was that the zombie could push the plants around.

  64. Bruh says:

    Hey, a bug that i found out is that the plants gets pushed around by the zombies

  65. Anonymous says:

    Sir please I beg you to continue working on this game I love this addon 😀

  66. Solve says:

    Love this, I love PvZ, my request for this amazing mod is if you could add the water melon, pumpkin, or chomper I would love it even more. Thank you so much for making this :).

  67. modpkg678 says:

    Very good addon

  68. Rufus Dragon says:

    Everything great, except that i cant obtain tacos from the zombies and i cant convert a zombie into dave with the pot o plants and the potions, thanks for translating the addon to spanish

    • Austin says:

      Did you splash the potion on the zombie before giving the pot o plants? May need more then one splash potion for him to transform. And its just a regular zombie

  69. Anonymous says:

    Won’t link to the download no matter what I try

  70. Hoby says:

    change link pls its not working!!!! i really wnna try your addon :'(

  71. Muhun says:

    Please make plants vs zombies 2

  72. LinkSans2000 says:

    I’m sure this is in development already, but how about PvZ based Zombie types?

  73. Bruh says:

    Could you make it so it is a mediafire download instead of dropbox, because that doesn’t work

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