Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare/Battle for Neighborville World

Do you know Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare or Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville, and wanted to see what it would be like in Minecraft? Well this world is the right world for you!

Note: This world practically is still in beta, so not everything is here yet, for example gamemodes do not work yet, and most characters are still not made yet. So with this in mind, here’s what we have in the world so far!

Lobby Area: The lobby area is basically like Backyard Battleground, because you spawn on either side depending on what side your on and there’s a fight between Plants and Zombies in the middle.

lobby area(Plants)Lobby Area(Zombies)Lobby Battleground Character Booth: You can play as a select few characters but most are still not made yet, especially plants, I have just recently made the plants team. Hopefully next map update you should expect at least 1 new plant playable character.

Character Booth:(Plants)

Current Playable Plants:

Wildflower (Purchase in Shop)

Weed (Purchase in Shop)

Character Booth (Zombies)Current Playable Zombies:


KnightZombie (Purchase in Shop)

TV Head (Purchase in Shop)

Browncoat (Purchase in Shop)

Shop: The shop is where you can purchase things like Characters Keys and other various things. You can also see read up on the news that comes every so often and fight the Royal Guard boss for CrewCoins(Shop Currency) and other things.

ShopCrewCoinsBig Boss Castle: This is the place where you fight the Royal Guard, which when defeated you will receive CrewCoins, Party Gems(Future Currency) and possibly a Character Key!

Big Boss CastleRoyal GuardMaps: We don’t have many maps yet, but there’s 2 identical maps that are finished, we will have more finished maps in the future.

Quarry WorksiteAbandoned Quarry WorksiteUpcoming Maps: If you go to creative and fly around, you might notice a few maps that aren’t complete. These maps will be completed soon, 

Danger at the DizcoGatling FieldsWall-Nut HillsCamp Fun-Gi??? (Don’t know what to call this map yet)

We are using a few mods so please go support them as well.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Here’s discord if you wanna see Any updates to this world:

  2. Icybirb0101 says:

    can you help it says can’t import I’m gonna try this time to see if it works

  3. Mortal Kombat lol says:

    Do you know why it says level import fail in mincraft im able to download the file

  4. Everyone of the world cuts out about half of what’s built, I’m sorry I don’t know how this happens and this is my first time putting something up on mcpedl or mediafire

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