Platypus Add-On

Hey guys, I’m back with new add-on. This add-on was maden on PC. Yeah I don’t needed to create a second account , I’m just loggened here. Today’s add-on adds not a mole (sorry mole’s fans) and not a bird (sorry the Loop). We’re talking about Platypuses!

Note: It’s fobidden to use this add-on in video for kids!!!!!


It’s a beaver? It’s a duck? It’s an otter? No – It’s Perry – Perry Platypus!

Platypus’s generals:

  1. Spawns near the rivers.
  2. Tameable with using seagrass.
  3. Hate foxes.
  4. Attackable target for most of hostile mobs.
  5. Very good swimmers.
  6. Guard their owner, after tame.
  7. Cute.
  8. Very cute.
  9. Very, very cute!!!!
  10. Have 15 health points (wild) and 30 health points (tamed).
  11. Custom sounds.

Platypus will spawns (maybe) near the rivers and attack foxes. You can also tame this cute guys with using seagrass, and they’ll guard you from hostile mobs.

What that fox, doing there?

And they’ll looking very fun, when they sitting.

Hug me, please!

Platypus will also follow you everywhere where you comes.

Co’mon my little guys! Time to explore!

Most of hostile mobs will be attack platypuses. Zombies, drowned, phantoms and etc. will try to kill platypus , but they’ll try to protect themselves from them.

Haha, they’re so ugly!


But don’t worry about tamed platypuses , nobody will not attack them. Watch out to crocodiles , because I’m thinking to add them soon.

About my future add-ons.

 Now , I can make add-ons on PC also. I have not enough money to buy Minecraft Bedrock , so I play Minecraft PE from Android simulator. So yeah I’ve got plans to future guys.

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What I uptade, can you remember dear guys, please? Hmm

I changed something , but I can't remember what it was.


  1. Download add-on.
  2. Active in game.
  3. Enjoy!


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  1. Guest-2176902148 says:

    PLATYPI RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guest-5641174588 says:

    PLATYPI RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guest-4476370602 says:

    Platypus will spawns (maybe) near the rivers and attack foxes


  4. It ain’t much; but try to add a behavior when naming it “Perry”, it becomes Perry the platypus!

  5. Molina says:

    lol, you’re funny

  6. Atoniox123 says:

    whoever changes color blue and who has a sile cap puts agent p

  7. Guest-8408061478 says:

    Could you like add a teal and orange variant to resemble perry? That would be cool lol

  8. Guest-1507048962 says:

    A platypus? PERRY?

  9. Shark373 says:

    Addon is best, like always

  10. Guest-9566100007 says:

    Bro, don’t make addons alone, get help to be better, maybe you can make a PayPal and people can donate you 🙂

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