Playable Minecraft In A Chest [Redstone]

I shrunk down Minecraft into a playable chest. You just need to open the chest and drop the movements items to move Steve and explore the world to get achievements. Inspired by SethBling!


In this map you can play Minecraft in a chest.

You need to open the chest, and you will have barrier blocks named with the action that can steve do.

All possibles moves:

  • Drop the barrier block named : “—>” to move Steve to the right
  • Drop the barrier block named : “
  • Drop the barrier block named : “Jump“ to make Steve jump
  • Drop the barrier block named : “Jump + —> " to make Steve jump and move to the right
  • Drop the barrier block named : “Jump +
  • Once you unlock the stone pickaxe drop it to mine 

By moving Steve you can explore the world, for the moment there is just one achievement and the world is just 70 blocks x 70 blocks for the moment.

By the time I am going to enlarge the world

Enjoy !

You can also get achievement to unlock items

 Nether dimension added ! You need to search it by mining !

Now you can choose your skin !!

Hope you enjoy!

Select version for changelog:


We added new zones to explores !

New skins !

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Click on the link to download the map and click on the checkbox then wait 10 second to unlock the link.

Once you have installed the map, you will need to press the button to be teleported and receive the items

To move Steve you have to drop the items named by an action

To be able to drop items inside the chest

It's better to put the game in classic mode

Menu> Settings> Video> Mode> Classic

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Hello_world101122 May 25, 2021 at 4:39 am
Hey uhhh i cant mine bcs im throwing the pickaxe and i cant mine in my left i did it manu ways and it didnt work pls fix this
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Bruh I can't get past "link shortener" without 50 ads...
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I can't download. I don't know how to do it in the first place
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Can you make it available for 1.16.201/.1.16.200?

I am in 1.16.201 Rn!
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i thinks i have seen this before ....
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Maybe use adfly or linkvertise next time
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Me: Great, incredible, words cant describe this map, its really fun and

Also Me: uh, I just noticed, pickaxe doesn't work, whenever I try to pick it up, it just clears it and puts it back, please fix this, I gave you 5 stars
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Can you create colored slime block in mcpe using command blocks
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Make mobs and lava and the end and strongholds and herobrine
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Is this the new version of Terreria? (this is a joke please don't attack me)
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Idk if it works but I think it will work
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It says: something appears to be missing...
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DON’T USE MINIURL July 20, 2019 at 5:38 pm
Literally the shittiest link site i’ve ever seen. Redirects out the ass as well as deceptive ads. The map looks nice but change the site
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Something is wrong!
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