Player Model NPC (Texture Pack)

Are you bored with NPC models and skins? Well, with this resource pack the NPCs will get the model of a normal player with new skins.

This resource pack does not affect the interface or npC behaviors at all so they will maintain their same function, only with fun new models and skins.

(Several of the skins added in this resource pack are shared by the


Twitter: @Andiuber

YouTube: Andiuber

©Team Cubitos MC

How to get NPCs?

To get an NPC you have to be creative and with the tricks activated and then you can run any of these 2 commands in the chat:

/give @p spawn_egg 1 51

/summon npc

Note: You can replace the skins with the one you like, just go on the following path to replace the skins:


(The skin you replace must keep the same name as it has by default)




How to install texture in our worlds?

• Download and install Mcpack

• Activate the resource package you installed in your global configuration and you're done.

Doubts and suggestions?

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(If you share this work, please honor the original link to the website post of: Cubitos MC. That would greatly help us value our work and provide more information about the content and our team. Do not use direct links. "Thank you! "

For more information read our:
Terms and Conditions ©Team Cubitos MC.


Supported Minecraft versions




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13 Responses

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  1. bibihool says:

    How to refresh the skin? i change it but didn’t work for me its still the same skin and restart minecraft doesnt work also

  2. How do you get through the link?

  3. littlekate12381 says:

    Love this addon its great and all but my only problem is I want them to stop turning around and I also want them to follow me is there a way you can do that

  4. SherlockKola says:

    is there a way you can make them follow you around? great job though!

  5. Neil FOX says:

    Why I can’t download this mod? (Sorry My English is poor)

  6. lllionb says:

    Hi! Is There Any Chance I Can Freeze Them So They Dont Look Around? Thanks

  7. XplodinNdr08 says:

    This is great and you read my mind

  8. Do you mind if I use this texture pack for a map I’m currently planning out, I’m going to start making the map probably in 2021? I’m planning on it to be voice acted, custom music, and much more. I will make sure to give all the necessary credit!

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