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Published on September 15, 2020 (Updated on October 05, 2020)

Player Addon (Huge Update)

Lonely playing Singleplayer? Or you want more challenging Minecraft? This Addon is for you! This Addon adds amazingly nine Player like Mobs that will both help you and challenge you while playing Minecraft! Enjoy!

This Addon brings nine new mobs in Minecraft. I call it "fake players".

All "fake players" has this stats:

-20hp (not including armor)
-1hp attack damage (not including tool)

They are seperated into two different type, FRIENDS and FOE.


There are six variants of this type. All of them are NEUTRAL (only attack if attacked) Some can be traded and be tamed. If one FRIENDS get attacked, they all gonna protect each other


This fake player roams the Overworld like other normal players. They are like the noobs in real life. There are 2 variants of Derps, Normal Derp and Girl Derp. Normal Derps brings a stick and Girl Derps brings a bone.

Found this two Derps playing with Deadbushes

-They avoid monsters and FOE fake players

-Equip your armor when you killed by them (Very cool huh?)

This Derp equip my Netherite Armor after I died lol

-Attack Ranch Animals (Cow, Sheep, Chicken etc)

-Can be traded

-Drops Stick, Bones or Deadbush when died

Casual Players

This players roams the Overworld and The Nether (Very rarely). They are quite good at PVP and fights Monsters. They spawn with Iron armors and Iron Sword. There are two variants, Boy and Girl
They like to hang out in the beach!

-They fight monsters (zombie, skeleton, etc) and FOE fake players

-Also equip your armor when you killed by them

-Never Panic


-Drops their armor when died

Nice Guy

This fake players spawns in Overworld and Nether too. They maybe looks scary bringing Diamond Armor and Weapons. But don't worry, they won't attack you if you not hurt them.

He is busy fighting with Husks

-Attacks Monsters and FOE fake players

-Can be tamed using Diamonds

-Follows you after tamed, and attack every mob you attack! (Like wolves)

-Equip your armor when you killed by him (again)

-Drops his armor and small chance dropping his backup armor (you can get double swords from him)

-If you are very very very very very lucky, you will meet him wearing fully Enchanted Netherite Armor with Enchanted Netherite Swords

Found a Netherite Sword left by a Nice Guy :D


This Diamond Derp is an introvert, he avoid contact with normal players. But if you mess with him he will be VERY ANGERY. (Look him angry at the video below)
He has found some Irons!

-Attack monsters and FOE fake players

-Wears gold armor and a gold sword

-Avoid normal players but attack if being hurt

-Also equip armor when you killed by them

-Drops their armor when died


They hate other players. They will sacrifice anything to kill FRIENDS fake players. Using armor or even HACKS. They will also attack you at any cost


He just got his first enchanted leggings!

This fake player spawns anywhere! Including the End!

-Attacks monsters and FRIENDS fake players

-Wears Diamond Equipment

-Never panic

-Equip your armor when you killed by him

-Drops his armor when died

Hacker (seriously I'm not kidding)

This is simply a Hacker. I have no idea how to describe it.
He is hacking to steal your data! (just a joke ;) )

-Runs extremely fast (See it in the video below)

-Attacks both normal players and FRIENDS players

-Has 100 hp (50 hearts)

-Only need two hit to kill a player with no armor

-His attack causes nausea to make you lose control

-Give you tons of XP when killed

Other players


Found him sitting under a tree

This guy are neutral and tradable. And they like to hang out with other archers.
They attack monsters and FOE fake players. But they are ignored by FRIENDS fake players.

-Shot arrows to monsters and you (if hurted)


-Drops Bow and Arrows if killed


Want to see in-game details? Watch my video

Entity ID (for commands)
Derp: player:derp
Girl Derp: player:girlderp
Casual Boy: player:casual
Casual Girl: player:girlcasual
NiceGuy: player:niceguy
Shy: player:shy
Fighter: player:fighter
Hacker: player:hacker
Archer: player:archer

Bugs I found
None so far, Report to my Discord server down below.


Q: Does it works on Win10?
A: Yes it is! Thanks to KillerWolfZ for making Win10 support!

I make this Addon for only my hobby. I'm not getting any money from it. I only want to tag me properly when showcasing it on YouTube or other Social Media by giving MCPEDL link and not Mediafire Link, and get this from MCPEDL only and not from any stupid website. #payrespect #addoncreatorsisalsohuman #tagusproperly #stopstealingouraddon

MCGaming2021429 (Xbox)
For adding loads of code and bug fixes just for making this Addon better

KillerWolfZ (search him on MCPEDL)
For converting this Addon for Windows 10 support and giving me ideas

And other people I didn't mention who help and support me making this Addon


Any Feedback and Suggestions? Join my Discord server

Download down below and enjoy!

Select version for changelog:


-Added Nice Guy, Shy, and girl variant for Derps and Casual Players

-All players except fighter and hackers are neutral

-Shaking hands be gone

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.6 / 5 (20 votes)
I just love this addon, it’s so fucking perfect ❤️
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you didn't really had to swear but I agree, that this addon is perfection.
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Can you tame them?
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no hacker on mine
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THis addon is great, BUT they dont spawn naturally. PLEASE fix this on Windows 10.
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2 stars since I'm the only one who will give critical comment and all i see in the comment section is 5 stars.

I nearly enjoyed this one but there is something needed to be fixed. The entity size must be at scale 0.95 as a minecraft player. It makes me feel short in the game thought. Also the collision box needed to be adjust to be similar as the player's
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You're only rating 2 stars to be different.
This addon definitely isn't perfect but it's worth more than that.
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I'm not rating 2 stars to be different but trying to balance the total ratings out through rating low and posting criticism in specific submissions. I appreciate your response TheFlaming Lite. But we have different perspective
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you wouldn't do it all by your self so dond jugde him this is great addon ad deserves much appreciation
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im on 1.14 it it downloaded and works ._.
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minecraftbedrockeditionwindows10 October 21, 2020 at 6:45 pm
its awesome and i love it but i have a suggestion: you should add steve! heres what steve could do:
he could spawn in the overworld and sometimes nether
and sometimes he could spawn in strongholds or nether fortresses or abandoned mineshafts and near villages
he could attack zombies and skeletons and normal hostile mobs
he could be tamed with steak
he could spawn with iron or diamond armour or tools and sometimes wooden tools and stone tools and leather armour
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minecraftbedrockeditionwindows10 October 21, 2020 at 6:46 pm
and, obviously have the default steve skin
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make it were they can build houses which ever one you want pls thanks :)
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5 stars! Amazing add-on! You sir, deserve an Oscar! But could you make another add-on? I'm sure all of the mcbe community will love this! If you make a PvP bot add-on then everyone will download it! Here's my suggestions

1. The bots render distance is 96 blocks far. So the tps won't be that big.

2. Make it move like a real player! And also attack like a decent one too.

3. Make them look like they use potions!
= add a potion sound with potion particles and give the bot the potion effect (instant health or Regen)

4. Make them run away from you when they have low health!

And then others are up to you! I really hope you make an add-on not exactly like this but similarly like this! Thank you!
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It gave me the error "the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" when I tried applying it
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This is what it's like to be alone at a Faction server...
There's different types of people
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What if i found it nuce but dont want ro download?
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@reverse I know what the problem is you were supposed to type this Btw copy it
Hacker: player:hacker that's it
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