Players Addon!

Lonely playing singleplayer? This Players Addon will make you not lonely anymore! This Addon adds two brand new mob in Minecraft, The Derp and The Casual Player! Hope you guys enjoy it ! 😀

There are two mobs in this Addon:


Derp is a NPC roaming in your world. He can spawn anywhere in the overworld at any biome. He always bring his reliable stick.


-Health: 20 hp (same as normal player)

-Attack: 1 hp (including the stick)


-He can trade with you, this is his trade list

(kinda balanced actually)

-He follows you after you feed them with Potato, so you have a emergency trader (in case you need stick or something lol)

-He always avoid any undead mob, He doesn’t like taking risk. Help him if you can!

-He attack any ranch mob (Chicken, Pig, Cow, Sheep). Protect your ranch before He kill them all

-He drops sticks and dead bushes if killed. 

-He won’t fight back if you hit them (passive)

Casual Player

He roams your Minecraft world like any normal players, He also only spawn in overworld at any biome like the Derp. Oh yeah, He is also a fighter.


Health: 40 hp (Doubled the health from player so you cannot grind them to quickly, since he is an AI)

Attack: 3 hp (Not including the sword)


-He can trade with you, this is his trade list

(If you guys think the trade are too bad, or too good comment down below, I’ll fix it in the next update)

-He cannot be tamed

-He attack ranch animals (just like the derp)

-He attack undead mobs (zombie, husk, etc.)

-He spawn with some armor and tools, from leather armor to iron sword

sorry for my bad pictures 🙁

-He is passive towards players (I still figuring out how to make he only attack if you hit him, maybe I’ll add that feature in the next update)

-He drops various items, from dirt, armor, weapon, even infested stone

More Info

Entity ID

Derp: player:derp

Casual Player: player:casual

Bugs I found

Both players sometimes had their arm shaking if there are no targets around

Report more bugs in the comment!

Feel free to suggest your idea in the comment. Thank you and enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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10 Responses

4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. RiverBryan14 says:

    Se debería domesticar el mob casual

  2. Flaming Phoenix says:

    Yo can u make them use the shield? I want to pvp.
    Anyways nice addon-on its a 5 Star bro

  3. Its actaully cool if u add like a name on their head like the players

  4. Rafa Aif says:

    Feedback or Suggestion Join my Discord server

  5. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    I am giving five stars so you will work harder on improving their AI

  6. Hum drama says:

    This place isn’t very friendly…

  7. Killer Wolf Z says:

    In the next update make them act like a real player for example:,chopping down trees going mining building a house and and of course stealing from your chests only valuable items And even fishing

    I know it is alot of work but it will make this add-on 10000% BETTER This add-on Is very Nice/awesome pls do it it may take a while but the add-on will be awesome

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