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Published on November 15, 2014 (Updated on November 15, 2014)

PneumaticCraft PE

PneumaticCraft PE is a tech mod which focuses on pressurized air. This means that for the most part the mod is focused on taking advantage of air compressors and similar structures to power processes and even items. It's a highly advanced mod so beware - it can get difficult!

Creators: Kingbudderjr and MineMaarten

Main Materials

Compressed Iron

To get compressed iron get some iron ingots and tap on a TNT block with them. This will cause an explosion of the TNT block so be careful and stand back. However, once it has exploded you will get the compressed iron ingots.


New plants are included in the mod but these have to be crafted. Later on the creator plan on make these randomly spawn across the world.

  • Creeper Plant Seeds - 1 Wheat Seed + 1 Gunpowder
  • Fire Plant Seeds - 1 Wheat Seed + 1 Netherrack
  • Squid Plant Seeds - 1 Wheat Seed + 1 Ink Sack
  • Lightning Plant Seeds - 1 Wheat Seed + 1 Nether Quartz

The seeds are obviously necessary for you to start a farm and get them in masses. To harvest the plant all you need to do is to tap with a seed on a grass block and then harvest the plant generated.

Compressed Air

What's a tech mod with no power generator? Well, it's definitely not a tech mod. That's why in this tech mod you will find something called compressed air which act as the mod's main generator for power.

To get an compressed air you will need an air compressor. To start produce compressed air tap with coal or charcoal on an air compressor and the process will start.

A common thing why something in your processes don't work is because it has ran out of compressed air so make sure to keep that on a max. fill regularly.

Pressure Chamber

The pressure chamber got to be build in the exact order as displayed in the images below.

[gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="5713,5714,5716,5717"]

The chamber can be used to compress certain materials into new materials. The complete list of materials needed to build it can be found below.

  • 20 Pressure Chamber Walls
  • 1 Pressure Chamber Valve
  • 1 Pressure Chamber Interface
  • 4 Pressure Chamber Windows
  • 1 Air Compressor

To put the machine in process you will need to add coal or charcoal to an air compressor which is connected with a valve to the pressure chamber.

Pressure Chamber Recipes

To make the following recipes you will need to tap with the materials on a pressure chamber interface block (similar process as if you would use a crafting table).

  • 1 Creeper Plant Seed (ID 431) gives Plastic (green)
  • 1 Fire Plant Seed (ID 432) gives 1 Plastic (red)
  • 1 Squid Plant Seed (ID 433) gives 1 Plastic (black)
  • 1 Lighting Plant Seed (ID 444) gives 1 Plastic (light blue)
  • 1 Plastic (green) + 1 Compressed Iron gives 1 Empty PCB
  • 1 Iron Ingot gives 1 Compressed Iron Ingot
  • 1 Obsidian gives 1 Diamond


At its current state the assembling part is incredibly easy. This might change in the future though.

First off craft an assembly table in a crafting table and place that block on top of an air compressor. Power it up and then tap with an empty PCB on the assembly block and the output will give you an unassembled PCB.

Once that's done you probably want to get the rest of the PCB part.

Begin with crafting 3 Capacitors and 3 Transistors

  • 3 Plastic (black) + 3 Redstone + 3 Compressed Iron Ingots gives 1 Capacitor
  • 3 Plastic (light blue) + 3 Redstone + 3 Compressed Iron Ingots gives 1 Transistor

Next grab the unassembled PCB which you made before as well as the transistors and capacitors and make a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board can be used to make a number of useful things.

Pneumatic Items

Pneumanic Wrench

A pneumanic wrench can be crafted from compressed iron and capacitors. The wrench can take apart any kind of item and give you its core materials.

Pneumanic Helmet

To get a pneumanic helmet you will need to put 1 printed circuit board and 4 compressed iron together. The helmet is thought as some Iron Man HUD because at the moment it will show you your coordinators in the top right of the screen. In the future it will be expanded to show more cool features once worn.

Item/Block IDs & Recipes

  • Air Compressor (146) - 8 Compressed Ingots + 1 Furnace
  • Assembly Table (137) - 3 Plastic + 2 Compressed Iron Ingots + 1 Empty PCB
  • Pressure Chamber Wall (142) - 8 Compressed Iron Ingots
  • Pressure Chamber Window (143) - 8 Compressed Iron Ingots + 1 Glass
  • Pressure Chamber Valve (144) - 8 Compressed Iron Ingots + 1 Iron Ingot
  • Pressure Chamber Interface (145) - 6 Compressed Iron Ingots + 2 Iron Ingots + 1 Glass
  • Printed Circuit Board (445) - 3 Capacitors + 3 Transistors + 1 Unassembled PCB
  • Pneumatic Wrench (439) - 4 Compressed Iron Ingots + 3 Capacitors
  • Transistor (429) - 3 Plastic + 3 Compressed Iron Ingots + 3 Redstones
  • Capacitor (428) - 3 Plastic + 3 Compressed Iron Ingots + 3 Redstones
  • Pneumetic Helmet (302) - 4 Compressed Iron Ingots + 1 Printed Circuit Board

Rest Block/Item IDs

  • Compressed Iron Ingot - 430
  • Plastic - 434, 435, 442, 443
  • Empty PCB - 436
  • Unassembled PCB - 437

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Link broken.
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Notch is created minectaft herobrine created nether the end and monster
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I'm sad it does not work when I open it it brings me to Dropbox but then says that it can not open or view .zip files
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Add more stuff to this mod.Its cool
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open zip. extract mod n texture. install. have fun!
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