Published on April 03, 2014 (Updated on April 03, 2014)

Pocket Furniture

Installation Guides

I love the mod dude!
For all the peoples who says "i can download it" it's because it's a ModPE not an Add-On (you need Blocklauncher for install it
It’s sad I can’t get this
How do you download it
This would be good if it was an addon
Can this work with ios and 1.2.1
No, it sucks ?
God, you can already make these Sittable and the design is poor. Don't even get this mod. It's not worth the jailbreak
Does this have a pc in it?
Awsome mod!! It makes my home look more realistic, even if nobody can play with me with mods :(
Yep, even my friends don’t like mods (except one), I hate them for that reason.
Is it good cuz I have a kindle and I have 0.12.1 so can it work for 0.12.1??
I have kindle to it will work for 0.12.1
Is it good cuz I have a kindle and I have 0.12.1 so. can it for for 0.12.1??
I don't know how to get the mod
I recommend this mod as it's more updated:

Then use this guide to install it:
How Can i get it on OIS!!!?????
WHOW DO I downlod it pls fix
Try this mod instead:
Please update the mod! Thank you...