Pocket Heroes Mod

Pocket Heroes adds 21 superhero armor sets to the game. It also adds loads of villains like The Joker and the Winter Soldier which you need to fight in order to unlock more superhero armor sets. Some of the available superhero sets include Ant-Man, Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Most of them have special abilities and tools which only they can use.

Creator: ElKurco, Twitter Account

How to obtain the superhero suits?

Craft Start Something Epic and tap with it on the ground to obtain an empty comic book. The empty comic book can be used for crafting the full comic book.

  • Start Something Epic (3499) – 1 book + 2 diamonds + 2 iron blocks + 2 redstone blocks
  • PocketWiki (3498) – creative inventory

Then tap on the ground with the full book (in this case Captain America #1 – Red Skull) to fight the first villain boss.


For each slain villain you’ll a new book. The second boss is the Winter Soldier. Spawn him with the book and slay him to get the third book: Captain America #3 – Civil War. In the third and final fight for obtaining the Captain America superhero armor you will need to fight a bunch of mobs so make sure to be well prepared.

One of the mobs will drop the Batman armor suit and the Batman Grappling Hook and an empty comic book. Use the empty comic as similar to before to spawn the next suite of bosses and fight them to obtain the 22 different superhero armor sets.


DC Comics Superheroes


Put on the Batman armor suit and get an increase in speed, strength and jump. Fight crimes both night and day as you’ll also gain access to night vision. Use the grappling hook tool to move around with ease.


  • Batman Mask (3500)
  • Batman Suit (3501)
  • Batman Leggings (3502)
  • Batman Boots (3503)
  • Grappling Hook (3700)


One of the most powerful superheroes is Superman. As him you will be able to fly, walk through fire, deal an incredible amount of damage and run unrealistically fast.


  • Superman’s Suit (3504)
  • Superman’s Leggings (3505)
  • Superman’s Boots (3506)
  • Grappling Hook (3700)


The Flash is the most agile superhero of them all. If you put on this suit you will only look totally badass but also run faster than any other superhero. You will also be really good at fighting as you’ll have increased strength and haste.


  • Flash Mask (3507)
  • Flash Suit (3508)
  • Flash Leggings (3509)
  • Flash Boots (3510)


If you enjoy exploring the ocean then Aquaman is likely going to be your favorite superhero suit. As soon as you wear this armor set you will be able to breathe underwater, swim with an increased speed and throw more dangerous punches. You’ll also be able to use the Aqua Staff which deals +12 attack damage.


  • Aquaman Mask (3511)
  • Aquaman Suit (3512)
  • Aquaman Leggings (3513)
  • Aquaman Boots (3514)
  • Aqua Staff (3701)

Green Lantern

Put on the Green Lantern armor suit and harness the power of the Green Ring. Besides flying you’ll also be able to shoot arrows by tapping the special GUI (graphical user interface) button on the right side of the screen.


  • Green Lantern Mask (3515)
  • Green Lantern Suit (3516)
  • Green Lantern Leggings (3517)
  • Green Lantern Boots (3518)
  • Green Ring (3702)


Nightwing is known for his super human agility skills. Jump extra high and run super fast. Nightwing has his own weapon called the Nightwing Stick. It’s not really powerful as it deals only +3 attack damage.


  • Nightwing Mask (3519)
  • Nightwing Suit (3520)
  • Nightwing Leggings (3521)
  • Nightwing Boots (3522)
  • Nightwing Stick (3703)

Green Arrow

As the Green Arrow you will only be able to use the most basic powers like increased speed, strength and jump as the bow feature is currently broken.

speed, strength, jump boost
bow, currently broken


  • Green Arrow Mask (3527)
  • Green Arrow Suit (3528)
  • Green Arrow Leggings (3529)
  • Green Arrow Boots (3530)
  • Green Arrow’s Bow (3711)

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the only woman superhero in this mod. She is incredibly fast and super strong. She can also jump quite high. Her special weapon is a lasso which deals +7 attack damage.


  • Wonder Woman Mask (3523)
  • Wonder Woman Suit (3524)
  • Wonder Woman Leggings (3525)
  • Wonder Woman Boots (3526)
  • Wonder Woman’s Lasso (3710)


Speedy is speedy! As him you will be able to run very fast and your jumps will be boosted. But similar to the Green Arrow his bow is currently bugged.


  • Speedy Mask (3531)
  • Speedy Suit (3532)
  • Speedy Leggings (3533)
  • Speedy Boots (3534)
  • Speedy’s Bow (3712)


This superhero I’ve never heard of before and I couldn’t find much information about him online. His skills are quite basic too: increased strength and night vision.


  • Bat Armor Helmet (3535)
  • Bat Armor Suit (3536)
  • Bat Armor Leggings (3537)
  • Bat Armor Boots (3538)

Marvel Superheroes

War Machine

The War Machine isn’t really a superhuman. It’s an armored battle suit. While wearing this armor you will be faster and much stronger. You will also acess a special GUI button on the right side of the screen which can be used for shooting arrows.


  • War Machine Helmet (3600)
  • War Machine Chestplate (3601)
  • War Machine Leggings (3602)
  • War Machine Boots (3603)

Iron Man

No superhero mod is complete without the Iron Man armor suit. This one is one of the more powerful ones. You will be very fast, have an increased strength, be able to breathe underwater and fly. You can use a special GUI button to shoot missiles. Sometimes the missiles explode, sometimes they don’t.


  • Iron Man Helmet (3604)
  • Iron Man Chestplate (3605)
  • Iron Man Leggings (3606)
  • Iron Man Boots (3607)

The Hulk

Turn into an angry and super strong green monster. Use the special GUI button to do a hulk smash.


  • Hulk Head (3608)
  • Hulk Chestplate (3609)
  • Hulk Leggings (3610)
  • Hulk Boots (3611)

Captain America

This armor suit is one of the best looking-ones in my opinion, at least if you equip the shield. The shield itself does +9 attack damage.


  • Captain America Mask (3612)
  • Captain America Suit (3613)
  • Captain America Leggings (3614)
  • Captain America Boots (3615)
  • Captain America’s Shield (3704)


Thor is a God of thunder and his abilities are immense. By using the hammer (Mjolnir) you can call for lightning and cause great fires.


  • Thor Helmet (3616)
  • Thor Chestplate (3617)
  • Thor Leggings (3618)
  • Thor Boots (3619)
  • Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir (3705)


Shrink to the size of an ant or expand to the size of a giant. That’s two of the possible abilities of Ant-Man. It’s only in either of these two states that he will gain increased speed, jump much higher and be much stronger.

It should be noted though that sometimes (as in my case) the textures are bugged when shrinking/expanding. Usually this bug is resolved by restarting BlockLauncher.

Important: If you want to shrink make sure to set view to third person otherwise the game will crash.


  • Ant-Man Helmet (3624)
  • Ant-Man Chestplate (3625)
  • Ant-Man Leggings (3626)
  • Ant-Man Boots (3627)

Black Panther Helmet

The Black Panter has similar abilities to a cat. While wearing this suit you will be extremely agile, run fast and see during the night when it’s otherwise pitch-black.


  • Black Panther Helmet (3628)
  • Black Panther Chestplate (3629)
  • Black Panther Leggings (3630)
  • Black Panther Boots (3631)
  • Black Panther Claws (3707)


Spiderman has his own special tool (Web Shooter) which can be used to shoot web on mobs (or on the ground) to trap them or swing (or rather teleport) from one location to another.


  • Spiderman Helmet (3632)
  • Spiderman Chestplate (3633)
  • Spiderman Leggings (3634)
  • Spiderman Boots (3635)
  • Web Shooter (3706)


Wolverine can toggle auto health regeneration by holding the special GUI button. As him you will also be able to use the Wolverine Claws item to deal +12 attack damage.


  • Wolverine Helmet (3636)
  • Wolverine Chestplate (3637)
  • Wolverine Leggings (3638)
  • Wolverine Boots (3639)
  • Wolverine Claws (3708)


Deadpool is very fast and quite strong. Hold the special GUI button to automatically regenerate your health. Deadpool’s Sword is the most powerful sword there is as it does +29 attack damage.


  • Deadpool Helmet (3640)
  • Deadpool Chestplate (3641)
  • Deadpool Leggings (3642)
  • Deadpool Boots (3643)
  • Deadpool’s Sword (3709)


As the Wasp you will be able to shrink to the size of a wasp (or actually more to the size of a pig). When small you will be extra fast, be able to fly, stronger and much more. You can also use the special GUI button to shoot arrows.

Similar to Ant-Man this skin is sometimes black for some reason. Try to restart the game to get it to work.

Important: Set view to third person when shrinking otherwise the game will crash.


  • Wasp Helmet (3644)
  • Wasp Chestplate (3645)
  • Wasp Leggings (3646)
  • Wasp Boots (3647)

Install Guide

Important: Requires the latest BlockLauncher version! (You can download it on Google Play.)

  1. Download the mod and then use ES File Explorer (or other file manager) to extract the zip file.
  2. There are three different modpkg files: English, Portuguese, Spanish.
  3. Use BlockLauncher to install the modpkg file of your choice.


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  2. Guest-2482467751 says:

    Really cool

  3. Guest-4356330396 says:

    great addon! me and by friends loved being superheros, because my friend only has bedrock and not java! would recommend!

  4. AdventureKing123 says:

    Make a mcaddon link or a zip resource and a zip behavior

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    How do I become them?

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    Awesome for Minecraft

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    Please share me a link for what support that.

  13. Veneno says:

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  14. AbbyJones says:

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    Great! But here are some friendly neighborhood tips.
    1. Use or lower
    2. You might want to use it through mpce master.
    Mpce master:

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    P.S does this work on 1.6.1

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    Make a addon version

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    Creator, could you please make it available, I used to have android and it was the best mod ever, especially because it didn’t take away any vanilla items, I now have an iOS, please make it available for iOS and I will give it 5 stars

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    Everytime I tried to put on the armor, it disappears and I’m getting pissed about it. Can you please fix it?

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    When I extact it I click the file then there is tree choice what do I choose?

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    It is so bad is says it is a threatened place and will hack on my game!???

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    iOS version plz

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    This is amazing but i’m bored because it isn’t on IOS :((

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    Can you make a new one cause this is to old I can’t download this and add my old requests pls and add when you hold caps sheil it blocks and tap to attack and every three attacks you throw

  47. gamertems says:

    Is it going to work for 1.11.12 and when you shrink can you add speed and when big add strength and can you add hulk buster and can the mask look better and can you add a animation can you hold to shoot webs and click to make sticky webs and deadpool
    l has a gun and with iron man let us fly pls

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    Did This Work At Mcpe Version 1.0.0 Or

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    Thanks Love, Tikarah

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  96. Goldenytgamer says:

    Can you help me im on ios

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    Guys it’s only for Android not IOS Apple Phones, IPods, and IPads. I know it sucks and
    even if the Pocket Heroes mod creator did make an addon it would be cool, but quite
    limited because there are only 5 different armor sets in Minecraft meaning only 5 suits.
    Also addon making customization dosent let you customize armor abilities as of 2016-2017. The armor would only have new textures if it were an addon. The mobs could be changed to be super heroes or villains which would still make a cool addon. Sighs I Have it on My Android Blocklauncher, but it would be cool if it was also for IOS.

  98. Anonymous says:

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    This mod seems cool and it works apart from two things. When I play with the mod, there is no sound in the world but there is menu sound. Also all the suits give me the potion effects apart from the superman suit. I’m currently using the latest version of MCPE (the version that has the ender dragon, version 1.0 I think) and the latest version of block launcher. Also a suggestion, could you add a laser eyes weapon? For superman?

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  106. Anonymous says:

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  107. MRCoolCreep says:

    Hey does this work in 0.16.0? (Not beta)

  108. Anonymous says:

    it freezes and crashes whenever I try to wear a suit I am using mcpe 0.15.4 and the latest block launcher please help me

    • Editor says:

      I recently downloaded it for 0.15.6 (the currently latest version of MCPE) and tested it with the latest version of BlockLauncher and it works fine for me.

      I had no problems whatsoever. Make sure you have got the latest versions of MCPE and BlockLauncher downloaded.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Please add so The flash can run on water and increase the speed for flash and reverse flash

  110. Anonymous says:

    I cannot extract on my ES File Explorer , and I think it’s because of the mod , compressed in ” .modpkg “

    • Editor says:

      The downloaded file is a zip file. You will then need to extract one of the modpkg files depending on which language you wanna use. You are not supposed to extract the contents of the modpkg file. You are only supposed to move it somewhere, e.g. the downloads folder, so that you can easily access it when importing in BlockLauncher.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Does it work for 0.15.6

  112. Anonymous says:

    Awesome i love it can u add villains suit 2 or create new mod for vilains ?

  113. ZGaming20 says:

    Can i request? Can you replace the Spider-Man PS4 Suit into Spider-Man Civil War/Homecoming Suit in the next update? Please??

  114. Anonymous says:


  115. Anonymous says:

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  116. Anonymous says:

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  117. Radcliff says:

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  118. Chase says:

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