Pocket Manager Mod

Pocket Manager is the perfect addition to the game if you want to have greater control over your gameplay. By the use of an easy to use interface you can add items to your inventory, switch gamemode, manage the weather and access many other neat features which greatly enhance the efficiency of gameplay management.

Creator: TaQultO_988Twitter Account


  • Item picker
  • Clear inventory
  • Restore health & hunger
  • Set spawnpoint
  • Switch gamemode
  • Change weather
  • Time set
  • Customizable GUI

How to use Pocket Manager?

Once you’ve loaded up a world there will be a PM (Pocket Manager) button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The position of the button can be customized in the settings of this mod.


The graphical user interface is very easy to understand.

Select one of the items in the list. Use the slider to change the amount you want to receive. Here you can also see the recipe for the item if one exists.


And on the left there’s a couple of different buttons which lets you change gamemode, weather, restore health and hunger and setting a new spawnpoint.


Use the settings to configure the position of the PM button and the size of the slider button.


To exit Pocket Manager simply press the Exit button.

Install Guide

This is a .modpkg file which is imported similarly to when importing .js mods.

  1. Download the .modpkg file.
  2. Start BlockLauncher.
  3. Tap on the wrench in the top-center of the screen.
  4. Select Manage ModPE Scripts.
  5. Press Import > Local Storage and then find the .modpkg file in your Downloads folder or wherever your files save.
  6. Give it some time to load. This might take up to 1 minute, so be patience!
  7. Restart BlockLauncher and you are done!


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36 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Ish_Star_Bish says:

    Why does it not

  2. Ish_Star_Bish says:

    Editor um when I try to go to blocklauncher it goes home why it doesn’t let me play on servers

  3. GAMERZ_BOY says:

    This For what version?

  4. Shakhzod says:

    If you guys press green thing that says “dawnload media fire” click that and youll getthe things you want in mine it really worked !

  5. Vu says:

    ***error code*** bla bla bla why keep happened to me why just be normal like a file .js or texture pack

    • Editor says:

      Either you are running on outdated version of BlockLauncher or Minecraft Pocket Edition or the mod is outdated.

      How do you find out? Well, if you play on 0.14 with the latest BlockLauncher version and it still doesn’t work then the mod is outdated.

  6. Thezombielord47 says:

    When i first got in a world with it it worked but after i got a diamond sord it crashed now i cant open worlds with it enabled

    • Editor says:

      Uninstall the mod. If you don’t know how to do it then just uninstall BlockLauncher to get your Minecraft PE to work again on BlockLauncher.

      This mod doesn’t seem to work 100% for everybody. If it doesn’t work for you I would recommend a similar mod such as Toolbox:

  7. Just Random Guy On The Internet says:

    Can you add some sort of enchantment thing like it can enchant things up to a 100 like a pickaxe with unbreaking 100

  8. LynxHunTert says:

    Wheres the .modpakage file i dont ffind it anywhere in my download. Can someone help me?
    Does the modpakage file are with the .js file? If not tell me where to download the pakage.


  9. Editor says:

    Change .zip to .modpkg and then import it as you would a .js script, guide:

  10. GameSlayer88 says:

    When I import it says oops and crashes

  11. Y.C.K. says:

    When will you release the full version?

  12. AgentCPU0 says:

    The download gave me the file with a .modpk extension. How do I install iit?

  13. Sean says:

    Link is broken

  14. Maddy says:

    Why do you have to download a lot of stuf

  15. Nikko says:

    I realy need this mod why is not working when i enable it and i wait a few minutes it says “block launcher is not responding” please fix this i realy realy need this mod. But i think this mod is only compatible in android 4.0 amd above because i have a jelly bean android version.i really need this mod i beg you plss fix this

  16. Fireydestoryer says:


  17. Cold Fire says:

    Why works fine for everyone but WHY NOT WORKS perfectly on me? Doesnt working…… Win10 + pocket manage + me = rageplosion

  18. Unknonymous says:

    Hi Editor !!
    There’s a problem..why it won’t even work?
    my device is Samsung GalaxyGrand Prime
    Is it compatible or not..Please message me ASAP

    • Editor says:

      I have no idea. I think he’s working on some fixes. This was after all the first release.

      • MyNameIsDIG says:

        Editor, could you make this as an addon instead of modpkg so we could install it easily. This modpkg format takes a long time to load this mod and blocklauncher stops responding

        • Editor says:

          .modpkg and addons (.apk) are two complete different things.

          .modpkg is basically a zip file. It is a .js (ModPE) and .zip (textures) compressed to one file which is more easily loaded in BlockLauncher.

          .apk are described as native mods and are coded in another language than JavaScript, I think.

          • Mist says:

            .apk file is basically same as .zip file but only android system can read it which made a lot of work into it.

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