Pocket Mythology [Beta 1]

Pocket Mythology it’s a addon that investigate all the things and creatures of the mythology of any culture to recreate in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. At the same, this add-on adds more fantasy things in Minecraft BE

The add-on adds the next things:

New mobs:

The goblin

This Goblin appear in the swamps, it’s a neutral mob that defend another goblins if one is on attack. You can take this mob with gold ingots.

The mob has 32 life points

Cannibal Goblin

This mob is hostile, appear in the jungles and in the savanna biomes. Like the goblins, this has 32 life points but, at difference that a normal goblin, this mob is hostile and they will attack you.

If you kill the goblin leader, the others don’t attack


This mobs appears in the mega taiga biome, it’s a neutral mob that just go around of the taiga forest.

It has 120 health points, the eyes of the mob, glow in the dark

Jack o lantern

This mobs appears in the mega taigas, it’s a neutral mob. The quality of this mob is that you can trade some things with him.

This mob has 80 health points, the mouth and eye of the mob glow in the dark


This mob can appear in caves and in the night. This has a 110 health points and it’s really agresive.

When the caves and cliffs update be released, the mob appear in the lush caves. The eyes of the mob glow in the dark

Ice scorpion

This mob appears in the snow mountains and in the snow plains, it’s a agresive mob and has 120 health points


This mob appears in the Mesa biome and it’s a boss mob, it has 460 health points and it’s agresive at the player.

They can drop an item that it’s useful for trade with the jack o lantern

Magma Cyclops

This mob it’s another boss and at the moment it’s the most stronger.

This mob appear in the basalt deltas biome and has 800 health points. This mob can glow in the dark and drop a new item that can be used for make a new weapon


Cannibal mask

The Cannibal mask can be dropped for the Cannibal Goblin leader.

This mask gives 1 protection point (just in the beta) and can give jump boost 2 meanwhile you stay with the mask equiped

Ice armor (just in the 1.16.100 beta)

The ice armor it’s in four pieces:

  • Ice helmet
  • Gives 2 protection points, can be dropped for the ice scorpion
  • Ice chestplate
  • Gives 7 protection points, can be dropped for the ice scorpion
  • Ice leggings
  • Gives 6 protection points, can be dropped for the ice scorpion
  • Ice boots
  • Gives 2 protection points, can be dropped from the ice scorpion

New weapons

Wooden bat

Makes 6 damage, can be dropped for the Goblin

Skewers mace

Makes 8 damage, you need to craft with Stalactites and a ball of spikes. The Stalactites can be obtained with the ettins

Gelid sword

Makes 12 damage, you need to craft with ice crystal that  can drops the ice scorpion

Magma fury

Makes 16 damage, you need to craft with Magma cyclops horn, that is dropped for the Magma cyclops

Tin sword

Makes 10 damage, you need to craft with tin ingots, that its a new item that the add-on adds

Sword or lantern

Makes 18 damage, you need to craft with the tin sword and the Halloween lantern, this lantern can be obtained with the jack of lantern

More things:

This addons add more items and blocks that you need to play to known how to obtain. Like the ball of spikes. So what’s waiting, download to discover all the things of the add-on


The request to make a review of the add-on it's the next:

You need to put the following chanels






Next, you need to put the discord server



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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40 Responses

4.63 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Daddytko1 says:

    Aye man do the mobs spawn naturally cuz I haven’t seen any spawn naturally yet. I am trying to use this for my twitch and not sure if I can use it if the stuff doesn’t spawn

  2. Dandfes19 says:

    The content is amazing but creatures are not spawning naturally (I downloaded it for survival) and the discord invite is down, is there a reason for this? is mod not working or problem is my world ? and can you update the discord invite if it still on to follow your work?
    I love the mod but would be happy if i could play it =(

  3. MMalkeK says:

    Does it works in 1.16.200?

  4. Temon 65 says:

    Hello.I really like your mod, it works great for my build. And i want to make a 3D model of armor for minecraft pe as in your fashion. But I have neither knowledge nor a laptop (mine is broken), but I really want to make 3D armor. It’s not hard for you to tell how you did it.

  5. Metta-Neo says:

    Be nice if i could actually download it without being asked to click allow on adfly notifications.

  6. MiguelCrafter23 says:

    I subscribe to your channel keep up the good work I wish you will update this add-on on the future

  7. Dragonimator says:

    Can you make cannibal goblins not attack you and trade with you if you wear mask?

  8. PrestigePlayz says:

    Hello, so, I have played around with your for some time and it’s amazing! So, can I have your permission to edit your addon for a modpack I’m making?

  9. LordZandaurgh says:

    Use a MediaFire link

  10. PrestigePlayz says:

    I really enjoy this add-on. Really love it! Can I have permission to edit your addon? I plan to use it for a modpack I’m making.

  11. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Good addon but please add a lightning dragon abyssal dragon and magma dragon also add some iron gold diamond and netherite armo?

  12. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    Actualiza Trampas de vainilla (v. 2.1)

  13. Will there eventually be dragons?

  14. RatoPower says:

    Criadores, vocês pretendem adicionar estruturas, como cabanas pros goblins, seria encrivel?

  15. RatoPower says:

    É fantástico???

  16. GNDTT says:


  17. WKGamer2004 says:

    Parabéns a todos os criadores. Eu realmente gostei desse AddOn. Em uma próxima atualização, poderiam por favor adicionar os deuses gregos????

  18. Cyan says:

    Make A Snow Version of The Cyclops!

  19. Craftfiend says:

    This addon has everything I missed about java mods, especially ents and cyclops! Thank you! Will you add sounds later?

  20. Abr4ham_23 says:

    funciona en realm?

  21. Gucci Pineaple647 says:

    Pls change the damage of the tin sword, its literally just tin and it does more damage the a netherite Sword??? That makes no sense plssss change it this is so cool

  22. joe847802 says:

    This looks awesome. My one gripe so far is the health for some enemies maybe to much. 800 and 400 hp just seem way to much for bosses that you can just stumble upon without anything special. May I suggest lower hp so they arent to overpowered? Because right now, rhats more than the wither and ender dragon.
    The mobs textures are phenomenal, some of the best I’ve seen. Its just that some of the hp is just way too much.

  23. Nelvro_bruh says:

    Porqué no me pusieron crédito?
    yo también colaboré

  24. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    actualizaras mas cosas

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