Pocket Nightmare: Hide and Seek [Minigame] (Horror!)

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is the fourth sequel of the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s video game series. This Minecraft PE map is based on what we’ve seen in the latest official trailer. Every space covered in the trailer you will also find in the map. One of the latest feature is the custom sounds which definitely makes the entire experience feel much more spooky.

Currently there’s no end goal or story for the map but those are things which will be added in the later releases of the map.

For now the map can be used to play hide-and-seek. Play it with friends and have someone count to 40 before going out searching for the hiders.

Creators: creepes (Twitter Account), KarsTimesTen (Twitter Account)

hidenseek3 hidenseek2 hidenseek


  • Don’t break/place blocks (only allowed to use the flashlight)
  • Difficulty must be put to max!
  • Set brightness to lowest
  • No mods

Install Guide

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file using ES File Explorer or a similar file manager app.
  2. Move PN.TFC – Map to /games/minecraftWorlds/.
  3. Launch BlockLauncher and install the textures zip.
  4. Restart BlockLauncher and enter the world named Pocket Nightmare: The Final Chapter.


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46 Responses

3.64 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Charlie Bower says:

    I cant download it its $h/t

  2. SapphyTheFox says:

    mediafire deleted it

  3. Unknown says:

    Download says it’s deleted from Google! Helpp!!

  4. Drphil says:

    Can i have the link to the texture pack only pls

  5. Victoria says:

    Google says you violated the terms and it won’t let me download it. Thanks

  6. DiamondkingYT says:

    It says download blocked please fix it

  7. Abdulrehamn says:

    Ythis is pagal it is so easy

  8. Ayden says:

    How do you get it for IOS it just says open in on medafire help plz.

    • vinsensius says:

      you have mediafire app? here im help you this is easy click download after download complete you can open in minecraft im tried download texture pack on mediafire is say open in minecraft and done!

  9. Ayden says:

    How do you get it for IOS it just says open in on medafire help plz. And when I click it I doesn’t have Minecraft it normaly it says open in minecraft

  10. JacobGamer0902 says:

    Wish This Wasn’t A ZIP File

  11. Jacob says:

    What version is this

  12. Arsyad says:

    And where is the texture pack?

  13. Arsyad says:

    This works on my ios using ifile

  14. Anna says:

    I haven’t played yet! Is there cameras??

  15. some guy who dose stuff for a living says:

    can you turn it into a file it’s much faster

  16. TheDiamondPig says:

    It would be nice if you could have a mcworld so people without zip could download to 😃😉😊

  17. Nathan says:

    Do it whithin 2 day’s please??

  18. Nathan says:

    Please make it an mcworld and do not make it a .zip file I can’t download Es file explorer.

  19. Isack Gonzales says:

    Man, I wish this was McWorld. It’s so cool. Please make an McWorld version so I can get this easy.

  20. Michelle says:

    It doesn’t let it download in my mini iPad please help

  21. #JUSTDOIT says:

    Make it .mcpe file NOW

  22. DO IT says:


  23. Dain says:

    Make it .mcworld Please I’m Begging You I wish I could download this map computer and files and jailbreak are to hard

  24. Anonymous says:

    How do you download this?

  25. Fawkes87 says:

    Hey someone make sister location map pls

  26. Anonymous says:

    How do you get a- mod in my kindle? Please find out! ?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Which Texture Pack is used

  28. Michael says:

    Looks awesome looks just like a horror map rules make it look very scary but I can’t get it on my iPad mini 🙁

  29. Sebastian Willingham says:

    Can you make this download for IOS please I want to play it but I can’t get it because it is for android

  30. Sebastian Willingham says:

    Can you convert it also to old and put a download on the page for it that would be helpful

  31. Sebastian Willingham says:

    My brother got it to work for his kindle fire HD 7

  32. Bernard Rosel says:

    It wont download sucks

  33. Sebastian Willingham says:

    For some reason the map doesn’t show up I did everything correctly email me or reply with a answer that would be helpful in many ways

  34. Hengvuth says:

    Where the flash light

  35. Jarrod says:


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