Pocket Puppies Mod

Pocket Puppies adds eight cute puppies to the game. The pets behaviour is similar to wolves but they all look very different from one another. One puppy looks like a miniature version of Herobrine on four legs and another puppy is entirely colored in green. One thing they have all got in common is that they are all equally cute!

Creator: TheLeo09

Getting a Puppy

The cute puppies spawn randomly in the world. You can tame them similar to wolves by the use of some bones. If you are in creative mode you can also use the creative inventory to spawn them.


You can kill the puppies to obtain some leather. The leather can be used for crafting a number of different swords. (Crafting recipes can be found further down on this page.)


IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Iron Stick (1087) – 3 iron ingots
  • Green Sword (1079) – 2 Green Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Red Sword (1080) – 2 Red Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Yellow Sword (1081) – 2 Yellow Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Herobrine Sword (1082) – 2 Herobrine Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Purple Sword (1083) – 2 Purple Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Blue Sword (1084) 2 Blue Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Steve Sword (1085) – 2 Steve Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Ender Sword (1086) – 2 Ender Puppy Leather + 1 Iron Stick
  • Green Puppy (1088)
  • Red Puppy (1089)
  • Yellow Puppy (1090)
  • Herobrine Puppy (1091)
  • Purple Puppy (1092)
  • Blue Puppy (1093)
  • Steve Puppy (1094)
  • Ender Puppy (1095)

Requires the latest BlockLauncher beta!


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18 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-2176451461 says:

    Can you make it mcaddon I want herobrine puppy ;-;

  2. Comment says:

    Do we have to kill the puppies? To get swords… if yes I’m not gonna download it…..

  3. Comment says:

    Do we have to kill the puppies? To get swords… if yes I’m not gonna download it

  4. Ejordan says:

    I Thought There Was A Boss Puppy Called The Sixkillers Puppy

  5. MetalWind says:


  6. Doge says:

    White it show pink and black ?

  7. DoUKnowTheWay says:

    I like the sword thing but PLZ DONT MURDER THE PUPPIES

  8. Megan says:

    OMG the puppies are so cute!

  9. Lololol says:

    im having trouble on this installation thing

  10. Dank fookin memes says:

    Hi I am having trouble downloading. It requires which really ticks me off cuz I have cookies disabled. And gave me a virus with my iPhone so I got an iPad but still plzzzz send me a link to this that DOESENT require

  11. Vamp says:

    does it work on iOS

  12. blank says:

    It works on 1.0?

  13. Blake says:

    This is ****in asome

  14. KMAN607 says:

    How do I install it

  15. Anonymous says:

    Its an awesome mod!

  16. Luckysocks555 says:

    It looks coooll!!

  17. Jose morales says:

    It looks exiting

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