Pocket RPG (Gauge) Mod (Android)

This mod is part of a new project which is called Pocket RPG which is a mod adding new mobs, weapons, NPCs and a lot more, but that one is only halfway finished yet. In the meantime, you should check out the gauge system which is included as a single feature in this mod release. It’s basically a way to much easier keep track of your own health status, and of that which you attack.

Creator: Mhafy.1016, Website

How does it work?

First off, you’ll need to import the .modpkg file into you game using BlockLauncher. Once all that’s done and you’ve entered a world you will notice a new user interface in the top left corner of the screen. This displays your current health, saturation level and so on.

  • HP Bar
  • Hunger Bar
  • MP Bar
  • Exp Bar
  • Level

If you point or attack at another entity then you will see their health status in the top right corner. Here’s example of it showing the total health of the pig is 10/10. It would go down if you were to attack the pig.


  1. Download .MODPKG Script ModPE
  2. Install BlockLauncher for Minecraft (Android only)
  3. Read the following guide to learn how to import the script

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23 Responses

3.67 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Sobia says:

    Hi bro your rpg mod was awesome thanks

  2. ??? says:

    How do i get the mod?

  3. Rocket Gamer says:

    I just install it but nothing happened its just only regular health bar

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does it read your information when you download it

  5. Unknown says:

    I Installed The Mod But It Only Showed Normal Bar

  6. Dh says:

    No me funciona con mi version

  7. pan says:


  8. JoshZilla says:

    Umm is there new mobs and weapons added?

    • RedEnderManGamer says:

      Umm i think it will be added maybe soon but i don know he said that The pocket RPG is A Mod Pack And this one is one of them…I wish it will be added soon.. See if they will add in 2020 or 25/8.2019

  9. Arafat says:

    Hey dude!

  10. Kyler Paspas says:

    What version of move do you need?

  11. EnderDefect says:

    Finally, someone is making mods again! In my opinion, mods are so much nicer than addons because mods can actually add stuff into the game rather than just replacing what already exists. I can’t wait to see future updates for this mod.

  12. Adam says:

    Hi its fireblast

  13. Adam says:

    Hey its fireblast

  14. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that that’s possible, as Blocklauncher is only available on Android, and IOS doesn’t allow for mods without jailbreak. It would be cool though.

  15. ZH4rkGaming says:

    I doesn’t work in 1.5.2,but is this gonna work in old version? Like 1.4 or something?

  16. Neo says:

    I’m so lucky

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a version of for iOS of this this is a really great idea and I would love if you could do that

    • Infogiver says:

      Not possible until an actual mod api is made for iOS and android alike’ the creators of mcpe (Mojang) have stated that this is the plan for a mod api to be made and is currently figuring it out, addons which are like mods can’t add anything new to the game, they only change what exists. So you’ll have to wait sadly.

    • TheCannibull says:

      Not possible dude…

    • ProDBR says:

      Qual a versao

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